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Look Into The Mind: KOFXIII Match Analysis

This upcoming Friday (5/11/2012)  at 7pm PST, Choysauce (along with Metaphysics and Reynald) will be hosting a livecast on eLive analyzing KOFXIII match play but with a small twist:

“We are going to include the players of the match (or at least one of them) as a part of the cast. We want to look into the mental processes of players and discuss things of the mind (good decision making, mental strength, assessment of situations).”

The player featured will be Chaotic Blue. For more information and to possibly become a guest featured in future casts, check out the thread here:

Remember: This Friday at 7pm PST, @


DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 5/5 Results

Over 14 players showed up and played in our online competition yesterday. Here are results from all the matches

Diavle/Bloody-Spin [8.5 points]
Daireangel [5 points]
Shiranui_Persona/Angel_Shiranui [4.5 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [1 point]
Hurtful_Things [1 point]
Crimson_Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points]
Edgar_Cruz [0 points]
Loowee12 [0 points]
Sixteentons [0 points]
Tofusoup3421/tofusoup34 [0 points]

Calibur753 [10 points]
RexDart7 [2 points]
TrampyBasher [2 points]
FreeRunner/SonicLord [0 points]

Full match scores can be found in this thread:

DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/28

This upcoming Saturday we will be hosting another online tournament session at 3pm central standard time at the KOF13 chat lobby. It is open for all XBL and PSN players, so feel free to join us to find other players you may have good connections with.
Signing up in the thread isn’t mandatory, so feel free to join us when the time arrives, but be sure to understand the rules and structure of the event which is featured in this thread here:

No wireless connections, PLEASE!

See you then!

Team Dream Cancel vs Team PowerUp2012 6v6 videos

From PowerUp 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio:

(because of the stream problems, the 5v5 exhibition could not be run, but myself and A-Visions decided to run a Pokemon style 6v6 on the casual set-up.)

Greats (DC) vs A-Visions (PU)

BananaKen (DC) vs SonicSpear64 (PU)

Humbag (DC) vs Dandy J (PU)

Desmond Delaghetto (DC) vs IGL BALA (PU)

Check out more videos in this thread:

DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7 RESULTS

Over 20+ online players showed up and played in our KOFXIII online competition this past Saturday. Here are the scores:

Diavle/Sookeek [16 points]
Daireangel [14 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [3 points]
TheHungrywolf/Constantine88 [2 points]
Shiranui Persona/Angel_Shiranui [1 point]
NeoTrinity/ShadowRoxas [0 points]
Xiceman191/datdudexiceman191 [0 points]
Thunderfist4 [0 points]
Crimson Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points]
Cuchito09 [0 points]
solidshark [0 points]

Calibur753 [8 points]
topdawg122/HeavyArms [6 points]
OhSo/OhSoTechnical [6 points]
JINXHAND [4 points]
XTG/XTG8680 [4 points]
Kokujindayo [3 points]
Thec0re3 [2 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [2 points]
VicViper/astejos [2 points]
The Red Strawberry/donoismclovin [0 points]
CR2||TimSharpell/G0D1eG0G034 [0 points]

Check out the results thread showing scores of individual matches:
GGs and thanks to all the players that showed up and played with us!

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7/2012

This Saturday at 3pm central standard time, we are hosting our second online tournament for XBL and PSN players. Players will meet in the KOF13 online lobby chat, and it is open to any and all players that are interested. No wireless connections, please!

For more information, and details, please read this thread:

See you there!


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