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KOFXIV: Robert Garcia Combo Exhibition Video By Combonauts

Check out some crazy, possibly impractical, damaging combos by Combonauts using Robert Garcia!

Here are some notes from Combonauts regarding this video:

KOF XIV combo engine has many restrictions, and that makes creating exciting combos harder, and with Robert is not different. His main juggle tool is probably his hcb+BD, and it can be hard to hit “right” with it many times. We´ve made a selection with our best Robert combos and, while it has the usual dose of weirdness and stravaganza, we think that, if you look for it, there´s always something to learn that may be useful.

KOFXIV: Kula Diamond Anti-K’ Edition (v1.03) Combo Video By ON|Dark Chaotix

Check out this really cool Kula combo video created by Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix!

Some notes from Dark Chaotix:

As a competitive character she is good and the opposite to what Kula was in XIII, which you can complain too much. I just don’t understand some of the changes they SNK made because those changes were game breaking before but the only reason I see it not being there is because of the high damage output, which would make Kula even BETTER.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

KOFXIV: Iori Yagami Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Iori Yagami in this video!

Notes from Persona:

I purposely avoided Iori during the demo because everyone seems to be having a ton of fun with his combo potential but considering the amount of low combo potential characters I’ve been messing with for the full version, I believe it was time to get my hands on something more “KoF XIII”ish. His combos might look intimidating compared to the other more simple characters but in my opinion the main difficult part is doing the juggles from his new super. The first projectile need to be the weak version since you recover faster but it has to hit from the opponents back. The next projectile has to be the strong version so it can catch the opponent before they land onto the ground. In order to continue the loop, you would also need to be distanced far enough to recover fast enough from the projectiles. Everything else in the video is pretty self explanatory.

KOFXIV: Goro Daimon Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Goro Daimon in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Want to know why there aren’t many Daimon combo videos around? Because he doesn’t have much combo potential. I obviously don’t like characters with little combo potential but Daimon’s combos are unique in a way that depending on what you do, it takes different combo routes which you will notice in his max damage combos. It was very difficult coming up with ten combos for the video but I think this would be a good video for people who want to learn how to play him because these combos tend to be more on the practical side than impractical.

KOFXIV: Chin Gentsai Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Chin Gentsai in this video!

Notes from Persona:

What happens when you have a ton of singular attacks and can follow up after them? You get a ton of overall damage. Chin’s combos might look brain dead easy to perform but there’s still some rather precise timing thats needed. There’s also a bit of variety in terms of trying to get more damage. For example, Chin’s C version of his Tetsuzankou comes out slower but does more damage yet it can’t connect for the A version of Getsuga Chougeki which is obviously much faster than his C version yet can connect from his C version. Basically saying… you have to think out of the box a bit on what can combo or not, depending on the startup of the move.

KOFXIV: Billy Kane Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Billy Kane in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Billy has very low combo potential but some of his moves are very good in terms of practical uses. If you can get the opponent maybe just a few frames higher than normal, his combo potential increases quite a lot which is why you tend to see me do combos on opponents who are jumping. Hopefully a future patch makes some of his specials have faster startup so we can do the combos without any sort of air setup.

KOFXIV: Love Heart Combo Video By ON|Dark Chaotix

Check out this really cool Love Heart combo video created by Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix!

Notes from Dark Chaotix:

I love me some Love Heart! She has some pretty easy combos which are damaging. Correct spacing and timing and you can get decent damage off 1 or 2 bars. She doesn’t have too much in variety in the wake of max mode combos so some combos may look the same. I tried very hard to link something off qcfx2+B/D DM
but just couldn’t get anything and since it has hard knockdown properties, you probably couldn’t anyways.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

KOFXIV: Terry Bogard Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shows us some crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV’s Terry Bogard in this video!

Notes from Persona:

Terry is pretty straightforward while doing solid damage and not needing very much execution meaning even though I generally don’t aim for practical combos, with a few adjustments you can be landing most of these in an actual match with ease.

King of Fighters XIV: Sylvie Paula Paula Combo Video by Persona Entertainment

PersonaEntertainment shared with us a Sylvie combo video that he performed while using the demo version. Now he’s showing us whats capable (or the same) in the full version!

Notes from Persona:

Not much has changed for her from the demo but those few changes does make quite a big difference in terms of how her combos now work. She can’t restand the opponent from a CD and she can only connect close D after her qcf AC if it hits late (stand C still works as normal). With how many times I’ve analyzed her combos, I hope this would eventually turn into a “final version” in the future without me having to add or change anything.

Sylvie’s wiki page:
Source: PersonaEntertaiment

Mian Proof of Concept Combos by Spooty Whiteboy

Forum poster Spooty Whiteboy posted an eye-opener Proof of Concept Mian video, make sure you read his notes below :

Here’s a Mian combo collection I made. Trying to show off some of her less obvious interactions.

1. Jump Over, qcb+B, A divekick, cl.Ax4
I wanted to start off with a standing combo out of her divekick. I figured it was a good place to throw in her mash-A combo because you won’t get to see those animations very often in competitive play. Just so no one is confused, the qcb+B is done towards the opponent.

2. st.D, cr.D
Classic two-hit combo. The st.D can link into cr.D at very specific ranges. In the corner, you can also link st.D with cl.C.

3. C+D, qcf+D, D divekick, dp+D
Here I got to include a whiffed divekick in the middle of a combo. As far as I know, this is Mian’s max meterless damage from a mid-screen blowback.

4. st.C, hcbx2+AC
Max range st.C into a Climax. St.C isn’t really a great combo move, so I wanted to show it some love. I could have cancelled it into Max mode, but there’s plenty of Max mode cancels out there already.

5. f+B, qcf+B, D divekick, qcf+D, C divekick
Midscreen meterless divekick combo. Not sure you’d ever want to do this in a real match, but divekick combos are rad.

6. cl.D, st.A, qcfx2+K
Shows off her cl.D into st.A link (her only heavy link). It’s also an easy hit confirm into super.

7. cl.C, f+B, Max, C+D, dp+BD, dpB+D, qcfhcb+AC
It turns out that the first hit of Mian’s dp+BD is what triggers the inability to repeat that move in the same combo. Using the distance/invulnerability of a character hit by a blowback, you can cause the first hit of dp+BD to whiff. This is how I use the move twice in one combo. Interestingly, whiffing the first hit of dp+BD also allows you to juggle with a sweep (instead of doing the second dp+BD).

8. C+D, Max, qcb+C, qcb+A, qcf+B, B Divekick, qcf+BD, B Divekick, dp+BD, C
This combo shows two things. First, it’s possible to get three wallbounces in a combo from the middle of the stage. Secondly, juggling with an EX divekick after a regular divekick allows you to continue your combo the same as if you had used 2 EX divekicks in your juggle instead (just costs less of your max meter). Also ends with a reset.

9. C, f+B, Max, C, f+B, qcf+AC, dp+B, cr.A
Hitting an airborne opponent with dp+B gives just enough height to juggle into a cr.A reset. This does not work on all characters when using qcf+AC, but it seems to be more consistent if you combo the dp+B after a wallbounce.

10. f+B, Max, qcb+AC, dp+BD, qcfx2+BD
Midscreen combo using qcb+AC. It’s not that great of a combo move, not sure anything other than a cornered wallbounce or f+B even combos into it. The dp+BD follow-up requires strict timing.

11. C+D, Max, cl.C, f+B, qcf+C
Wallbounce re-stand with cl.C. I’ve seen plenty of characters restand with light attacks in the corner, but this is a restand with a heavy attack without a corner.

12. cl.D, f+B, Max, C+D, qcb+C, qcb+A, qcf+B, B divekick, qcf+BD, B Divekick, qcfhcb+AC, hcbx2+AC
This is my attempt for a max damage combo while still showing something new. Some characters are easier to juggle into a super after divekicks, Terry is not one of those.  If you cancel the regular Divekick into an EX Divekick really late, then you can juggle into a super against Terry.

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