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King of Fighters XIV: Hein Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment has begun his King of Fighters XIV full version combo video journey by showing us what he can do so far with Hein!

Here are some notes from Persona himself:

If you’ve tried Hein out for a quick moment, you’ll quickly realize he’s not a combo heavy character and relies of mind games rather than raw damage. To push his damage even lower, his Climax can only combo on a non juggled opponent and the only way to put them back down onto the ground is to use his Queen super, which can’t even be climax canceled on the last hit which does the most damage. Most of his moves have slow startup but can be comboed after if the opponent gets hit so when building combos, it’s best to work backwards with him, If you notice in the video, Hein seems to take one path in terms of combos, so basically it just comes off to how short or long you want your combos to be in terms of pratical uses.

Source: Persona Entertainment via Submitted Tip

King of Fighters XIV Demo: Sylvie Paula Paula Combo Video by PersonaEntertainment

PersonaEntertainment has been grinding the KOFXIV demo lately, and has uploaded a combo video showing crazy damage with Sylvie Paula Paula! Here are his notes below:

Sylvie is one of the more simple characters in the demo when it comes to combo potential but just enough to be able to think out of the box since you can do a combo before her climax and a combo after it. Sadly, most of her specials (normal and EX are considered different categories) are only allowed to hit once so even if you could find a way to do some super duper setup with her climax for a long combo, you’re not going to be able to do much anyhow. Even though I could get more damage with a longer max gauge for the less power gauges, I decided to go with 1000 max gauge since I would consider that as an on point character and it would make the combo a tad bit more realistic. Some moves are considered a hard knockdown even though they fall like a soft knockdown therefore I suggest you turn on recovery when testing a character.

Source: PersonaEntertainment Youtube Channel

King Of Fighters XIV Demo – Kyo Kusanagi Combo Video by ON|Dark Chaotix

Orochinagi’s Dark Chaotix has blessed us with a KOFXIV Demo, Kyo Kusanagi combo video!

Here are his notes found in the description section:

Kyo took me a while to complete. Kept coming up with different variations so meant making updated combos. I’m sure there is still some more options but I think i covered most of them.

Linking his SDM with dp can be difficult. Holding the button on his orochinagi DM still works (as shown with the 5 hit combo, you have to hold the button). Letting go of the button at the right time will net you the right hit to extend the combo.

Source: Dark Chaotix Youtube Channel

KoF XIII: Terry Bogard Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Terry Bogard combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

I’m glad that Terry combos are easy to perform in general because the most difficult part of his combos is getting the extra 4th hit of his Neo Max to hit and getting the last hit of any of his Rising Tackles to KO on the final hit because I don’t like doing “overkill” damage and the damage for each hit of his Rising Tackle does such low damage. Up to this day, I still can’t give a clear explaining on the timing to getting the 4th Neo Max hit so I just keep repeating the combo until I randomly get it. I’m glad I don’t need the extra hit for the final combo or else that would drive me crazy because I would have to restart the match after each error!

Terry Bogard’s KOFXIII wiki page

Terry Bogard’s Forum Section

KoF XIII: Takuma Sakazaki Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Takuma Sakazaki combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

Takuma is known for having a ton of stun combos that go on and on but I decided to take one out from the old version simply because the combo I took out didn’t serve much of a purpose that the other stun combos in the video already provides and that I wanted to add just how much damage he can do with just one power gauge (although practical to do, does a lot of damage!). Other than that, I went from HD mode 2 power gauge combos straight to HD mode 5 power gauge combos so I was definitely missing combos inbetween and pretty much fit in all of Takuma’s super enders (both DMs, SDM, Neo Max full hit and even Neo Max whiff!).

Takuma Sakazaki’s KOFXIII wiki page

Takuma Sakazaki’s Forum Section

KoF XIII: Andy Bogard Combo Video (Final Version) By Persona

This combo video recently recorded and uploaded by Persona is a revisited version of a Andy Bogard combo video he recorded a while back (found HERE).

Here are the notes from the description section on Youtube:

It’s been a very long time since I tried out Andy so obviously there has been a ton of improvements considering how much experience I’ve had with the game by now. Almost all his EX specials and supers scale terribly so it was quite the challenge in coming up with many different 100% combos for him. Luckily all he really needs is his EX Zaneiken (db-f AC). It does a huge amount of damage, comes out as fast (or faster) than the A version and recovers quickly too, allowing for many followups. His db-f Ps and dp Ps A and C versions look so similar that even though I’ve made these combos, I typed the transcript after so if there’s a mistake on which version the special is, please let me know so i can correct them. Thanks!

Andy Bogard’s KOFXIII wiki page

Andy Bogard’s Forum Section

KoFXIII: Chin Genstai Combo Video By Persona

It’s been a while since Persona has graced us with another cool combo video for King of Fighters XIII! This showcases crazy combinations with Chin Gentsai of Team Psycho Soldier!

I actually started with Chin a long time ago but left him on hold simply because I found parts of his combos either too easy or too difficult (of course, the easy parts wasn’t what was holding me back). His HD combos are easy and straight forward but I honestly suck at his stance cancel combos. If you can master that, you’ll see that Chin can do a ton of damage. Since this is my first time finishing Chin, I’ll leave it for awhile to see how it ages; if it ages well enough for no more furether improvements, I’ll just paste the “FINAL VERSION” onto the video title.

Chin’s KOFXIII wiki page:

Kensou’s KOFXIII forum section:

Source: Persona’s youtube channel

KOF COMBOS – KOF FURIOUS 10th Anniversary Combo Video

Team KOF Furious is a KOF community based out in Brazil that specializes in crazy King of Fighters combos videos, news and other King of Fighters related coverage. This video commemorates their 10 years as a team! You will see almost all the King of Fighters games featured in this intense combo video!

Combos performed by: Thyagami, Cyber ​​Yagami, Devil Chaos, Rugal22, Hanzo, Chichi_BUG, Tekila, Andy Bug, citron ‘ , Elixir, Dark Angel, MK9999, KyoForever, Nenem, Stalinho, PKZ and Walter2k2

Edited by Hunter

Source: Philip Martins via Facebook tip

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