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Korean Ratio Chart for KOF XIII

CIET-9OUMAAhxr_In an effort to increase character diversity, members of the Japanese Korean KOF community have created a ratio chart for an upcoming ratio tournament for KOF XIII.  The practice of using ratio lists to increase character diversity dates back to some of the older KOF titles.  See here for an example ratio list for KOF 2002um.  Basically, you pick a team that comprised with characters with a total point ratio equal or less than number specified.

A note worth mentioning is that a ratio chart is not a tier list.  It is meant to increase character diversity, so it is based on only on character strength, but also popularity and relative distribution of characters in the different ratios.

Do you agree or disagree with this ratio chart?  Or do you feel like we should start running similar ratio tournaments in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Update 1:  Added a ratio chart from Scotland (Max ratio = 9).

11156398_10153205422693608_8309542395025404050_nUpdate 2:  Our friends at kofkoucha and Gatoray pointed out that the ratio chart is in fact Korean, not Japanese.  Much thanks to Meep for pointing this out.

Columbia Cup KOF Tournament Full Results & Videos

1 LDA Toshi
2 XRT I Huevo
3 NEM – Shanks
4 MXKOF LDA I Violent Kain
5 Papa Noel
5 PX RocklandKyo
7 TCCR Soda

Full Results:


1. LDA Toshi
2. NEM Shanks
3. XTR | Huevo
4. EGN Schmoo
5. Papa Noel
5. KFD
7. [Px] xkill

Full Results:


1. EGN Schmoo
2. lokotito
3. XTR | Huevo
4. Papa Noel
5. CBK Mister
5. wk|tinty
7. Henry
7. Px RocklandKyo

Full Results:


Youtube links will be available soon.

Source: Daniel Himura

Dream Cancel KOF98UMFE Steam Battle #2 Results & Videos

This past Steam Battle for KOF98UMFE, we had over 7 players joining us! To check out the scores and results, visit the forum thread where they are posted:

Here is a video of a match recorded by Overheat facing off against a few players in the session:

Next game for the Steam Battle will be KOF2002UM! Check out details here:

Journey To Dream Cancel Cup Standings 5/31/2015 Update

PlayKOF points and ranks have been updated from the month of May!

Full standings:

For more information about the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup, visit the main information page here:

Contact us at [email protected] if you would like your tournament to be added to the circuit!

Combo Breaker KOF13 Results

KOF13 (41 players)
1.) MCZ LDA Luis Cha
2.) Mario E
3.) KCO Pedro
4.) James Jr.
5.) Unwieldy
5.) El Matador
7.) Randomlama
7.) KaneBlueRiver

Top 4
Losers Semis – Mario E vs. James Jr.

Losers Finals – Mario E vs. KCO|Pedro

Grand Finals – Mario E vs. LDA MCZ|Luis Cha

Pool match – Higgs Bison vs Unwieldy:

KOF2002UM (14 players)
1. Luis cha
2. Mario e
3. kco pedro
4. Flanagan
5. desmond_kof
5. randomlama
6. moony blues
6. jojo
7. arooo
7. Josh Grobner (josh_Kof)
7. Sam (SummyG)
8. zerp
8. Jason (Macrobeast)
8. q

Mario E vs KC0|Pedro

Mario E vs MCZ|LDA Luis Cha

Extra footage from the event

(photo by Macrobeast)

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