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Donate To The NorCal Regionals 2017 King of Fighters XIV Tournament

Support the KOF community by helping contribute to the prize pool of the King of Fighters XIV tournament at NorCal Regionals! The tournament will be held in Sacramento, California, April 14th-17th!

Matcherino is a eSports crowdfunding & streaming site that is currently being used to help crowdfund NorCal Regionals 2017! They currently use PayPal at the moment, so feel free to contribute what you can for the prize pot!

Dream Cancel Cup Official T-Shirt Fundraiser

This is the first phase of fundraiser campaigns for the Dream Cancel Cup event held in January in Colorado! We would like to give you the opportunity to become a part of building & supporting this event! This campaign will last only 21 days from when this post was written!

Visit our TeeSpring page if you would like to help:

Please spread the word as much as you can! If you stream KOF, please share this link and the cause to your viewers! Let’s show how strong the KOF community is by reaching our goal!

Misterio Fundraiser Tournament – Bring Misterio to NEC15

On sunday November 9th there will be a KOF XIII Tournament in Chile.

The event will serve as a fundraiser to help with Misterio’s travel expenses as he plans to participate in this years NEC15 tournament.

Donations via paypal must be sent to:

The Paypal account is already open in case anyone wants to donate. All donated funds will go towards Misterios travel and living expenses while in the US.

The tournament will be streamed on KaneBlueRiver’s Twitch channel

Source: Team SLR and Misterio

Help Huevo Go To Chile!

Another great effort to unite the KOF community is happening as we speak.

This time we have the Chilean community trying to get Huevo, one of Mexico´s finest players, to visit their country for their upcoming Meliblipa Tournament.

To do so they have been playing high stakes money matches and using that money to cover Huevo´s expenses for the trip. Here´s one of the many high level sets that have been played:

A donation page has been setup via paypal for anyone who wishes to Help Huevo in his quest to travel to chile. Donations can be sent to Chilean Player Torta´s paypal account.

His Paypal account email is:, make your donation with “Help Huevo to go Chile” as the subject.

Thank you for all who have donated so far, let´s make this happen, let´s Help Huevo to go Chile!!!

Donate Here:[paypal-donation]

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