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Journey To Dream Cancel Cup Standings 1/31/2015 Update

PlayKOF points and ranks have been updated from the month of January! We have the top 16 players on our standing pages! All players are listed on our full standings page! Check them out to see how many points you have racked up so far!

Full standings:

For more information about the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup, visit the main information page here:

The Dream Cancel Cup Finals will be held at Winter Showdown 3 in Colorado, hosted by Kingsofco! The dates are February 20-21st, 2016!

winter show down 3
Check out the Facebook Event page for more info:

Here is a list of all who is confirmed to attend the Dream Cancel Cup Finals!

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #13 Results


We had over 24 players joining us this session!

To check out the scores, visit the forum thread where they are posted:

1.) TheSh1ning: 6 wins(128 PlayKOF points)
2.) Good Loser, TKC|ON Vicio, : 5 wins (64 PlayKOF points)
3.) NB|Mexiken, KOF4EVA, Violent Kain: 4 wins (32 PlayKOF points)
4.) CRAZEH247, Zenkeeee: 3 wins (16 PlayKOF points)
5.) dcr45, MotionMan : 2 wins (8 PlayKOF points)
6.) =CNGZ=MAYU0307, 6-Let, jonni, besteboyjr, desmond_kof: 1 wins (8 PlayKOF points

Today: Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #13


Today is our 13th steam battle for King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition! We will meet up and play together at 2pm Central time/3pm Eastern Standard Time!

Optional check-in is 30 minutes before the session starts (1:30pm CST, 2:30pm EST) and we will stop collecting scores at 6pm CST/7pm EST.

We will meet in the group chat for the game:

kofxiii steam group chat

This is will be a Journey To Dream Cancel Cup online event to play for PlayKOF ranking points! This session will give 3 triple playKOF points!!

All players in attendance will play each other in a first to 3 wins set. Everyone will play at the same time. After you have finished playing with one person, move on to the next available player and so on (in the chat say “FREE” when you are available). When you are playing, please try to keep track of your score either through chat reminders or tally marks on pen and paper. Report your final score in the group chat. All players wins will be tallied, ranked and posted at the end.

It is recommended you try to play as many different people as possible, and you are allowed to rematch with previous opponents once.

Top 8 scoring players will receive PlayKOF points and will be added to the ranking board!

If you’re playing someone you’ve never faced before, be sure to run a test match to make sure both of your connections feel playable to each other. If they don’t, you can opt out and face another person with a better connection.

While you are playing in the session make sure your connection is free and isn’t being used to stream video or upload or download files. Also make sure that your connection isn’t being used or shared by anyone else on your network. No wireless connections, please!

Stickers will be given to the first place player(s)!

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