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$920 Dollar Pot Bonus Currently Raised For ComboBreaker’s KOFXIII Tournament

The midwest KOF community has currently raised through donation over $920 dollars to payout top 8 placing winners for the King of Fighters XIII tournament at Combo Breaker which is premier ranking event for the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup! Combo Breaker will be held near Chicago, May 22nd-24th, and registration ends on the 17th! The pot bonus amount is still growing at the moment, more updates and details will be revealed soon!

Journey To Dream Cancel Cup Standings 4/30/2015 Update

PlayKOF points and ranks have been updated from the month of April!

There has been a few changes to the standings page – top 32 rankings for each game will be published on the site. Full standings are compiled to a google spread sheet which can now be found at the bottom of each standings page:

Full standings:

Japonawa 2015 Fighting Games Tournament has been added to the circuit as a premier qualifying tournament!

Also, the locals in Texas are organizing a KOFXIII side tournament at Texas Showdown 2015! This will be a pit stop qualifier for 128 ranking points for 1st place!

For more information about the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup, visit the main information page here:

Contact us at [email protected] if you would like your tournament to be added to the circuit!

KOFXIII: The Engine In Depth By TSS Atma

Creator of the KOFXIII Frame Data complete document, TSS Atma just recently recorded and uploaded this VERY in depth frame-by-frame video explaining and demonstrating a few of the game’s engine behaviors and quirks; for example, how many frames it takes to break a normal throw, the game’s input buffer on normal moves, and more! Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


$500 Pot Bonus Added To NECXVI’s KOFXIII Tournament in December





BigEGaming just announced on twitter and facebook that $500 dollars has been added to the bonus pot of the KOF13 tournament sponsored by Wyseguy at this year’s upcoming NorthEast Championships, December 4th-6th held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

“If we get 64 players for Kof13 Big E gaming will add another $250 to the pot.” – Eric Small

More details & the website for NECXIV will be announced and shared in the near future!

EDIT: Romulus Booker has added $200 to the bonus pot!

Source: Twitter

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