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SNK Shares More Details Regarding Bugs In The King of Fighters XIV Version 1.10 Update

SNK recently have been doing an excellent jobs addressing and taking care of bugs and glitches that are found in the patches of King of Fighters XIV. Recently, they took to facebook to provide more details on the bugs found in the latest update of version 1.10:

【IMPORTANT NOTICE】Related to KOF XIV’s latest ver.1.10 patch
We have confirmed the following issues in the latest patch to KOF XIV:
1. The game disconnects when entering ONLINE Mode after changing “Icons” or “Titles” in “MY PROFILE”
* Moreover, as it affects your Match Completion rate and penalties for disconnecting from a match, we recommend that you do not change these settings on the “MY PROFILE” screen until this bug has been fixed.
2. “Search”, “Entry”, and room creation online features may not work fully at this time.
3. There are some display issues with the trial completion results.
4. Certain users may not be able to acquire new “Titles” online.
5. Certain character moves have different properties than in the latest balance patch. (details are available below).
6. There are also issues with how some visual effects and other aspects are displayed.
A new patch fixing the issues mentioned above is currently under development. We will inform everyone via an announcement regarding the release date of this new patch.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding and patience.

Also, there are unintended character changes found in the update, which will be reverted in a patch:


Changes in The King of Fighters XIV My Profile Mode Causes Problems – Bug Fix On The Way Soon According To SNK

Players recently playing the version 1.10 update of King of Fighters XIV have experienced problems & various connectivity issues when playing online. When altering your icons and titles in the My Profile mode (in Player Data) causes ragequit penalties that includes disconnects from finding rooms, and other win rate changes. It may be a reason why players are having trouble finding and creating lobby rooms.

In the meantime while we wait for the patch fix, DON’T GO CHANGE ANYTHING IN ‘MY PROFILE’ IN THE PLAYER DATA MENU!


SNK Plans to Fix The King of Fighters XIV Ramon Infinite With Patch At The End of The Month

Yasuyuki Oda addressed the Ramon infinite that many players have discovered this past weekend by planning to release a patch at the end of the month that will fix Ramon’s cr. A that is currently dash & jump cancel-able.

He also mentioned that a new costume will be added as well! Which costume you think it will be?


King of Fighters XIV Version 1.10 Patch Live Now

Update your King of Fighters XIV with the new patch! Post your findings in the comments section below!

English patch notes:

Download 3 More King of Fighters XIV Static PS4 Themes Today Free – Mai Shiranui, Mexican Fighters Theme, and Psychic Girl Theme

Today in the North American PSN store, you can download 3 King of Fighters XIV static PS4 themes that were previously only available in other PSN region stores:!/en-us/all-themes/cid=STORE-MSF77008-THEMESALLTHEMES%7Cplatform~ps4%3Aprice~0-0%3Arelease_date~last_7_days%7Crelease_date~desc

Source: Twitter

Check Out the 1st Chapter Of The King of Fighters XIV Manga

Today, Yasuyuki Oda has tweeted a link with released images of the first chapter of their King Of Fighters XIV Manga, available for view at the moment at:

If you look at the date at the webpage, it says 12-30, (December 30th) which means that it was published last week. Hopefully there will be an English version released soon!

You can view the rest here:

KOFXIV producer Yasuyuki Oda tweeted the link earlier today:


King of Fighters XIV Bundle Planned To Release In China January 9th

Today, has reported that Sony & Shanghai Oriental Pearl Sola Cultural Development Company has announced a very special bundle release of King of Fighters XIV to be released in China, January 9th! The bundle consists of a PS4 Slim, two dual shock controllers (with charger), KOXIV steelbook, with a 3 month subscription of Playstation Plus!

With the 1.10 version patch releasing next week (two days after this release) this bundle may increase the popularity of King of Fighters XIV even further in China. Plus, the bundle makes it very easy for a player to play the game online and offline with a friend or family member too.

Do you think we will ever see a King of Fighters XIV bundle in other regions?

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