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SNK Launches King of Fighters XIV Themed T-Shirts On Amazon Japan

If you have been following SNK closely throughout the KOFWCS circuit, you’ve noticed that their prize items have featured King of Fighters XIV themed shirts of many different colors and designs. The SNKofficial_jp twitter has announced the release of two lines of shirts featured in their SNK-Amazon store on Amazon Japan:

Hopefully, these shirts will have some kind of international release soon!


SNK Announces New DLC Costumes, Stages & Characters for King of Fighters XIV This Spring!

After the grand finals at the KOFWCS, SNK played a new trailer for new DLC content for King of Fighters XIV! Let’s check out exactly what is on the way:

Finally releasing outside of China is the Iori classic costume!

This spring will be active for DLC content for King of Fighters XIV! Let’s see what costumes are on the way!

Kula, Sylvie, Meitenkun, & Angel costumes are planned to release this spring!

New stages too! Look familiar?

Right when we thought it was over:

Which characters do you think they are? New ones? Returning characters?

Now its time for us to wait! Let’s see a few reactions from twitter:

SANWA|M’ Wins The KOFXIV World Championship Series 2017

Congrats to M’ for winning 1st in the first King of Fighters XIV World Championship Series in Tokyo, Japan!

Here is a picture of the top 16 players:

TeamSp00ky Planned To Stream The King of Fighters XIV World Championship Grand Final February 18th

Information shared on SNK’s webpage for the KOFXIV World Championship Grand Final, shows that stream host TeamSp00ky will be streaming the event on February 18th! Not sure at the moment if SNK will still use their own as a mirror stream but for right now, it looks like TeamSp00ky is planned to stream the show!

Other stream hosts:

The King of Fighters XIV World Championship Grand Final starts at 3pm Japan Standard Time, which is 12am Central (10pm PST, 1am EST) time here in the USA!

Update: Commentary on the TeamSp00ky stream will handled by Hellpockets, MetaAbe & NerdJosh:

Check out the webpage for the event here:

King of Fighters XIV Version 2 Demo & Alternate Shun’ei & Nakoruru DLC Costumes Available Now In The North American PSN Store

For those who are curious in playing King of Fighters XIV before purchasing it, can NOW finally try out the version 2 demo (that has the graphical updates of version 1.10) for free, available now in the North American PSN store!!/en-us/games/the-king-of-fighters-xiv-demo-ver2/cid=UP2611-CUSA07388_00-KOFXIVTRIAL00001

Also, arriving in the North American PSN store are Shun’ei & Nakoruru’s alternative costume priced at $2.99 USD each:



Buy the DLC costumes, and spread the word about the demo to friends who want to try out King of Fighters XIV!

Watch Violent Kain, El Rosa & KCOPedro Play Each Other In King of Fighters XIV After Frosty Faustings IX

Sometime after the Frosty Faustings IX tournament, Violent Kain captured a few money matches between himself, El Rosa and KCO Pedro battling it out in King of Fighters XIV! Very high level gameplay featured in these intense, long match sets!

ViolentKain vs El Rosa

ViolentKain vs KCOPedro

El Rosa vs KCO Pedro

Source: Violent Kain Youtube Channel

Check out These Two New DLC Costumes For Nakoruru & Shun’ei In King of Fighters XIV

SNK has released two new King of Fighters XIV videos on their youtube page showing new DLC costumes for Nakoruru & Shun’ei!

At the moment, the costumes are available in the Playstation digital stores in Asia, so we may need to wait for them to hit the North America stores soon!

Here is a video of both Shun’ei and Nakoruru in action wearing their new threads!

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