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DC KOFXIII Online Tournament TODAY 6-16-12

At 3pm CENTRAL standard time (4pm Est, 1pm PST): The 6th Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament will be held at the KOF13 Online Lobby which is ran by forum moderator Solidshark. Open to XBL and PSN players. Results and scores will be front paged a day after the event and a thread will be created as well.

Rules and regulations are found in this thread:


DC KOF XIII 6/16 Online Tourney + New Weekly Ranbats Series (Poll)

At 3pm central standard time (1pm PST, 4pm EST) on 6/16 (Saturday) we will be starting another online competition for XBL and PSN players. The rules and regulations are here and the chat room to join is here.

After the tournament, a results thread will be created in the forums and scores will be posted here on the front page.


Also, on the weekend of the 22nd of this month, The DreamCanel KOF XIII Roundtable Ranbats Series starts. For those looking to get at least weekly practice and matches in KOF online, we’ll now be holding sessions every weekend. A poll for which day (could include Saturdays with or without scheduled tournaments) and more information is posted here.

DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 5/5 Results

Over 14 players showed up and played in our online competition yesterday. Here are results from all the matches

Diavle/Bloody-Spin [8.5 points]
Daireangel [5 points]
Shiranui_Persona/Angel_Shiranui [4.5 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [1 point]
Hurtful_Things [1 point]
Crimson_Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points]
Edgar_Cruz [0 points]
Loowee12 [0 points]
Sixteentons [0 points]
Tofusoup3421/tofusoup34 [0 points]

Calibur753 [10 points]
RexDart7 [2 points]
TrampyBasher [2 points]
FreeRunner/SonicLord [0 points]

Full match scores can be found in this thread:

DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/28

This upcoming Saturday we will be hosting another online tournament session at 3pm central standard time at the KOF13 chat lobby. It is open for all XBL and PSN players, so feel free to join us to find other players you may have good connections with.
Signing up in the thread isn’t mandatory, so feel free to join us when the time arrives, but be sure to understand the rules and structure of the event which is featured in this thread here:

No wireless connections, PLEASE!

See you then!

DC KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7 RESULTS

Over 20+ online players showed up and played in our KOFXIII online competition this past Saturday. Here are the scores:

Diavle/Sookeek [16 points]
Daireangel [14 points]
DesmondDelaghetto [3 points]
TheHungrywolf/Constantine88 [2 points]
Shiranui Persona/Angel_Shiranui [1 point]
NeoTrinity/ShadowRoxas [0 points]
Xiceman191/datdudexiceman191 [0 points]
Thunderfist4 [0 points]
Crimson Assassin/Crimson_King [0 points]
Cuchito09 [0 points]
solidshark [0 points]

Calibur753 [8 points]
topdawg122/HeavyArms [6 points]
OhSo/OhSoTechnical [6 points]
JINXHAND [4 points]
XTG/XTG8680 [4 points]
Kokujindayo [3 points]
Thec0re3 [2 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [2 points]
VicViper/astejos [2 points]
The Red Strawberry/donoismclovin [0 points]
CR2||TimSharpell/G0D1eG0G034 [0 points]

Check out the results thread showing scores of individual matches:
GGs and thanks to all the players that showed up and played with us!

Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament 4/7/2012

This Saturday at 3pm central standard time, we are hosting our second online tournament for XBL and PSN players. Players will meet in the KOF13 online lobby chat, and it is open to any and all players that are interested. No wireless connections, please!

For more information, and details, please read this thread:

See you there!


Dream Cancel KOFXIII Online Tournament (3-17) Results

Over 20 XBL/PSN players showed up and battled on Saturday for a full 2 hours of online matches. Here are the results:

Divale [6 points]
Constantine88 [5 points]                           
DesmondDelaghetto [4 points]
Angel_Shiranui [4 points]
Tofu3421 [4 points]
Duckator [3 points]
solidshark [1 point]
Nightmoves [0 points]

Rex Dart [10 points]
JennyCage [9 points]
OhSo [8 points]
Chnchilla89 [4 points]
Calibur753 [4 points]
SonicLord [2 points]
Mr. Bakaboy [2 points]
thec0re [0 points]
SummyG [0 points]
Dr. Faust [0 points]
CactusMomma [0 points]
trampbasher [0 points]

Visit the thread HERE for more detailed scores and to give shoutouts, feedback about the tournament and your matches if you participated!

Dream Cancel KOFXIII online tournament

Solidshark is putting together an online tournament for the community! Details below.

What: An online matchmaking casual tournament event to garner interest back into playing KoF XIII Online. It will be FT10 (4 points), FT7 (3 points), or FT5 (2 points) matchings (optional FT3 [1 point] are optional in case the connection isn’t stable enough from the beginning). All players will agree at the beginning of the match on # of matches. In case connections become totally unplayable, matches will be reduced to when both players agree to stop (example: a FT10 can turn into a FT5 or FT3 if it becomes unplayable). All players wins will be tallied, ranked and posted at the end.

When: March 17th (Saturday) starting at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM CST, or 4:00 PM to 7:00PM EST for US, Canada, and Mexico. Will try to set time aside for other territories the next time around.

Why: Because the netcode patch has really made a different with the online experience for KoF XIII, and it’s worth doing this to get everyone playing more.

Who: Anybody! Doesn’t even have to be DC members. Play anyone you like. Invite them to DC or chat with them wherever. Doesn’t matter who is playing so long as people PLAY!

Where: Games will be played on PSN/XBL (obviously) but players are encouraged to meet up in the Main KOF 13 Online Chat Lobby and or wibiya DC chat as a back-up. If you cannot make it there (or really prefer other means) then use PSN chats or XBL parties. Skype is an option, however I do recommend doing as LITTLE on your internet connection as humanly possible in order to have a more solid, stable, online experience. Remember to WIRE in as well: wireless NOT recommneded!

How: Sign up in the thread!

KOF 96 out on Neo Geo Station

As we patiently, or impatiently, await The King of Fighters XIII release on consoles, SNKPlaymore has released The King of Fighters 96 on the Neo Geo Station. It’s another activity to occupy your time and it sure as hell beats staring at the countdown timer. Remember: A watched pot never boils. Get online and play some games! Show off all of the techniques you’ve learned from PhoeniX’s articles! Show off your fighting spirit!

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