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KOFXIV v2.0 official patch notes

In the run up to King of Fightrers XIV being updated to 2.0 and having the four DLC characters added today April 5th, SNK has released official patch notes for all subsystems and character balance adjustments. You can find the full changelog here. There will be a lot to explore once 2.0 drops so get a head start so you can best explore what has changed for your characters.

KOF XIV patch 1.03 Dropping tonight

SNK has announced today that the latest patch for King of Fighters XIV will release tonight at 6pm PST. No word yet has to what the patch encompases, but they have confirmed that at some point full patch notes will be released, but assuredly this will involve the re-balancing of the cast they have already mentioned.

Let us known what you find once the patch drops over in the DC forums.