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This Wednesday Night: Dream Cancel Live Podcast Episode 47 – Midwest KOF Prepares For Combo Breaker

May 20th, Wednesday night at 8:30PM Central Time, we will be talking with various KOF players from the Midwest region (and guests from other regions) about the upcoming KOFXIII tournament at Combo Breaker which is being held May 22nd-24th in Chicago!

We will also discuss further ideas, details and plans of action concerning the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup tournament circuit!

A link to the show will be posted on the front page 30 minutes before we go live or you can view the show live here:

Chat with us live here:

Dream Cancel Live! Episode 43: How To Find More KOF Players On Steam

In this episode we will share tips and ways to find more players to play with online in KOF98UMFE/2002UM/KOFXIII SE on Steam! We will also recap Final Round 18, and other past KOF events with past news and sharing upcoming KOF tournaments that are part of the Journey To Dream Cancel Cup circuit!!!

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