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Total Eclipse SNK video

King of Fighters ’98 Top 8 matches
02:12 niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs りしゃ (Kyo/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro)
07:42 キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs ハヤト (Yashiro/Robert/Leona)
12:25 スエ (Kyo/Iori/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
17:46 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs OZ (Chizuru/Mai/Iori)
22:31 Semifinal: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon)
27:18 Semifinal: 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)
31:04 3rd Place: niikura (Clark/Iori/Daimon) vs 777 (Kim/Daimon/Orochi Chris)
35:16 Final: キャップ (Iori/Daimon/Orochi Yashiro) vs づね (Alt Ryo/King/Benimaru)

Last Blade 2 Top 8 Matches
53:20 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 白うさぎ (P.Mukuro)
59:55 777 (P.Setsuna) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:03:54 RYO (P.Mukuro) vs 兵藤 和尊 (P.Mukuro)
1:10:02 たくみん! (P.Setsuna) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:16:09 Semifinal: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs 大樹 (P.Kaede)
1:23:17 Semifinal: RYO (P.Mukuro) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:30:26 3rd Place: 恭也 (S.Hibiki) vs R-MOON (S.Kojiroh)
1:37:34 Final: 大樹 (P.Kaede) vs RYO (P.Mukuro)

Garou: Mark of the Wolves Top 8 matches
1:59:58 ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs なおやん (Dong Hwan)
2:03:30 わた (Jenet) vs アツ (Dong Hwan)
2:07:35 雨森 (Terry) vs コンタ (Hotaru)
2:07:35 たむら (Marco) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:15:22 Semifinal: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs わた (Jenet)
2:19:51 Semifinal: 雨森 (Terry) vs あっきー (Jenet)
2:23:46 3rd Place: わた (Jenet) vs 雨森 (Terry)
2:29:04 Final: ごんちゃん (Hotaru) vs あっきー (Jenet)

The matches are also available on the official Ustream page.

Source: Soh85’s YouTube Channel

Real Bout 2: First-to-10 impending

It’s that time again, people! Steamwolf is hosting Real Bout 2: The Newcomers this Saturday, April 23rd at 6pm Eastern. Games will be played via GGPO, Supercade and ArcLive. Several notable players are planning to play, including Ghostpilot, TomCaddie, Deadlyrave-Neo, God 2.0 and Yor. These games are open to anyone, not just Dream Cancel members.

More information is available in the thread.

Dream Cancel announcements and reminders

First, an announcement
There’s a new section on the Dream Cancel forums: Dream Cancel en Español. The Answer has been planning this new section for quite some time and today he decided he was ready. It’s up and running now.

A Few Reminders
We have some upcoming events that I don’t want anyone to forget about. The first is the Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 Rumble in the Jungle on March 19th at 6:00pm Eastern. Tom Caddie versus Ghostpilot in a first-to-10 grudge match in RB2. This event will be streamed at and here on the homepage. More information here.

The next reminder is the King of Fighters 2002 GGPO session. Desmond is running a first-to-10 session on March 20 at 6:00pm Central. This event is limited to Dream Cancel members only. Registration and information is available here.

In Real Bout 2 news… Tom Caddie vs Ghostpilot!

Steamwolf has revealed a project he’s been working on for the past few weeks: Tom Caddie vs Ghostpilot. Two of the best U.S. Real Bout 2 players are squaring off in a first-to-ten series to determine who deserves the “Best in the U.S.” title. This momentous event will happen on March 19. Time to be determined. The whole thing will be streamed at and here on Dream Cancel.

More information, including steamwolf’s Don King-styled intro available here

Get Hype!!!!!

Siliconera interview with Shinya Morishita

Siliconera conducted an interview with Shinya Morishita from SNK Playmore USA. They asked about the NeoGeo Station releases, the possibility of obscure NeoGeo titles being released as well as the UM titles hitting the PSN. SNKP has a NeoGeo Station Facebook page which will be used to gauge interest in upcoming titles.

Siliconera also asked about the recent reports regarding changes in the company but Morishita declined to comment.

Check out the interview at Siliconera.

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