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Hori Real Arcade Pro v3 review

Just in time for the Christmas holiday, old faithful, my modded HRAP3, started to show signs of wear. The main issue was the USB cable was starting to tear at the point it enters the case. I’ve had this stick … Continue reading

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Eightarc PS3 Pearl Review by The Answer

With the recent release of KOF XIII, I’m sure a lot of you guys are looking for a new joystick, with so many choices to choose from today it might be tough to decide on one. To ease your hunt … Continue reading

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Qanba Q4RAF triple mod joystick review Part 1

Qanba Q4RAF 3 in 1 stick Today I take a look at the Q4 Real Arcade Fighting stick. Qanba, originating from Shenzhen China, is a new manufacturer to the Joystick scene. For their first real effort to break into the … Continue reading

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Oops, we did a boo-boo. In our excitement of the release of KOF XIII, we completely forgot to post up this review written by none other than iPlaywinner’s CEO/Founder, @haunts, himself: “In a day where matches can’t seem to be … Continue reading

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A King of Fighters-i review

Isaac at TheSixthAxis has posted a rather positive review of the decidedly surprising release of KOF-i. In his review, he comments that the game is packed with features and is surprisingly good. He also states that it’s better than any … Continue reading

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PDP Marvel controller review

PDP, formerly Pelican, has released a Marvel themed “Versus fighting game controller.” Since the pad seems to take a lot of inspiration from the NeoGeo pads and, unlike the NeoGeo pad, is available for the Xbox 360 I thought I … Continue reading

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NeoGeo Station impressions

SNKP released the NeoGeo Station on the Playstation Network last night. There’s been a lot of conjecture on what exactly NeoGeo Station is. It’s not an application or anything of the sort; it’s actually just the publisher’s page on the … Continue reading

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NeoGeo Pad USB review

I ordered a couple of the NeoGeo Pads expecting them to be exact replicas of the NeoGeo 2 Pad for PS2. I received the controllers today and found this assumption to be false. The box is a mat black coated … Continue reading

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