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Pocket Rumble is a New Fighting Game inspired by NeoGeo Pocket Titles

There is an exciting new indie game on Kickstarter titled Pocket Rumble. According to the developers, Pocket Rumble is inspired by the SNK fighters for NeoGeo Pocket, featuring Street Fighter style gameplay and an 8-bit art style.

Aside from inspirations from classic NGPC titles, Pocket Rumble also packs quite a few new features, some of which are quite innovative:

– Double Blind character select (online/offline)
– ELO ranked mode
– Ghost AI
– GGPO support
– Backup characters
– Lesson mode
– Mod support
– In game display of hitboxes and frame data

In addition to all the above, the game will actually be ported back onto the NeoGeo Pocket Color, so you can dig out your NGPC from your collection and play the game on the road

Check out the Kickstarter page below:

Samurai Shodown Slash is a hack and slash sidescroller

SNK Playmore has been on a roll with partnerships lately, with many of their trademark characters crossing over to other company’s games, and sometimes occuring in entirely different genres.

The latest SNK Playmore collaboration is with Korea’s InPlay.  Together, they have turned Samura Shodown into a 2D sidescroller hack ‘n slash.  You’ll see classic Samsho characters like Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Tachibana, Hanzo, Charlotte, and more slashing their way in this upcoming mobile game.

In addition to Samsho characters, Kyo, Iori, and Mai are also making a guest appearance as playable characters.

The game will be released for the Kakao platform in Korea.  Check out the trailer below:

Via Siliconera

The origins of the Rhythm of Fighters; Siliconera interviews SNK

10550154_360274184119992_5486398273640082573_oSiliconera has recently interviewed SNK Playmore about how the Rhythm of Fighters came to be.  Here is a sneek peek of the interview:

Rhythm of Fighters seems to pay homage to SNK’s history with Athena as a support character and packs of Metal Slug songs. What is the most obscure reference in The Rhythm of Fighters?

Not only with the numerous support characters originating from many SNK games, but The Rhythm of Fighters is also full of Easter Eggs to please all our fans, even the biggest. I would like to take the “in-game flick commands” for example. There, you will be asked to reproduce the Raging Storm’s command input when playing “Soy Sauce for Geese” or the secret command which allows you to play as Kyo Kusanagi in KOF ’99 when playing “Tears”. Please try them all!

Hop over to Siliconera to check out the full interview:


New Banner Released for Upcoming Athena Asamiya RPG

main_athenaasamiyaBuried among the bunch of new titles SNK Playmore plans to release in the next couple months along with Kof98 UM FE and Kof 2002UM is a mobile RPG game titled Athena Asamiya.

While little is known about the title except that the game would most certainly would base it’s gameplay around the titled psycho soldier.  Today SNK just released a banner for the game on it’s homepage.  As you can see, Athena appears in her original attire from the original Athena arcade sidescroller rather than her various uniforms in the Kof series.

Athena Asamiya is scheduled to release on Android and iPhone in early 2015.

Rhythm of Fighters is now free-to-play; paid players get free tracks



If you were holding out on the Rhythm of Fighters because you were unwilling to spend $0.99, you can finally try out the new SNK music game as The Rhythm of Fighters is now a free-to-play app.

In order to compensate fans who purchased the paid version, SNK Playmore is offering 5 NeoGeo tracks for free!  In addition, they have also added 4 new music packs, so go check them out!

You can download the Rhythm of Fighters from the Apple Appstore or the Google Playstore from the links below:

App Store Download URL:

Google Play Download URL:

Check out the official press release after the break for more details:

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Kof97, Samura Shodown II, Metal Slug 2 to receive HD remakes from CMGE

Picture via

Image via

Over at the ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai, Chinese mobile gaming giant CMGE (China Mobile Games and Entertainment) announced their official partnership with SNK Playmore.

Along with a video message from SNK Playmore president, CMGE announced that they have received official licenses for “The King of Fighters 97,” “Metal Slug 2,” and “Samurai Shodown 2.”  The three classic NeoGeo titles will receive HD treatment.  Samurai Shodown 2 in particular is currently in development, and will begin beta testing as early as August.  We currently do not have any further information on what platforms the games will be released on, or whether the HD titles will be available outside China.

CMGE also announced a few other partnerships in their three-hour press conference. One notable partnership is the eSports company World Cyber Games as the company aims to move into mobile eSports space.

For more information, check out the sources below.

Source:, Venture Beat via KofKoucha

The Rhythm of Fighters is released today

SNK’s new music game “The Rhythm of Fighters” has just been released. You can grab your copy on Google Playstore/ Apple App Store for $0.99.

The game features 14 classic SNK tunes, and an additional 16 tracks as DLC (so far).  While most of music selection come from old SNK titles such as the King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Samurai Showdown, and Metal Slug, a few songs come from some lesser known SNK titles such as Sister Quest, Kamitama, Cool Cool Toon, and various SNK Slot machines.

In addition, a few of the songs received new arrangements in ROF.

Check out the full ROF music playlist here:


The Rhythm of Fighters officially announced by SNK Playmore

A while back, we reported that SNK Playmore had applied for trademark for the “Rhythm of Fighters.”  Most of us speculated that it will be a rhythm game blended with kof characters and classic SNK tunes.

Today, SNK Playmore had officially announced The Rhythm of Fighters and launched a teaser website, which offers several screenshots of the upcoming game.

The game features old school Kof sprites and stages, and will be available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store soon.

Check out the official website for more information:

SNKP trademarks “The Rhythm of Fighters”

According to the Japan tradmark Bureau, SNKP has registered the title “The Rhythm of Fighters” on Feb 21, 2014.  The trademark is applicable for console, arcade, and online softwares.

According the Professor over at the Mad man’s cafe, SNKP has a solid record of actually using their trademarks when they register one, so we have a good chance to see a new music game from SNKP in the near future.

Give that Atlus is preparing its own music game based on its popular Persona series.  We would not be surprised if SNKP would develop a music game based on the King of Fighters series.

Let us know in the comments sections or in the forums what you would like to expect from SNKP in regards to music games.

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