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KOFXIV: Terry Bogard Quick Guide By Coliflowerz

Coliflowerz helps out new Terry Bogard players with this new gameplay tutorial! Normal attacks, command normals, special moves & super special moves are explained quickly in this video! Couple of useful bread and butter combos are performed as well, to help you get started!

Guide for Terry’s basic tools and combos to get you started playing The King of Fighters XIV. These combos may not be optimized, but range from beginner to intermediate in difficulty and should give you a head start in learning this character. Feedback and questions are welcome!

KOFXIV: All Character Safe Jumps Video by A1Major

Check out this 2 hour video showing examples of safe jumps for all the characters in King of Fighters XIV (1.04)!

When you view the video on YouTube, there are timestamps for every character!

Also, keep in mind there will be more updates to King of Fighters XIV in future (version 1.10 coming soon), so be sure to test these out in later versions to make sure they still work!

Source: A1Major Youtube Channel

KOFXIV: Benimaru, Kim & Iori Safe Jumps Setups By BrunoKof

Brunokof recorded a few really neat safe jump setups (with a few resets and bonus combos) for King of Fighters XIV characters Benimaru, Kim & Iori!

Before you watch the videos, be sure you understand what exactly is a safe jump:

“A safe jump is a jump-in that is timed so that if the opponent does nothing, they must block the jump in. If they reversal SRK, you land in time to block the SRK.”




Be sure to practice & test these out for yourself! Hopefully they can strengthen your okizeme game up a bit!

Source: Brunokof Youtube Channel

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