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Juicy Bits – KOF13 Character Basics: Goro Daimon Tutorial Video

Juicebox recently recorded and uploaded another video to his extremely useful tutorial series: Juicy Bits; this time focusing on Goro Daimon!

Tell us what you think of this video in our comments section!

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KOFXIII: Using Shortcuts for RDP Option Select – Examples with Claw Iori and Yuri

AtmaDP sent us a very interesting, and useful defensive option select utilizing the alternative motion for the dragon punch motion in KOFXIII (hcb,f or 632146) but backwards (412364). Here are the notes AtmaDP provided explaining the option select:

“Shortcut method is used to avoid getting QCB moves if they happen to land in front.

This RDP OS is so that you block one direction and DP the other. You can achieve this because of the button hold trick works for specials but not normals, meaning a special can come out when a normal can’t. Normally this RDP OS is performed with Back then QCB+Button. DP motion takes priority over QCF in this case allowing for it to work whilst blocking if they hit in front but doesn’t work for characters with a QCB move as if they hit in front the QCB move comes out so you use the shortcut method!”

Try it out for yourself and see if it works for you!

Source: AtmaDP

Select Your Character – Video Tutorials, Combo Videos and Character Guides for The King of Fighters XIII

This video created by Wyseguy Bebop using annotations links to many different video tutorials, combo videos and character guides for all the characters of KOFXIII. Make sure your annotations on youtube are enabled, then hover and pick a character that links you to a playlist of helpful videos! Recommended 100%!

NOTE: If you don’t see the annotations, open the video in a new window or tab.

Source: Video thread, Youtube

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