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English Subtitled SNKPlaymore KOFXIII Command Technique Video

This video uploaded and translated by GatoRay (which was originally posted by SNKPlaymore around a year ago) demonstrates and explains several advanced gameplay phenomena in KOFXIII. It shows a corner meaty/throw option select against rolls, damage combo scaling lock during supers, and a way to evade desperation moves and NeoMaxes during their superflash:

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Cross Counter TV’s KOFXIII Tutorial with Choysauce Part 1: Mechanics

Choysauce recently recorded a very good and informative tutorial for beginning KOFXIII players for Cross Counter TV! This first part explains the game’s mechanics and specific quirks for new players who may be unfamiliar with the King of Fighters game engine.

“Join Henry Choi in this new tutorial series, where Henry teaches you the basics of King of Fighters XIII. With the release of the King of Fighters XIII Steam edition, Henry created these tutorials with new players to the King of Fighters franchise in mind, so they too can have a fighting chance. This episode will focus on the special mechanics in King of Fighters that are unique to the game and the series in general.”

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English Subtitled SNKPlaymore KOFXIII Tutorial Videos

Last month, Gato Ray translated and added English subtitles to a few of the SNKPlaymore produced KOFXIII system tutorial videos that were created and released a year ago.

The “Starter Guide” explains the proper usage for normal attacks in different situations and positions, along with explaining their designed roles in battle. Slightly similar to the explanation of how normals are used offensively and defensively in Dandy J’s Beginners Guide to KOF. The video also visually explains low profile anti-airs, normals that have lower body invincibility properties and how jump-in attacks can stuff grounded anti-air attacks on knocked down opponents.

The “Secret Of Systems” explains late HD activation, alternate guarding, drive guage states, hurtboxes and juggle states while Max Cancelling:

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Japonawa 2013: KOFXIII Grand Finals – ST.MPV| Koopa vs MXLI| Huevo

Following up on David Kong’s Japonawa tournament recap post, yesterday matches from the KOFXIII tournament has been uploaded on to the TeamLagoVideos youtube channel! Featured below are the grand finals; Koopa vs Huevo!

You can find more matches from the tournament on TeamLagoVideos youtube channel. Post up your favorite matches from the tournament in the KOFXIII Videos thread.

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