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Japonawa 2013: KOFXIII Grand Finals – ST.MPV| Koopa vs MXLI| Huevo

Following up on David Kong’s Japonawa tournament recap post, yesterday matches from the KOFXIII tournament has been uploaded on to the TeamLagoVideos youtube channel! Featured below are the grand finals; Koopa vs Huevo!

You can find more matches from the tournament on TeamLagoVideos youtube channel. Post up your favorite matches from the tournament in the KOFXIII Videos thread.

Juicy Bits: Some KOF13 basics with Jim – Beginners Video Tutorials

Juicebox Abel recorded and uploaded a very good tutorial session with his friend Jim who is new to KOFXIII.

“Had a casual session with my friend Jim, afterwards I explained some KOF concepts to him. The monsters wanted me to upload this to Youtube so I did!”

Note: There are timestamps in the “About” section of the video on it’s youtube page.

Part 1

0:00 “Crossups and input direction”

4:12 “Going over his character choices/recommending characters for him since he needs a 3rd. Each of the characters I mention are the ones I would recommend for teaching fundamentals to beginners, regardless of team position.”

11:15 “Why EX Iori ISN’T good for beginners”

14:20 “Throws/options in the close range game (continues in part 2)”

Part 2

0:00 “Throws/options in the close range game (continued from part 1)”

6:23 “How can I practice/watching match videos to improve”

11:23 “Kyo anti-airs/crouching anti-air in general (continues in Part 3)”

Part 3

0:00 “Kyo anti-airs/mid-screen HD (continued from part 2)”

1:33 “Why Double Tap?”

3:45 “Practicing hit-confirms with Kyo”

7:35 “Practicing hit-confirms with Takuma”

Part 4

0:00 “Anti-air theory”

4:35 “Claw Iori’s slashes, are they good on block?”

5:25 “Practicing hit-confirms with Claw Iori”

8:20 “Help with Takuma’s Cadillac (the charge kick), options if the string is blocked”

12:40 “Thinking about the neutral game (continues in part 5)”

Part 5

0:00 “Thinking about the neutral game/Why Fireballs aren’t great (continued from part 4)”

6:20 “Thinking about risk and reward”

9:40 “Why do good players guard-cancel blowback so much?”

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