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Persona combo-maker releases KOF XIII Duo Lon combo video

He’s really out-done himself this time, good luck trying to follow this effort:

The King of Fighters XIII combo video showcasing what Duo Lon is capable of, be that old, new, practical or impractical.

If you thought KoF XIII combos were difficult, Duo Lon makes every other character look like easy mode. Even with the help of tool assist, Duo Lon was five times more difficult than any other character I did, even by hand. Without the help of tool assistance, this video would never come to existence. There’s mainly three main reasons why Duo Lon is much more difficult than any other character:

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KOF XIII – Duo Lon: OS against an invincible command grab by GuttsCL

Yay for new tech.

Our favorite Chilean tutorial video maker, GuttCl, is at it again.  Most likely inspired by ideas discussed in this recently released video, a bunch of other tutorial videos have been uploaded with actual applications of the Option Select.

Strangely, GuttCl has not put up any description of the exact input to trigger this Option Select.  An update will be edited in once this happens.  Enjoy the videos and challenge yourselves to come up with some new uses.

KoFXIII: Corner Cross Up Off Ground Normals

TSS AtmaDP recently uploaded a very interesting tech video which shows how you can cross up a crouching opponent who is placed fully in the corner:

First; the opponent must be brought to the corner offensively, not just pushed in through running or walking into the character sprite.

Second; the last hit must not be a neutral jump attack or special move as shown in the video. The jump attack must be able to go over a crouched opponent.

Third; if the opponent stands up blocking before the cross-up, the cross-up loses its ability.

Test it out yourself in practice mode!

Juicy Bits – KOF13 Character Basics: Goro Daimon Tutorial Video

Juicebox recently recorded and uploaded another video to his extremely useful tutorial series: Juicy Bits; this time focusing on Goro Daimon!

Tell us what you think of this video in our comments section!

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English Subtitled SNKPlaymore KOFXIII Tutorial Videos

Last month, Gato Ray translated and added English subtitles to a few of the SNKPlaymore produced KOFXIII system tutorial videos that were created and released a year ago.

The “Starter Guide” explains the proper usage for normal attacks in different situations and positions, along with explaining their designed roles in battle. Slightly similar to the explanation of how normals are used offensively and defensively in Dandy J’s Beginners Guide to KOF. The video also visually explains low profile anti-airs, normals that have lower body invincibility properties and how jump-in attacks can stuff grounded anti-air attacks on knocked down opponents.

The “Secret Of Systems” explains late HD activation, alternate guarding, drive guage states, hurtboxes and juggle states while Max Cancelling:

Hit the jump for more videos!

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The KOF Community Anti Chin guide


The international KOF community has come together and put together a pretty comprehensive guide on how to deal with this old man.  Video done by Gunsmith of and the text version was done by Professor from MMCafe.

A lot of work has been put into this especially by Gunsmith and the Professor but special thanks to Frionel, Budgies and RaisedbyFinches for their input.

Based on the anti-chin strategies by Dune(KCE)Tactic advisors : Budgies, Frionel, Kane317(DC)
Project director & video version creator : Gunsmith(ON)
Preface and editing (text version) : Professor(MMC)

The Final Version (0.5) of a guide that took global participation (Dune, Kane317, Frionel, RaisedbyFinches), around 4 months of editing and a whole load of trauma to complete.

Please check out both as they put in a lot of time and effort on the guide to help everyone out.

Graphical text:

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