Live Wednesday Nights at 8:30pm Central Standard Time

-Episode 19: FM Sway Interview
We recap UFGT10:X, Japonawa 2014 & Interview FM Sway.

-Episode 18: Midwest KOF Prepares For UFGT10: X
Pre-show hype for UFGT10:X.

-Episode 17: How To Deal With Nervousness & Anxiety
We brainstorm on how to deal with stress and pressure when playing fighting games.

-Episode 16: Seattle KOF & Northwest Majors
Two players (Nissan Zaxima, and Johnson Jew) from Seattle are interviewed and we talk about the upcoming Northwest Majors VI tournament.

-Episode 15: Khannibalito Interview
Tijuana’s Khannibalito is interviewed with El Colt translating.

-Episode 14: NYC Preparing For The KOFXIII Battle Royale
We hype up the upcoming KOFXIII Battle Royale tournament with a few East Coast KOF players.

-Episode 13: How To Help New Players
We talk about how to help new players entering KOFXIII.

-Episode 12: Zero Black Interview
Chile’s Zero Black is interviewed with El Colt translating.

-Episode 11: Final Round 17 Recap/How To Improve Your Defense
We recap Final Round 17, and we talk about ways to improve your defensive skills in KOFXIII.

-Episode 10: Expanding Our Network
In this episode we welcome a few new KOF affiliates to the Dream Cancel Network.

-Episode 9: Colorado KOF Prepares for SoCal Regionals
We talk to players from the KOFXIII scene in Colorado about their preparations for Socal Regionals 2014.

-Episode 8: How To Fix Your Execution Problems
We talk about ways to improve your control and execution in KOFXIII.

-Episode 7: How To Level Up Alone
In this episode we discuss upon ways to get better at KOF when you don’t have a local scene to play with.

-Episode 6: How To Improve Your Reactions
In this episode we talk about ways to improve your reactions when playing KOFXIII.

-Episode 5: How To Build a Local KOF Community
We talk about ways to properly build and maintain a local KOF community.

-Episode 4: How Travelling Improves Your Skills
In this episode we discuss how travelling outside of your local scene helps you improve as a player.

-Episode 3: Bienvenidos 2014! (part 1)
We welcome 2014 in this episode and talk with many players on their goals and predictions for the year.

-Episode 2: NEC14 Result & Recap
We recap North East Championships 2014 in this episode.

-Episode 1: KOFXIII Console 2-Year Anniversary
Our official first episode where we discuss the 2 years since the release of KOFXIII on console.

Episode 7
The podcast returns with new hosts Desmond Delaghetto and David Kong, with discussion about Power Up 2012

Episode 8
Team Chaos is interviewed.

Episode 9
David and Desmond recap UFGT8, East Coast Throwdown 4 and MLG Anaheim.

Episode 10
CEO 2012 recap, and nothingxs is interviewed.

Episode 11
EVO2012 recap, Juicebox Abel and THE ANSWER is interviewed.

Episode 12
A few players from the Chicago KOF scene (Mario E, James Jr., NCV) are interviewed.

Episode 13
Desmond and Kane317 talk about the Atlus Fighting Championships.

Episode 14
AGE| Romance, Malik, and MonoTekETea talk about the positives and negatives concerning NEC13.

Episode 15
Desmond, David Kong, El Colt, Malik, Choysauce and Reiki-Kito reflect upon the year 2012.

Episode 16
Desmond talks with Malik, Marco Polo, and AGE|Romance talk about Apex2013 and SoCal Regionals 2013, with gameplay Q&A.

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