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Title: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: desmond_kof on October 16, 2012, 02:45:14 AM
This thread is will be sort of like a journal for players to document their thoughts and feelings from various battles you have experienced. These experiences can be from casuals, playing online or at tournaments, money matches, etc.

You can also post up things you need to work on in training mode (combos, setups etc), or certain habits you will like to eliminate to improve your gameplay.

You can also share what characters you are currently playing with, your progress with them as well as characters you are having trouble fighting and your progresses towards that.

You can even rant and post your frustrations or brag and boast of your success.

The point to this thread is for you can journal down your experiences, and feelings, then look back at them at a later date to see how much you have improved and what you may still need to work on.

Here are a few rules:

1.) This is not a Q & A thread, or advice thread. It is simply for you to express yourself and note down things you need to work on regarding your gameplay.

2.) This is not a thread to disrespect or gossip about certain players you have come across. Leave names of players out.

3.) This is not a "Good Games"/"Bad Games" thread. Post your feelings about the match instead, with positive and negative things you have found in your gameplay.

4.) This is not a video critique thread. But you can journal down things you have observed in a match video you have saved or that is uploaded online.

This is an example of one journal entry:

"I need to practice and work on my hit confirms into combos. I have missed out on too many high damage opportunities because I cannot consistently hit confirm low attacks into bnb's or HD combos. I also need to pay attention to my opponents habits while on the defense for I can find gaps in their offense and blockstrings instead of just trying to mash out of the corner hoping for a lucky hit."
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: FreeRunner on October 16, 2012, 03:33:08 AM
I had a little session on KOFXIII today on rank matches. This game is getting pretty frustrating and annoying. Too many times people mash when I rush down. They also love to mash DPs. I just said screw it and not rush down anymore. Nobody respects anything I do. It got better towards the last few matches, but I still dialed the rushing back. I was punishing a little bit more.

As of now, still working on my playstyle but it might be fruitless or it'll work fine. Just have to wait and see.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: solidshark on October 16, 2012, 05:10:20 AM
After a long set of matches last night, I'm more aware of not ever using HD combos. I'm starting to practice the key elements needed to make them happen, by training with them first, but it's not easy. Also seeing how I need to be more decisive and faster with button presses; I've got wrecked nearly everytime I've second-guessed my own strategy.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: DjWizdom on October 16, 2012, 11:12:20 AM
Man...I feel like I'm sitting in a confession box or something. lol.
Here's some things I notice that I need to work on.

EX Iori: I need to get my mixup game down with him. My game with him is very solid, but without the mixups I cannot dominate like feel he can.

Takuma: The sandbag on my team. I need to get those stock/drive combos down to muscle memory. Without it, it feels like he is a dead character to me. Throwing out random DM's, sometimes NM, to be able to keep up.

Kyo: As much as I don't want to say it; I need to not use EX Orochinagi as much as I do. It's getting to the point as if I'm reliant on it. I don't want my Kyo to pull the weight of my team all the time, which happens all too often.

K': I really want to learn this guy. But he seems SO difficult. I don't know why. Maybe I haven't quite "grasped" his playstyle yet. I'm not too sure, but I will keep working on it.

As far as gameplay goes. I need to capitalize more. Too many times do I see things that need to get punished, but I'm always late on the reaction. HD mode...going into HD mode is still a little difficult, but that will come with practice; as with all things. Once I get that down. My characters will be even more deadly, and many more options will open up. I look forward to my future skill and the road to it. I recognize that I am a lot better in various aspects, than when I first started playing.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on October 16, 2012, 01:58:24 PM
I have several exciting experiences to speak about...

Two months ago... well according to this replay August 2, 2012, I had a really tough match against an opponent from England. It was my Kula, Mai, and EX Kyo vs his Mature, K', and Joe. We were both seemingly even in skill and we even knew each others character match ups. We were just going at it... with BnB combos and all! The connection was very good. Little to no lag what so ever! His Mature defeats my Kula. Kula only took about 40% of Mature's health. Mai pretty much gave Mature and K' pure hell during the fight. I did manage to get a 500+ damage HD combo with Mai when I blocked a Super from K'. Joe defeats Mai his j.CD. Towards the end it was my EX Kyo vs his Joe. I was quickly put at a disadvantage... but I managed to get a quick HD combo with EX Kyo and he had only a few pixals of health left. I tried to finish him off with a hit confirm but I failed to do so... I roll backwards, he hops towards me and trips me. I was at my limit... He then uses a Super to chip me out completely. This could have been avoided if I just rolled. I also could have won that match if I used EX Kyo's rekka after blocked my hit confirms because I would have chipped him out with the last rekka input anyhow. This means I need to work on using tighter block strings with EX Kyo because he IS actually good at this kind of this.

Mai... Apparently input lag and Mai are not on good terms either. I utilize HD combo on a whim if I corner my opponent offline or on a good connection. I notice that I am not making consistent use of Mai pokes. I also notice that I am not utilizing Mai's ground Musasabi no Mai (d charge u A/C) as much despite how useful it really is... hell, I am the one displayed its usefulness in the first place! I discovered that Mai can avoid the majority of frame traps/hit confirms if she performs ground Musasabi on wake up. I also found out something interesting while fighting a fellow DC member well known as Chintrick!!
We fought each for the first time - ME: Kula, Mai, and EX Iori vs Chintrick's EX Iori, Mature, and Chin. The connection between both of was naturally good, sense he is in Romania and I am in Germany. Chintrick process to play a very impressive rush down game with EX Iori but eventually loses - Then it came down to Mai vs Mature... Mature had a butt load of meter at her disposal while Mai had one. So I proceed to bait an unsafe from Chintrick but he does fall for it. I'm dancing around the screen. I knew Chintrick was going to use a raw Neo Max... unfortunately, he uses it at the most appropriate. I was jumping away from him. ... Then something weird happened - I decided to use Mai's EX air qcb+P... only to find out, that Mai can go RIGHT THROUGH Mature's Neo Max on the start-up frames of that move! The fight was still on. Mai still lost, but Mature still lost a lot of health for EX Iori to defeat. It was a close match overall... Chin defeats my EX Iori.

What I have learned and what I need to work on:
- I need to work on EX Kyo
- I found out about Mai's invincibility properties on her EX+air Musasabi
- I'm beginning to understand the Chin match up
- I need to exercise the use of Mai's pokes and ground Musasabi more.
- I need to know when to get back on the defensive and provide better hit confirms on the opponent wake up.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: choysauce on October 16, 2012, 10:19:32 PM
nice thread idea desmond!

i want to share a moment i had at one of the runbacks.
i was playing someone that is pretty close to my level in the game and i had lost the first game to a small error on my part when i had the win in the bag. it totally affected my gameplay in the second round and lost my first character free.

i have saiki coming in and cleans up my opponent's first character, but takes me down to half life. their next character comes in and i hop at him twice, but the second time i totally see he whiffed something and i confirm the j.D into an HD combo. i do the 100% combo for 3 meters, and this is the first time i've ever landed this particular HD in tournament. so it gave me such a huge boost of confidence (was totally feelin myself at that point). and the rest of the set i am just mauling and eventually win.

lesson learned, your mood totally affects your play. somehow you always gotta stay positive when playing, especially in this game. still gotta figure out how the top players do this, but at least now i know what the foundation to have a strong tournament presence is
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Reiki.Kito on October 16, 2012, 10:42:57 PM
I was playing yesterday at the Dragon Lounge, a hang out for players on Monday Nights. I was going up against Hotpockets and BBZ a lot of the time.

Throughout that night, they both played Joe. I really had no idea how to fight them. With BBZ, it was just basic frame trap tactics and responding to me jumping with Golden Heel. Everytime he'd throw a fireball, I'd try to jump to get the drop on him and he'd respond by hitting me out of the air. Once I got pushed into a corner, it was either block low to avoid a combo or get hit, getting out even by jumping was covered by DPs, jump CDs, grabbing me if I rolled through the fireball. It was especially hard with Maxima. With Hotpockets, totally different story. Mixing in st.A, f+B into Bakurestsuken made the pressure safe. If I tried to roll, he'd grab me out of it. He was very prepared for anything I tried to get out. Mounting pressure was a bit difficult because getting close to him just wouldn't work. I think I managed to get a hard knockdown on him twice?  At some points, I really just gave up trying to fight the character. It never felt like there was something consistent to hold on to, like a hole I could abuse.

This was especially true cause I couldn't tell when to punish Trust Kick or to just block because a DP was coming. It's different when you're stuck by a gimmick you don't understand very well. Personally, I felt really angry with them, but more so with myself. Once Joe as gone in some matches, I had a much easier time fighting other characters. Usually, I won because I managed to get a combo in or cornered him with a character like Terry to get a mix up in, but if I lost control, it was really hard to get it back. It's encouraged me to put more time to learn Joe so I'm not so surprised by everything he does.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on October 20, 2012, 06:43:40 PM
I play, practice, and try to improve even though I really have no competition in my area. (There's barely anyone around who's even played a fighting game before, much less KOF.) I beat the only other competent player, my former roommate by a 10:1 margin. When I went to LV for EVO, I played a lot against Fernando and Zero, and actually got a few compliments on my play, much to my surprise, since I was still adjusting to the TV's latency (or lack thereof). I still remember one casual match where it was my Kim (who I had only recently picked up to replace K', and was still very much a W.I.P.) vs his Yuri. We both had little life left, though I'm sure he had the life advantage. Yuri did a Raiohken, probably to catch a hop, instead I had neutral jumped and immediately EX Supered to win the match. Zero and anyone else watching had a good cheer from that. Fernando's Athena was a real surprise, I'd never played against one (which applies to a lot of characters, with my small playing pool) and got caught in all kinds of setups.

The sets I've played are usually so one-sided that I can't get a handle on myself as a player, since my flaws aren't being exploited as hard as they should be.

I practice so that when I get back to the States, and hopefully find some competition, I won't be as far behind everyone else that's been playing in their scenes. Trying to find other players, and getting new players into KOF, or even fighting games is a battle in itself. Despite the general lack of players, I still play because I just love the game so much.

My Main Team:

Kula: My first character that I picked up, as well as my favorite. It was Kula that really helped me get down comboing out of c.B hit-confirms. Of all my characters, she was generally the one my former roommate hated fighting the most until I picked Kim.

Robert: Robert is strange. Sometimes I'll have runs where everything goes right, I make all the right moves, and Robert is just unstoppable. Other times he just gets beaten out by everything. I don't think either Kim or Kula ever get as hot or as cold as my Robert does. But still, perhaps much like David Kong, I've put so much work and time into Robert that I don't think I'll let him go. I actually picked up Robert because my roommate tried picking him when we first started playing the game, and he was just really annoying. So, fight fire with fire, and I've stuck with him from then on. I feel that when Robert is well played, he can shut down anything his opponent tries. I also feel that players haven't taken Robert to his full potential, unless there's some sick Robert match videos someone can point me to.

Kim: The last addition. In general, I tend to be a fairly defensive player. In SF I mained Guile. On the other hand, I just throw away all my fucks with Kim. It's gotten to the point where I can tell that my one real opponent is extremely hesitant to press buttons whenever Kim is in c.B range.  The main problem is perhaps I get too button happy with Kim.

My former roommate generally plays Kyo, Saiki, King, and Mr. Karate. He clearly understands and applies footsies and spacing. Though, he tends to play very recklessly. Occasionally, he can just zone me out extremely well with King with the combination of her great j.CD and the use of smartly placed fireballs. It's very rare for him to throw a bad fireball for a full punish. A flaw I need to correct is that I don't tech throws as much as I should, especially the ones where I literally see him coming up and think "he's about to throw me." My main advantage over him is the fact that I can do HD combos with pretty much all my my characters, whereas he can only really try to do one with King, and he often forgets what combo he's even going for as he does it. If he improved his combos, we'd probably be much more evenly matched, since right now the times I'm most fearful is when his Mr. Karate anchor is loaded with 5 meters. I know that he'll EX Ranbu me for just about anything, so doing everything is potentially a risk. Still, the last time we played it was 45:6, so it's hard for me to think about how I can improve.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: DJMirror949 on October 22, 2012, 10:06:13 AM
 Oh how fun this will be. Recently I been playing Saiki/EX Iori on my team. I used to play Kula/K/Kyo but I always felt like I never play Kula correctly so I just dropped her. Right now I'm in this characters crisis phase that I don't know who to replace Kula with. I decided to play Iori (Claw) for a few weeks but I felt like he has to be on the right moment/situation which I'm not really good at yet. So I switched to his counterpart and so far I'm kinda having some success but feeling that I'm not able play him to his fullest potential with all his tools since I'm not able to do stuff like Empty Cancel Rekkas, safe jump setups, doing DP into command grab, dp in hcb hd combo loop etc. I only been playing with arcade stick for a year and I think my execution is below average, so I think I'm just gonna keep sticking with to improve executions for now.

 Saiki on the other hand, I'm playing him because I'm have a deal with CMD Duc and improving my abilities to be patient, learning more about spacing, picking right positioning, improve defense, learning how to fight against zoners with & without, but the most important overall is picking better decisions. So far it is a big struggle since I'm just the rushdown player with my characters and it's a huge change to my gameplay. I don't know how much I have progressed with him since I have hate/love moments with Saiki. Characters like Duo Lon/Chin/Benimaru drives me nuts while characters like Daimon/Clark I can relax. My big weaknesses right now is learning how to time things better, switching up the 3 styles on the fly (Attack/Passive/Defense), fighting against zoners (which I still have a hard time getting in), learning to be patients, learning how to respond back against certain things, able to apply the zoning/defensive style of play with K/Kyo (Which I'm just used to going in all the time) and much much much more. There's still alot more but I'm going to take my time getting better. Also people has been giving me shit about taking my time learning on how to get better which I'm just ignoring most of the time because I don't think it's a good idea on stressing yourself out and wearing yourself out in the process. The games are meant to be fun not stressful.

Also I change my third character (my other two is Saiki/EX Iori) every 2 weeks: I first started with Terry now I'm going to Mr. Karate now. After Mr. Karate, I'm thinking of between Clark/Mature/Vice/Benimaru/Athena. Well I'm doing this so that way I have a better way of understanding how the characters works and see how other people punish the blockstrings/moves/setup that I seen other people do (Copying blockstring is not that hard but combos & setups are a different story for me) And there you go. That's all I can say for now I guess.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: solidshark on December 04, 2012, 03:54:30 AM
That period where you've been away from playing for almost a week or longer and come back is weird. Sometimes it makes me feel really rusty, but the last time, I felt refreshed, like a small vacation before coming back to the job I love.

When I didn't have time to play during the week, but still had 20 mintues here or 15 minutes there, I just picked up my stick and practiced combos based on memory without even turning the game on. It kept my muscle memory really sharp. I'd performed better than the last game before my absence, even team-sweeped (OCV) a guy who usually team-sweeps me.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: desmond_kof on December 10, 2012, 06:13:44 PM
I need to make my EX Iori much more stronger, just incase I may need to switch King against certain match ups.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on December 10, 2012, 06:53:37 PM
A simple dive kick from Yuri can really save a players life. I fought a very tough Kensou, Billy, Ash team - this player was SUPER conservative with his meter. I don't think I saw so much as one EX move. He surely made use of his EX DM's however and he did attempt a Neo Max.
I barely finished the match with Mai - I had to play a little more aggressively this time around because his Billy had no meter to work with after fighting Yuri.
Billy nearly caught me off guard with a  his EX DM but I used Yuri's dive kick JUST in time to touch the ground and block the attack - I was in no position to punish anything due to push back. I tried to rush Billy back down with Yuri, but Billy hit confirms into a combo and defeats Yuri. This player was smart but he seemed to have problems with proper punishes and a 547 combo from Mai's HD combo kind of discouraged him a bit... Billy kind of... just stood there in the end after the air throw... The fight between my Mai and Ash was not that difficult but by the time Billy was defeated, Ash would already have two meters so I had to resort to some low functional turtling to smack him around for a bit. This player made use of mostly GC Roll's and EX DM's. That's it. Very smart, used very good combos... the connection was two bar but there was very little lag. This is one of those cases where playing online is forgiving.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: DjWizdom on December 22, 2012, 11:06:55 AM
So, I've been out of the game for about a month-ish, due to work and only one of those days I had about 20mins free for practice time. I loaded up the game about a day or two ago and maaaaaan am I rusty, but I feel refreshed as well. Noticed that I am able to do EX Iori, Takuma, and Kyo's HD loop combos. So, I am closer to feeling confident to pull it off in a real match. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and leveling up more.

I suppose one thing to take from this is if you feel like you've reached a plateau of sorts, maybe a break is in your best interest. Not too long though, because you don't want to forget everything (memory, muscle memory, timing, etc.)
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Inspectah Ed on December 29, 2012, 05:00:42 AM
I need to work more on my mid-screen game for my all characters and come up with more safer options.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: azunadrop on December 30, 2012, 06:59:22 PM
Raiden is sooo much fun ^_________^

Though, I'll need something a bit more substantial other than cr.B, cr.A into command grab, CH j.CD to EX Tackles, getting lucky C tackles into EX Tackles and simple HD activations straight to super then NM.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: solidshark on January 04, 2013, 03:23:24 AM
My time back in the U.S. playing the U.S. players was fun, but without the main stick I've always used, I see how handicapped and reliant I am without it. Even Kim combos I'd been practicing on for weeks barely came out; need to practice on multiple sticks, maybe even pads, just in case.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on January 07, 2013, 03:54:04 AM
I finally picked up Vice. And, boy is she a fun character to play.
Trying to develop some knowledge based information here. I was at the Boss Program building on the military installation close to Mainz-Kastel and Wiesbaden. I was practicing with Vice and suddenly a soldier about my age saw me playing and said "I just bought this game over the holidays! Can play I play with for a bit?" I confirmed and we both went to versus mode. I just got done playing Vice as a point character. Vice can easily cause a lot of trouble because most of special move allow her to build meter (whiffing her command grab will allow to get some meter too).
I decided to play her on more defensive terms. Patiently. My opponent (who seems to REALLY like KOFXI) was playing a Athena, Ryo, and EX Iori team. A strong looking team indeed. Whenever he made changes, he would switch out between Ryo, to King, to Mai, to Beni, and then back to Ryo again.
I had Vice and Mai on my team the whole time while changing my anchors between Claw Iori, Kim, EX Kyo, and Yuri overtime between the matches.
He was well aware of how to play this game but he did not use any complex HD combos (he told he'd rather use them when he has a least three meters or more. He also says that HD combos are easier with stock meters which may be true in some cases). The soldier's defense and basic offense was pretty good. He seemed to have some really good reactions too. (He was playing on a traditional PS3 pad). 
He resorted to using Athena's Psycho Reflector every time I got too close... I try to plan my attacks accordingly with Vice... Use the Splash special moves punish poorly timed projectiles. He never did get past Mai but he is still apparently good at this game because he was always up to something - he kept moving around. His Ryo played a lot more aggressively as well. He also got me more than a few times with EX Iori's BnB (d.B, d.A, Rekka's). I notice that the soldier also resorted to using st.B and instead of st.C because st.B on EX Iori hits low and cancels easily into his command moves.
I learned to play more defensively with Vice and conserve as much meter as possible. Resort to hit confirming and punishes. I try to remain patient when I play Vice. Just wait for the opponent to mess up or get too reckless. When I play Vice as a point character, I would normally use meter for a two bar HD combo, CD or knockdown into EX Sleeve, or to punish with a EX DM. The rest of the meter is stored for Mai because she benefits well off of it.

The truth is, every character benefits off of meter and give them momentum. Provides the player with the ability to make a comeback as well if they are forced on the defensive.
I did ask the soldier if he had a PSN or not because he is stationed in Europe. Unfortunately, he only has an Xbox and he seems to be more of a Virtua Fighter and Tekken player. Had a lot of fun... managed to condition myself a little and familiarize myself with Vice.

Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: solidshark on January 25, 2013, 02:48:03 AM
First time in a while I've played XIII solid for a week, not missing a day; already noticing improvements in my playing style, even getting longer winstreaks against decent players. Will go for a full month of KOF everyday to see how much better things get.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on January 29, 2013, 11:32:47 PM
Attended 2 meet ups with about 10-12 of Okinawa's fighting game players, hosted by xero15 (who has a sick Spider-Man team in Marvel) at his (soon to not be) place.

Of course, it was my obligation to bring along my copy of KOFXIII with me. The general consensus around the room was that they were all interested in the game, but none of them had really gotten into it and at most had only tried playing it for a few days. As I was explaining a lot of mechanics and demonstrating HD combos with several characters (Robert, Terry, Ryo, Takuma, Daimon, Kula and a little bit of Athena among others) several of them had expressed the feeling that had a person like me been around earlier, that they probably would've gotten into the game. Xero15 himself expressed an interest in playing Kula, and I was trying to recommend characters based around what his preferred playstyle was. Hopefully, I can set their desire to play KOF in stone before I leave the island in March, but my ability to do this is hampered due to the current liberty restrictions on military members in Okinawa, as well as really only having xero15 as the touchstone to get in touch with the other players.

As for how they felt about the game, they really seemed to enjoy it. The thing that seemed to stick out for a lot of them was the executional requirement. Foundational skills like c.B hitconfirms (which I myself had plenty of trouble with when I started playing due to the speed of it) and even things like hopping were things I was explaining. How unfortunate I had forgotten to mention the "How to play KOF" video on YouTube.  

Unrelated to KOF but when we popped in Persona, I three-peated one of the enthusiasts of the game who I believe goes by the name of Black, despite my relative lack of experience with the game. Oh Yukiko, chuck them fans at Chie's head. My playstyle was described as "incredibly annoying, but it works."

I hope that we can manage to have another meet up before I PCS. I'm hoping my one playing partner (who mains King, Kyo, Saiki, and Mr. Karate) can come if there's another meet up so I can demonstrate how a match flows, maybe even capture some gameplay on Xero15's streaming equipment.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: solidshark on February 23, 2013, 05:11:00 PM
After a busy week of missing KOF, fighting IDVerna was exactly the motivation I needed to get back into the game. I was rusty as hell, and he showed me why CafeID-style is so effective. I even managed to get a win in a FT10. It's been a while since getting my ass kicked was that fun; it sure does get you motivated to get back into a game.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: DCLam on February 26, 2013, 02:20:11 PM
June 2012: Summer time was nearing so I told myself I was gonna spend this vacation break picking up an entirely new type of game that I’ve never tried before. I spent my whole life playing easy casual games like adventure games, fps shooting games, typical average games of the sort, but nothing too competitive before. I’ve always stayed away from fighting games because they seemed too hard and intimidating so I decided to finally give fighting games a shot. I was on a budget so I searched around the market and came across KOF XIII for a cheap price since it was on sale out of all the other fighting games out there. After about a week of sticking with it I thought the game just wasn’t for me so I completely threw it away and told myself I wasn’t gonna deal with playing this game anymore especially on a pad and getting my DS3 all bloodied up. Maybe I just have sensitive fingers or something but my thumbs would blister up after about 5-10 min of playing and I just wasn’t gonna have it anymore.

July 2012: Then came EVO 2012 and when I saw the grand finals between MadKOF and Bala, I thought that was the hypest shit I’ve ever saw in my entire gaming life and couldn’t get enough of it so I watched the match again for another good 10 or so times, especially the part when MadKOF perfected Bala and Bala made a stun combo comeback the second round with Takuma (That’s also the reason why I wanted to pick up Takuma so bad!). It couldn’t get any better than that just seeing both players trading blows back and forth! After that day I told myself I was gonna give KOF another try and started saving up for a fight stick.

September 2012: I wasn’t gonna start playing just yet till I got a stick first cuz I told myself I was never going back to that horrid experience I had with the frustrating pad. So instead, I spent the whole month of September, researching and reading up on basic fighting game terms and looking up guides/vids off forums to get a better understanding of how to play this game properly especially since I coming from no fighting game background at all.

October 2012: I’ve never owned a fight stick before in my life so I decided to head up to STA to see whats good and try out the sticks there that they had on their cabinets. I’ve never been there before so I was like hey why not knock out some games and might as well meet some of the guys there. Aside from getting my ass whooped by some of the top players, I at least got a chance to play some of the bigger names of NorCal there while I was at it. They were really helpful and informative about the game plus really showed me what competitive gaming was all about.

November 2012: Then came around mid-November I finally saved up enough for a brand new fight stick just in time for school semester end in which I could finally start getting into this game seriously again.

January 2013: Played in my first local KOF tournament ever and placed 3rd overall! I wouldn’t say it wasn’t much since the tournament was specifically for rookies only and that there were only 6 participants, but it still got me pretty hyped up for this game even more! I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I hadn’t had met and played some really helpful people (online and offline) along the way though.

February 2013: Now that it’s almost the end to yet another month of my fighting game career and journey to getting good at this game, I wouldn’t say I progressed as much or as fast as I would like to but I’m happy to say that I’ll be continuing on to sticking with this game for however long it takes to get good. Although it’s still frustrating to see why it’s so hard to get good at KOF but to see the skill it takes play this challenging game is why it’s so rewarding to me.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on March 18, 2013, 09:15:56 PM
I'm sure we all know the limits of online but the butthurt here is strong.

Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: SuperVehicle001 on April 07, 2013, 09:31:58 AM
This is like a confessional booth... lol any way here I go.

I got lit up at a local casual. I feel like I walked into a brick wall of skilled players. As I posted about in another thread, KC has a small but super competitive and highly skilled KoFXIII scene.

No disrespect to the guys who I played though. Maybe I'm having my first "salty experience" lol! I really do respect these guys and their skills. I feel like the new kid trying to sit at the cool table haha!

I know I am going to lose, and lose a lot. I want to learn and get better. I feel like these loses didn't teach me anything. I don't know what to work on. I kind of felt like a few players where tired of having me call next honestly... like I was so low skill I wasn't worth their time.

"Work on your composure". What does it mean? What is composed? What does it look like? How do I know when I am playing "composed". "Composure" is such a broad term I don't know what to fix and work on.

Over all it's a great group of guys and I'm trying not to get depressed and fizzle out like some do.

Trying to stay focused and motivated, but damn it's hard.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on April 25, 2013, 04:56:39 AM
Competed in Civil War V.

Came in 5th place with my Robert/Kula/Kim team, losing both times to a North Carolina player who goes by PacStrife.

Knocked DJ Huoshen out of the tournament along the way.

Once again, my lack of playtime really showed. Still, PacStrife, who had defeated me, said that my Robert was very good. Speaking of which, one player also noted that he'd seen me do things with Robert that he'd never seen before, and that he'd likely seen Robert's EX ranbu more times than ever before, hahaha.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: SuperVehicle001 on May 14, 2013, 12:54:35 AM
I'm gaining more confidence. I still get bopped but I don't have a knot in my stomach when I call next. Getting good tips on diagnosing my problems. A lot is coming down to jitters while playing. Lots of unnecessary button pressing while I'm under pressure. Losing and learning.

After I lost a set to a really good player (no one knocked him off the stick for 3 hours) he explained that I was falling for his K' meaty set up. Pressing a button means I get hit. Then the next set he crossed me up with Iori, a lot. I could tell he it was his way of teaching me to stop the cross up. Eventually I managed to defend against his cross-up. All he did was smile and say "Good". Sometimes subtle teaching is the best.

I'll be entering my first local tournament this Saturday.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on May 24, 2013, 06:04:23 AM
Competed in ECT V.

Ran into ChrisG in winners and losers during my pool. I did not get out of my pool.

Went 2-2 in total.

Got in a lot of good matches against quite a few players, including DreamCancel's own Malik. Damn that Athena is tricky...

I just wish I could play more often, I feel that'll always be my biggest weakness.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Ryujin on May 27, 2013, 08:38:00 PM
Got to meet a lot of great people this weekend at UFGT9. Ended up going 2-2, getting wins on GLB and EFOcutioner, losing to Samson (K' double OCV) and suiname. The losses were rough but it helps to lose to great players to really understand what needs improvement.

To help others, two self-criticisms I could include are getting out of the corner and getting jumpins down pat. As much as you'd like to think you have good defense, getting mixed up in the corner is inevitable after 4 or 5 of them. When using the meter to roll or CD means staying alive or not getting one-shotted from HD, do it. And for jumpins, doing that one j.2c or CD just a little bit too early and missing the low hitbox means you could eat a trip guard or throw, so don't underestimate time in practice mode to get those clean.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on May 28, 2013, 12:51:35 AM
Shout outs to all those who were present for UFGT9!

Buddies and I were mostly watching the stream here in Europe, while conducting our own KOFXIII ranbats session as well.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: desmond_kof on May 28, 2013, 12:58:17 AM
At UFGT9 I found out that I need to play better under pressure, heighten my awareness during playing, strengthen my match-up knowledge and go for HD combos more often while becoming more economical meter and damage wise.
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Post by: desmond_kof on May 31, 2013, 12:58:54 AM
Great Dark Hero, that post does not belong here. This thread is only for journal entries only.
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Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on May 31, 2013, 02:21:46 AM
Great Dark Hero, that post does not belong here. This thread is only for journal entries only.

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Post by: PureYeti on August 20, 2013, 07:23:53 AM
Alright so I just recently getting back to fighting games after summer school is over. I had some GGPO matches to start off for KOF. I need a lot of improvement for fundamentals so hopefully I can maintain the drive in the future.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on August 22, 2013, 03:41:03 AM
Competed in Summer Jam 7 after almost 3 weeks of not playing KOF, due to difficult circumstances.

My rust showed, I was making critical drops and not maximizing on many opportunities. Still, somehow I managed to place 7th overall (tied with 1 other, out of 34 players).

Two words can sum up my final match, "I believed."

The tournament also finally convinced me (though I had been resisting up til this point) that I need to replace Robert. The only question is, what character should I pick instead?

2013 08 17 195951978 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JesQwh5cWIs#)
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on August 22, 2013, 08:07:23 AM

Hey AirLancer, you still did pretty well in that match. BTW, I was on the stream rooting for you!
I wouldn't replace Robert - if you're not feeling to comfortable on Robert's behalf, you can try things like Yuri or Billy for a change, but please try not to drop Robert altogether.

Over the past couple of months over here in Europe, I've only participated in one KOFXIII related event in Ramstein Germany, and a series of ranbats. Activity in Wiesbaden is slowly increasing :) I also realize that there is a small scene within the Frankfurt area of Germany, that which I should go check out soon.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Coliflowerz on November 02, 2013, 06:19:56 AM
Fire things up again, maybe. Needa rant.

Man, it's been difficult lately. I haven't had a good KOF match in maybe months. My regular training partners have been absolute scrubs lately, opting to just play Pokemon and shit instead of any fighting game whatsoever. Fought them once in KOF and SF4, and holy god they're rusty. They've also reached that point where they just "play for fun" and don't practice. Honestly... I respect trying to have fun and all, but it sure makes for some lame competition... Not having a strong enough computer for Steam edition hurts too. The struggle is real. I've been really pissed at the scrub mentality recently. Especially after watching Madoka Magica. Something about the themes in that anime, I can really relate to. It's just like, dood, you have some talent. You have all the fucking time in the world cause you do nothing but play video games all day. You have money to afford accessories, get XBLA, and to travel to locals or whatever. And yet you can't even invest maybe an hour of your day to just play a fucking video game. I swear mang. I swear.

Also, I think I realized that I'm more of a theory fighter than anything. I just crack under pressure so easily, but give me a replay and I can call out everything that happened, and why it happened. Maybe I'm better off teaching than playing? Or maybe the nerves will go away with experience. But man, unless I move somewhere good for college, I might not be able to get that...

Yeah, I just needed to express myself a bi. ;; And KOF players in San Francisco, I'm more than happy for some rounds... XD
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: AirLancer on January 17, 2014, 04:36:46 AM

Trying to use stick.

The effort is torturous.

Shoot me in the face.
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Post by: Great_Dark_Hero on May 06, 2014, 04:15:36 PM
Nowadays, I've been mostly playing KOF with a old pals from school who played 98 on a religious basis, along with German players and soldiers. I've also recently picked up both Daimon and Elisabeth (after getting pass her execution barrier. I find her juggle combos to be fun to do now)!
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: Cynical on June 22, 2015, 09:10:43 AM
Jesus christ, after tonight's session, I really have no clue what the fuck is wrong with me.

There's literally NO OTHER PERSON with a record anything like mine (hundreds of games and a winrate of less than 10%). 

Someone literally had an 0-2 record before facing me, picked triple-random against me all 16 games we played, and bodied me 16 fucking times, with several being OCVs.  Later, someone who has 20 games total to his name just mashes buttons against me and absolutely bodies me about 10 times in a row.  In other words, you can literally sit ANYONE IN THE WORLD in front of the game for the first time, have them mash buttons, and they'll beat me 100% guaranteed.

So fucking infuriated at myself right now.  No idea what the hell is wrong with me that I take about 10 times the amount of time as anyone else to reach even the lowest of "not completely shit" levels, but this kind of performance is completely unacceptable.
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: BodyOrgan on June 22, 2015, 07:53:20 PM
Competed in Summer Jam 7 after almost 3 weeks of not playing KOF, due to difficult circumstances.

My rust showed, I was making critical drops and not maximizing on many opportunities. Still, somehow I managed to place 7th overall (tied with 1 other, out of 34 players).

Two words can sum up my final match, "I believed."

The tournament also finally convinced me (though I had been resisting up til this point) that I need to replace Robert. The only question is, what character should I pick instead?
Thanks for posting this. I just learned some new stuff I can try with Kula.  :)
Title: Re: The KOF Battle Journal
Post by: desmond_kof on May 12, 2017, 07:13:40 AM
I feel like I'm having trouble adapting correctly to the offense of KOFXIV. Maybe its the general speed of the game or something that makes me feel that I am reacting too slowly to things or I am mashing when I am shouldn't. I get frame trapped and punished too much when I'm offensive & I get impatient on defense and hit buttons when I should not. I also tend to drop certain confirms or combos way too much and I am having trouble getting those down solid in tense gameplay.

I need to get my execution down, read my opponents better by being more aware and using deductive and inductive reasoning, and having a stronger awareness.