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Title: New player trial question
Post by: Hisoka_Knives on July 07, 2014, 06:52:29 AM
Hello everyone this is my first post I am at a loss with the trials. I get stuck pretty early usually level 2 with every character besides Kim I'm at level 6 with him.

For example Benimaru trial 2. LP to HK Takuma always blocks my HK what am I doing wrong I always get stuck on the second hit. Any suggestions?

I'm not one to quit I mostly just want 50% trials with everyone (would be a huge accomplishment for me) but I just don't understand why he keeps blocking very frustrating lol.

Thanks for your time in reading this I look forward to trying out some tips.  :)
Title: Re: New player trial question
Post by: Coffeeling on July 07, 2014, 01:28:35 PM
You need to understand the difference between a link and a cancel.

In fighting games, moves have three parts to them:
The startup, where the move has begun and the character is moving to hit the opponent. You're helpless.
The active frames, a period of time when the move can actually hurt an opponent.
Recovery, a time when the move retracts and ends, after which you can control your character again.

If a move connects (=hits or is blocked), the opponent gets stuck in a state called hitstun or blockstun for a short amount of time. During hitstun, the opponent is helpless and can't do anything. If you hit an opponent during hitstun, the two moves are said to combo. Blockstun is much the same - the opponent is stuck blocking and can't do anything else except use his meter for Guard Cancel Roll or Guard Cancel Blowback. If you hit an opponent who's still in blockstun, you've done what is called a true blockstring (true because there are no gaps).

There's two ways to get a move to connect to an opponent that is still in hitstun.
The first is linking Move 1 and Move 2. Typically, when you hit someone, your character recovers earlier. Some moves start fast enough to hit after Move 1 has fully recovered but the opponent is still helpless. So wait for Move 1 to complete, press Move 2. If it gets blocked, you're not fast enough. If it doesn't come out, you're pressing Move 2 while Move 1 is still executing. Press it just right, and Move 2 should connect just before the opponent leaves hitstun. The timing window is usually very small. In KOF links are relatively rare - most characters can link a light to a close heavy, and that's it.

The other form of comboing are cancels. You press Move 1, and while Move 1 is animating you do Move 2. The game cancels the rest of Move 1's animation and starts doing Move 2. This means you typically have plenty of hitstun to use for comboing so the timing is more lenient than on links. Basically everything in KOF13 is a cancel, from normal moves comboing into another to normals => specials and specials=>supers and supers =>neomax.

Beni's LP->HK is a link. That it comes out but gets blockes means you're just a hair too slow with your second button press.
Title: Re: New player trial question
Post by: Hisoka_Knives on July 07, 2014, 05:05:23 PM
Thanks for the detailed response very helpful. Can't wait to go back into it.


Well I managed to clear trial 2 and 3 now i am stuck at 4. My hands can't keep up with what my brain is telling them to do during the drive cancel part. Just got to keep practicing and trying.
Title: Re: New player trial question
Post by: Coffeeling on July 07, 2014, 09:57:32 PM
With longer combos it's best to identify breakpoints in the string and break it into smaller parts that you can practice more easily. Then, when the pieces are consistent, pick two and join them together into a longer string and practice that.

Say, with EX Kyo's cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcf+A, qcf+P, K combo.
You'd break it into:
cr.B, cr.B, st.B
st.B, qcf+A (and maybe cr.B, st.B, qcf+A)
qcf+A, qcf+P, K

When those are done, join stuff together:
cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcf+A
st.B, qcf+A, qcf+P, K

And finally, the full combo:
cr.B, cr.B, st.B, qcf+A, qcf+P, K