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Title: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: AM2 on November 18, 2010, 04:08:39 AM
Grasping Upper - close ;bk or ;fd + ;c
Buster Throw - close ;bk or  ;fd +  ;d

Command normals:
Rising Upper - ;df + ;c
Hammer Punch - ;fd +  ;a

Special Moves:
Power Wave - ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a
Round Wave - ;dn ;df ;fd + ;c
Burning Knuckle - ;dn ;db ;bk + ;a/ ;c
Quick Burning - ;fd ;dn ;df + ;a/ ;c
Power Dunk - ;fd ;dn ;df + ;b/ ;d
Power Charge - ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd + ;b/ ;d
Rising Tackle - ;dn charge,  ;up + ;a/ ;c
Crack Shot - ;dn ;db ;bk + ;b/ ;d

Desperation Moves:
Power Geyser - ;dn ;db ;bk ;db ;fd + ;a/ ;c
High-Angle Geyser - ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd + ;b/ ;d

Super Desperation Moves:
Triple Power Geyser - ;dn ;db ;dn ;db ;fd +  ;a+ ;c

Rising Force - ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a+ ;c

Basic combos
No MAX mode required for these, only ones I've found so far
j. ;d-> close ;c(both hits)-> A burning knuckle or B crack shot
close  ;c -> A or C quick burning
close  ;c -> High-Angle Geyser
close ;d ->High-Angle Geyser
 ;dn ;a ->  ;dn ;a -> A or C Rising Tackle
Round Wave -> Power Geyser (either normal super or Max super version works)

Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: fiol on December 25, 2010, 01:12:55 PM
i m thinking to pick him as my 3rd. since chang is ok, but not really useful, i want to try terry (i never liked him though) a little bit ^^
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: Nikolai VolKOF on December 26, 2010, 01:46:54 AM
Online people are raping with this terry
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: Amedø310 on May 31, 2011, 04:59:26 PM
Terry's Blowback can cancel into his command moves.

more combos:
cr. B(x2), st. A, st. B
cr. B, cr. A, cr. B, qcf(x2)+B (1 stocks)
cr. B, cr. A, [dp+B/ dp+A (SC) [qcf(x2)+B/qcb, db,f+AC (2 stocks)]]
(hold df) df. B, df+C, d, u+A/C
[df. B(x2)/df. B, df. A], df+C, [qcb, db,f+A/C (1 stocks)/ hcf+B, [dp+B/ (SC) qcb, db,f+A/C (2 stocks)]]
[far A/ cr. C], df+C, [qcb+A/ hcf+B, [dp+B/ (SC) qcb, db,f+A/C (2 stocks)]]
far st. C, [qcb+A/hcf+B, [dp+B/ (SC) qcb, db,f+A/C (2 stocks)]]

counter hits combos:
[st. Blowback/ j. Blowback] qcb, db,f+A/C
corner st. Blowback, [hcf+B, d~u+C/ qcf+C, (SC) qcb, db,f+A/C (2 stocks)]
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: AM2 on June 10, 2011, 09:23:23 AM
After watching the Master Class video for Terry, I found out something important. Moves that are super cancellable can also be cancelled to other special moves like Power Charge -> Power Dunk and Round Wave into Crack Shot or Burn Knuckle. I recommend watching because there is a lot to learn from it.

Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: Snakz92 on November 17, 2011, 03:46:18 AM
uhhh i have a question. what does stock mean?
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: nightmoves on November 17, 2011, 06:38:59 AM
Stock refers to the number of super bar levels, so 2 stock = 2 super bars.
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: EXWildWolf on April 01, 2015, 08:23:54 PM
Terry is pretty good in this game! He can cancel his Far C for some good damage, frame traps, and blockstrings, good anti-air and reversal options (one leading to a hard knockdown) and can get up to 50% life with just one stock.

His Max 2 SDM hits fullscreen, is fast, and combos nicely off of his far normals.

His Cr.B can be canceled into his DF.C, making it easy to hitconfirm into damage.

His J.CD has good priority and covers most air to air situations, though it does lack in the air to ground game. His other air normals cover this quite well, however.

His QCF+C can't be comboed into anymore off Close C or D and has a smaller hitbox than the actual graphic would suggest, however you can cancel into Burn Knuckle after it, taking off a noticeable chunk of their guard gauge.

Overall, Terry is a character with great normals, solid damage, and good corner pressure. He should be put as a mid or anchor to put cause more damage to the opponent's life bar.
Title: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: EXWildWolf on September 01, 2015, 12:18:19 AM
Something I wrote for the DC front page. You could say this was an article.

02UM Terry Primer

Hello all. Today I'm going to be talking about the Lone Wolf and one of the main contenders for KOF, Terry Bogard in 02UM.

Terry is a well rounded offensive character that has very good block strings that can guard crush the opponent very quickly, and does very well keeping opponents on the ground with his great normals and crack shoot.

Terry relies more on good ground game and neutral jumping/hopping to enforce the space around him to be respected, and occasionally a well spaced Burn Knuckle (QCB+P) for him to be at an advantageous position midscreen. However, Burn Knuckle is unsafe with characters who have long ranged pokes that can punish Burn Knuckle, so don't go autpiloting this move all the time. Instead what you want to do is get accustomed to his great normals and use them to punish whiffed normals and stuff predictable attacks.. St.C and Cr.C both have relatively fast startup, cover decent mid range, and can be canceled into specials or command normals, giving Terry a way to get damage and possibly a hard knockdown and also better screen positioning, possibly leading all the way from mid screen to the corner. That's not the only thing Terry has to cover his ground game. His St. CD covers a good angle infront of him in the air and goes over lows, and his J.C helps him cover people coming below his short hop. Crack Shoot QCB+K) is also useful for catching people in the air. When in Neutral, it's better to stay grounded with Terry, and to force the opponent to respect your normals and to keep them on the ground with St.As, Df.Cs, Crack Shoots, Rising Tackles and Power Dunks.


Terry can keep himself from getting pummeled and out of trouble with his reversals and Df.C. Df.C comes out at frame 4 and has a decent horizontal hitbox to catch certain frametraps with small gaps. However, you are leaving yourself open to huge punishment if it whiffs. His Rising Tackle comes out decently fast and gets you out of a sticky situation. Power Dunk is... OK. It certainly is more rewarding with its hard knockdown after the second hit, but has less invulnerability on startup, which could lead to rewarding trades, but not always. Stick to the safe side, GCAB through predictable block strings, block well, and look for openings to which you can get out of. Terry isn't a slouch when it comes to defense, so make sure to get accustomed to some characters' gaps in their pressure and hit them for trying to enforce another attack on you.

Terry can scare some characters with his pressure strings with St.A and keep opponents from hopping at him likewise. It has a lower hit hitbox than typical St.A's and can hit Medium to tall crouching opponents, and is also plus on block, making it good for frametraps into his C normals.  His Df.C is also good for keeping opponents who spring to the air often. He doesn't support too many mixups, but has decent overhead options, such as his F+A and DP+P. His mixups require conditioning and good reads to work effectively. You would get more out of Terry with his frametraps and block strings than anything else, though.

Terry has all the tools he needs to get him to where he needs to be and gets good rewards for good ground and AA game. He lacks air to ground pressure which makes him a bit weaker on changing up his method of approach, but his frametraps and block strings can land him a hit if you let your opponent make the mistake of mashing and jumping recklessly. He's good to put at mid or anchor, but can do point decently. His damage though is usually best at mid or anchor position.

His execution is pretty light too, and easy to pick up and play.

A good for beginner character.
Title: Re: KOF2002 UM - Terry
Post by: Amedø310 on July 05, 2016, 05:23:39 AM
Terry's Hitboxes: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2WAxkcvfTKdS1NGYjYxN2VVSzA&usp=sharing (https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2WAxkcvfTKdS1NGYjYxN2VVSzA&usp=sharing)

Please read this for more details: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=425.msg73547#msg73547547#msg73547 (http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=425.msg73547#msg73547547#msg73547)