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Title: Meitenkun
Post by: Ben Reed on August 05, 2016, 04:27:48 PM
;a = Light Punch
;b = Light Kick
;c = Strong Punch
;d = Strong Kick

(*) = EX OK
(!) = MAX OK

Feint Makura - close ;bk / ;fd +  ;c
Makura Bomb - close ;bk / ;fd + ;d

Command Normals
Nezou Rangeki -  ;fd +  ;b

Special Moves
Makura Nage -  ;dn ;db ;bk +  ;a /  ;c (*)
Sen-Siss Hou - charge   ;bk ;fd +  ;a /  ;c (*)
 ∟ Follow Up - [Sen-Siss Hou]  ;a /  ;c
Geki Hou - charge  ;dn ;up +  ;a /  ;c (*)
Ressen Kyaku -  ;dn ;db ;bk +  ;b /  ;d (in air) (*)

Super Special Moves
Chou Geki Hou -  ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd +  ;a /  ;c (!)
Hakuchuu Musou -  ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd +  ;b /  ;d (!)

Climax Desperation Move
Daimeiten Hou -  ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk +  ;a ;c

wiki page: http://www.dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV)#Normals (http://www.dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV)#Normals)

google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cIevWMZH1hIRX6XqlEOvzesTcMP5Iz9CLyGFkCZlUII/edit (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cIevWMZH1hIRX6XqlEOvzesTcMP5Iz9CLyGFkCZlUII/edit)
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: Coliflowerz on September 16, 2016, 06:32:13 AM
So I'm seeing people land:

b~f AC > d~u P > d~u AC > qcb A > b~f P, but for the life of me i can't get it to work myself.
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: desmond_kof on September 23, 2016, 07:45:54 PM
Some tips from facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/247580531972394/permalink/1233591346704636/?comment_id=1233918916671879&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D (https://www.facebook.com/groups/247580531972394/permalink/1233591346704636/?comment_id=1233918916671879&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D) (must be logged in and joined in group)

Prince Tahbet
"His gameplan is pretty simple, control space with his projectiles and get people to respect them.
They're very good as they recover pretty quickly, move slowly so you can use them as aid in your pressure, and they also have a wide hitbox so hopping over them is not easy.

I think he's really threatening with meter for his ex explosion super. One of my main tactics is throwing hella pillows so people will jump at me and then you do EX explosion. Easy money right there.

The thing is with Meiten, he doesn't have a straight up Dp, his anti-airs are not so straight forward. Most people know that and try to jump over your shit as soon as they see the projectile. you gotta learn the ranges of people's approaches to keep them out and to stop them from simply jumping over it. This however, can work in your favor if you have meter, ex explosion is the go-to if you have the bar. The other anti-air options are far C, crouch D, far A and Geki Hou (d~u+P). Air to air you have j.C, j.D, j.CD and air lightning legs.
Geki Hou at level 1 is small and not invincible, it will trade or get beat out a lot so i wouldn't rely on it. At level 3 it has a much bigger hitbox and it's invincible so you can use that but you obviously won't have access to that most of the time. You can combo off of level 2 or 3 into ex explosion and you can get it off of level 1 hou if it trades or you hit them off a cross up attempt (behind you). You can also combo into lung punch or cr.A if they're hit high enough.

EX is invincible and pops them for full combo so being in MAX mode is gonna make people more grounded.
His EX fireball is super quick and can be used to kill a lot of zoning attempts, and his EX lighning legs goes almost fullscreen and you can combo off of it.

Another thing about Hou that's not very known is that it cancels projectiles so use that in your zoning/counter zoning.

Lung punch follow up also cancels projectiles, this special is good but mainly use it after hit confirms or at max range coz it's not safe otherwise. You can try to be cute and delay the followup to catch punish attempts but you leave a gap where you can be thrown.
Lvl 2 and 3 go really far and they can combo in places where lvl 1 won't (eg: after ex Geki Hou midscreen).
You can cancel lung punch followup into ex explosion, this is my main BnB ender, something like c.B c.A c.B or cl.C f.B into lungpunch followup xx EX explosion, pretty easy and solid damage.

His Climax is good, goes super far but it's mainly a combo ender and to punish fireballs. Keeps zoning in check if you're around 3/4s of the screen away.

Learn how to charge lung punch for combos that have f.B right before, it takes time to get used to but it's very doable and useful to maximize damage.

Another thing i wanna note is his blowback, it's suuper good and has retarded range. You can combo it into lvl2/3 lung punch or Climax midscreen. You can also combo it into A fireball for a restand in the corner.

Lastly, keep in mind that you can cancel his far C into specials or f.B, it's useful to pressure people. His sweep (cr.C) is also cancellable and has nice range.

You can cancel after your strings, blowback or far C into fireball to continue your offense but keep in mind that there's a gap if you cancel anything into his fireball where people can jump over it or straight up inturropt you, but you can mix in C fireball to keep people honest. Also remember that you can cancel into ex explosion if you know they'll do something.

That's all i can think of atm, lmk if there's a specific question you have in mind."
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: desmond_kof on October 07, 2016, 07:57:10 PM
Added some info to Meitenkun's wiki page. I will add more stuff later:

http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV) (http://dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV))
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: desmond_kof on October 19, 2016, 10:28:21 PM
Version 1.03 changes:
Far D = The hitbox size has been increased.
Nezou Rangeki (f+B) = Damage, stun, and guard crush values have been reduced.
Changes to the opponent's behaviour at hit (means that it doesn't knockdown opponent down anymore. Good for starting into max mode activation with)
Geki Hou (charge d~up+P) = The amount of power gauge added has been reduced.
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: Coliflowerz on October 25, 2016, 09:27:48 PM
f+B buff is pretty big. It's still really slow though so don't abuse it. I haven't seen a huge difference in far D, but since I know it's been buffed, I've been using it to Quick MAX more often.
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: Amedø310 on November 07, 2016, 11:34:27 PM
Frame Data: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2WAxkcvfTKdQWVoRkhid1lhc3M
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: desmond_kof on November 26, 2016, 06:36:37 PM
Some bnbs I know:

(I will edit this thread with more combos as I go along)

0 Meter:

cr. B, cr. Ax2, charge b~f+P, P (150 lvl 1, 179 lvl 2, 192 lvl 3)
(easy damage from a low hit confirm. You can switch with just cr. A's if you want to confirm from a chainable poke but it wont hit low)

j. D, cl. D, f+B, charge b~f+P, P (275 dmg)
(i dont really use his meterless cl. D, f+B combos, but they can come in handy for a quick punish)

1 Meter:

cr. B, cr. Ax2, charge b~f+P, P [SC] qcfx2+P (150 lvl 1, 179 lvl 2, 192 lvl 3)

j.D, cl.C, f+B [BC], cl. C, f+B, charge b~f+AC, P, charge d~up+AC, charge b~f+P,P (lvl3) (487 damage)
(works well midscreen. Best used as a punish combo. You can switch cl. C with cl. D for a bit more damage but for stricter timing)

j.D, cl.C, f+B [BC] cl. C, qcb+AC, charge b~f+AC, charge d~up+AC, charge d~up+P (lvl1), st. D (524 damage, 1250 max mode)
(Corner only)

air j. qcb+BD, charge b~f+P, P (180 damage)
(damage may different depending on what level charge is used and how many hits can be landed from air j. qcb+BD. in the corner you can use charge b~f+AC for more damage and to juggle with charge d~up+AC).
Title: Re: Meitenkun
Post by: desmond_kof on August 17, 2017, 04:32:37 PM
Finally updated for version 2.01, thanks to Kane317

wiki page: http://www.dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV)#Normals (http://www.dreamcancel.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meitenkun_(XIV)#Normals)

google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cIevWMZH1hIRX6XqlEOvzesTcMP5Iz9CLyGFkCZlUII/edit (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cIevWMZH1hIRX6XqlEOvzesTcMP5Iz9CLyGFkCZlUII/edit)