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I have confirmation of Kukino leaving. French contact that made interview of Kukino contacted him in the beginning of january and kukino admited it. We didn't spread the info as we considered Kukino would admit it himself when the time was right.

More than that, SNKP president wants to close video game section. Here the message i sent to other sites :

It's Neithan from 2HP.

You probably heard of the departure of kukino, the game director of kof XIII from snkp. SpekSNK supposed it was a rumor but I can confirm it to you.

One of my contact in Japan did the interview of Kukino for french website Neo Arcadia and contacted him when the tweets of the ancient programmer came out on the web. Kukino confirmed he left SNKP in novembre so it's not a rumor anymore.

Besides, two contacts confirmed to me that the new president of SNKP, Ryo Mizufune, wants the video games section to be shut down. He wants to live from license exploitation (queen's blade, kof sky stage) and his influence is one of the things that made Kukino leave the company. It could be possible that many people from the dev team quit too.

The port of Kof XIII is compromised but more than that it's kof that is compromised. It's possible that Kof XIII could be the last one of the saga.

My original post in french with links (use it as a source if you need) : ... ision-jeu/

About the wiki, I have a suggestion. We just launch ours on our website, unfortunatly it's in french (kof is not very popular so we made it in french for everyone here to understand) so you can't copy/paste but you can do some things :

- The movelist are done. Some are in french, some in english as the translator didn't finish the job (and there is a notation problem in the english ones with LP, LK notations instead of  ;a  ;b  ;c  ;d).
Exemple of movelist in english( )  and in french ( ). You can take the movelists on our wiki and retranslate it in english. The only things you have to do is translating "proche" to "close, "ou" to "or", "chope" to "Throws".

- The main system of 2k2um is done in french and we wrote it ourselves as we could not find a true good english tutorial. So if you find someone that can translate it from french to english don't hesitate to do it.

Here is the wiki :

Hope this will help you a bit. ;)

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