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Hard mode in this game is brutal with all those perfect DC and SC move combos of the AI!

Took me 40 minutes to beat only the first round (AOF team seemed invincible so I changed the opponent after countless tries). In the second round I quit after losing due to wasting so much time and energy. In that time frame I can finish KOF98 on hard. This hasnt happened in any other fighting game.
Seems KOF beginners are on a whole other level.

You need to do it right as the opponent is slammed into the ground.

For what it's worth though, you get roughly the same amount of damage as his D throw.

all right. thanks. I guess the same goes for Kim Jae Hoon's Tenchuu Zan?

I am having more trouble with those moves than the AB cancel ones....

Hallo, I have a question about Tizoc's move Grif-Fall.

 you do it after a   ;fd or  ;bk ;c throw, followed by  ;df ;df ;c

but instead he does just a crouch C hit without hitting the fallen opponent.

Which is the right timing?

Meet & Greet / Re: Greetings from old noob!
« on: July 26, 2012, 09:44:44 AM »
thanks guys

Hope you can get into current fighters like KOF XIII well enough now, while getting used to an arcade stick and that positioning.

I tried the Taito X2 version. I am used playing mainly 98, 99 and 2002. Unfortunately characters in XIII feel slower and less responsive, probably due to the more detailed sprites and animation. Not as slow as SFIV, but still. But it is difficult playing the old installments and then jumping to XIII. it feels like a different game. plus some character designs really annoy me. Eg when I saw that when you beat Yuri she falls down with top half getting exposed, I remembered the AOF Yuri. Only this time with that particular moe design it is becoming more tasteless. I dont know if they removed this in the console version.

From current fighters I like SSFIV AE, though by no means devote that much time to it. Some casual matches with abysmal win-loss records.

Blazblue CT is also nice but there things are even worse since only hardcore players remain.

SFxTekken didnt impress me that much. SNK games in that sort of play style are much better and more polished.   I'd pick Rage of the Dragon over SFxTekken any day.

the modernization of 2D fighters is on its way, I hope they'll keep the core elements of the old games, eg faster and smoother gameplay, together with better graphics, though not very excessively stylized.


Meet & Greet / Greetings from old noob!
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:35:15 PM »
Hallo to fellow SNK fanatics!

My real name is Petros and I am from Greece. I really liked SNK games ever since I played the game Street Smart as a kid on the arcades in the late 80s, though at that time I didnt pay attention to names. fortunately the law wasnt that strict and kids could enter.

I liked playing those games in the arcades whenever I got the chance (also their classic platformers,sports and beat-em-ups). Super Sidekicks was amazing at that time. when arcades shut down, emulation on PC followed.

Also I spent more time on Samurai Spirits 1 and World Heroes 2 than on Street Fighter 2, which were on the same room. I missed KOF till I found it on PC emulation in the late 90s-early 2000.

I started late regarding fighters (I mean how to play them correctly) mainly because:

1. Did not own a FG console except a Dreamcast in early 2000. It had a few fighters (SFIII:3S, Jojo and VF3) but I had issues with Dreamcast controller so I did not proceed further. With other genres on Dreamcast there wasnt any problem though.But playing fighters with it was a nightmare! I played them mainly through emulators on PC.
2. In the arcades fighters were very difficult for me to adapt, mainly because I used a keyboard. I only recently began to adapt to a stick and only if I cross arms (left for buttons, right for direction).
3. There was a large gap between 2003 and 2011 when I decided to try SFIV AE. 
4. SFIV, GG for PC and Blazblue CT never caught my attention. In fact I didnt like SFIV that much. 
5. Lack of both offline and online play due to lack of a scene and I had no idea about GGPO and 2DFighters. even so though I would only have a cheap keyboard with button limits.

I now it is difficult to cover all this up. Because I had played those games through emulation it is easier for me to adapt. I certainly got better and am satisfied with it, but I'll never be able to execute all those moves that require that crazy timing. Besides this was never my aim. I just like to enjoy the game , even if I lose 0-100.

hope to learn from all of you something.

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