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Iori Yagami / canceling rekka into super
« on: July 25, 2016, 02:13:22 AM »
So I have been having trouble with canceling the second part of the rekka into super. I know I'm supposed to delay it, but the timing seems super tight. Most of my attempts end up with no super coming out at all. What's frustrating is this is easy for me to do in other KOFs, but for some reason I just can't do it in this one. Anyone else having the same trouble?

Didn't want to make a whole topic for this, but since the general Iori thread is locked I guess I have to.

Results / KOFXIII Grand Opening Online Tournament Results
« on: December 04, 2011, 02:58:05 AM »
First of all I want to thank everyone who participated. I know it was rough so I really appreciate you guys sticking with me.

Secondly, apologies to those playing 360 who actually showed up. Sorry the turnout was not big enough to go through with it. Blame the slackers who didn't show up.

1st Place

2nd Place
Desmond Delaghetto

tofusoup3421, 3rd
nightmoves, 4th
MetalThrashingMadman, steamwolf, 5th

Full results here:

Please note that most of the players did not show up so these results are not entirely accurate.

In honor of KOFXIII's console release I have decided to hold an online tournament following the game's debut. Anyone interested in participating please post your gamertag and what console you are getting KOFXIII for.

The goal of this tournament is both to break out KOFXIII in a big way and to have a massive amount of fun while doing so.

The Rules:
  • Standard double elimination
  • Matchs are best 2 of 3, Finals are 3 of 5
  • Winners can't change characters, losers can, everyone can change order
  • All characters are legal except for the DLC characters
  • There will be a separate tournament for each console provided there are enough players to justify it
  • There is no prize aside from honor and glory

The contest will take place on Saturday, December 3rd at 3pm Central time. I will post the brackets here some time before we start. I shall run the tournament from the toolbar chat here. Signups will end on December 2nd at 6pm Central time.

UPDATE I have decided to make personal messages the primary way of reporting your wins/losses to me. I will still be on the toolbar chat in case there is a problem.

If at all possible I asked that people play on a wired connection. If using a router please remember to have it properly port forwarded. I also ask that everyone please install the game to their hard drives. Lastly, I suggest that everyone add eachother to their friends list before the event to help ensure the tournament runs smoothly.

I have noticed that some of you have signed up without mentioning your gamertag (and in one case which system you want to play on). I realize many have a gamertag that is the the same as your username. If that is the case please tell me. Your gamertag is what I'm putting in the brackets. Don't make me guess!

Here is the sign up list. DC usernames first, gamertags second. Please check and make sure your names are there correctly. If there is an error send me a pm and I will fix it. If there is a ??? next to your name then I don't have your gamertag.

MetalThrashingMadman, RenderTroll
DarKaoZ, DarKaoZ
Running Wild, RunningWildWolf
omegaryuji, omegaryuji
Kane317, Kane317-AI
l2slythe, MrGreen-AI
DJMirror949, DJMirror949
kimkaphan, kimkaphan
Sonikku, KlonoaXGuntz
steamwolf, steamninja
TSF, holdenTSF
GuamoKun, GuamoKun
bigvador, shoryuken216
BioBooster, BioBoosterUnit
Kusanagi-Style, Kusanagi-Style
solidshark, seizonsha51
Desmond Delaghetto, DesmonDelaghetto
freddie1999, freddie1999
Light, ScattereDreams
blackjack, ENELS223
nightmoves, nightmoves17
MaruchanSoup, MaruchanSoup
StolenHope, StolenHope
evilragnarok, evilragnarok
R.E.L., Hadoken_Fist
silent_strike, seed_of_destruct
affinity, UKSKY1
Sanger Zonvolt, Sanger_Zonvolt
tofusoup3421, tofusoup34

Chipymax, Chipymax
Xxenace, Xxenace
zyn-cobra22, zyn-cobra22
Rex Dart, Rex Dart 7
thec0re3, thec0re3
superpatrick, glowstix69
FreeRunner, SonicLord
Sikemopko, Sike Mopko
DR.Howard, comingfat D
Phoenixazure, Riotspark
IceWater, Austinm416
Snakz92, imonge56
Violent Kain, Violent Kain
shinefist, shinefist
Audio33, Audio33
Dr.Faust, SRKDrFaust
Light, ScattereDreams
the 74 fists, the 74 fists
Kirah, KirahXIII

PS3 Bracket

XBOX360 Bracket

Meet & Greet / Hello from Dallas
« on: June 15, 2011, 01:36:50 AM »
Been meaning to join up here for a long time (ever since Kane317 started posting links to Arcade Infinity vids on the KOF13 gamefaqs boards), but have not due to my unparalleled powers of procrastination. It seems like a really great community is building up here and it's about time I joined in on it. I used to play in a KOF12 clan called Mark of the Wolves and I hope that at least some of those guys made it here as well. The netcode for that game may have been crap, but it didn't keep us from having good times.

I simply cannot wait to get to know everyone here and my anticipation to meet you all in battle when KOF13 finally comes to console cannot be measured.

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