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Meet & Greet / Someone's Intro you're reading.
« on: August 05, 2011, 09:58:48 PM »
Hey guys,

Been a member for almost a year now, but I never actually posted anything on these boards. Now that I know that KOFXIII is coming out soon, my hype about this game has revived and I felt like contributing and learn more in-depths mechanics from the community by starting to post on these forums.

I have little to no experience with KOF games. I only played 98 and 02 a couple of times with my friends on GGPO at a very casual level. I know the basics and some of the advanced strategies, but I never tried to apply them by playing competitively. Other than that, I'm SSFIV Chun player and still trying to get better at that game.

In KOFXIII, I'm really interested in playing Mai/Leona/Kula in that particular order. Always loved those characters since I touched KoF games for the first time (even though I still have trouble figuring out how Leona is supposed to be played) and I'm hoping they'll work well together in this iteration of the game. Lastly, I'm still hoping B.Jenet gets into the cast for the console version as she was my favorite character in Garou. Mai/Jenet/Kula would be a dream come true, lol.  :)     

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