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Training Room / Options against roll-heavy players
« on: January 08, 2012, 07:06:40 PM »
During a ranbat last night, I had, frustratingly, lost to a guy who has more rolls than a Kaiser ;P.  He beat me twice during the tournament getting me an unacceptable 3rd ;P.  Being new the series as a whole, I feel like while it's something that works as a gimmick, I shouldn't have lost to it.  Though at my current state, I have no great answers and all I can do is respect the frustration it brings and the fact that it works... for now ;).

My opponent often played an okay zone game with fireballs, not really mixing them up, but rolled whenever I got in or made, what seemed like, a smart jump-in.  There were times when he rolled in, and I couldn't grab him due to techs or getting cl.hp/hk instead.  That or I'd mash (yes, mash ;P) c.lp/lk to try to punish but I'd get grabbed or he would block it.  When I rolled though, he seemed to have next to no problem in catching me for damage.   Athena's command grab seemed to be the real stopper, since I can't tech that.

So what's the data on rolls.  How long is it invincible til before it can be punished?  Can rolls not be thrown during a certain period, because it feels like I couldn't.  Are the better tactics then grab/mash lows on an incoming roller?  How would I sort of stop an opponent from rolling back all day and rolling circles around me to get away.  Are there ways to stuff rolls BEFORE they happen if I know they're going to attempt for it?

tl;dr lemme know everything about dem ROLLS!

Meet & Greet / From Blaz to KoF
« on: December 26, 2011, 06:44:31 AM »
Hey all!  Picking up and learning to play KoF 13, as I'm sure quite a number of people are.  Figured being on the best fansite would be the best way to go about leveling up and getting knowledge.  So... here I am.

Previously I was a heavy BlazBlue player, but I dropped it a couple months back.  After going to Devastation in Arizona, for Blaz, I came to a horrible realization:  If I wanna continue playing Blaz in tournament, I gotta keep going out of state.  I cannot afford that win or lose.  So 13 showed up just in time! 

Either way, pleasure to meet all who reads this.  Hope to be able to be half way decent at this game sooner than later. :)

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