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Meet & Greet / Whats up folks
« on: November 22, 2010, 10:55:40 PM »
Its about time i introduced myself.

Hello everybody, My names CJ. I go by Tha Soulstar on SRK and im from the Fairfield area in Northern California.

Ive been in to fighting games since elementary school and have always been a big KOF fan. I played 98, and 2002 (both OG and UM), I really liked 2003 (despite the Duo Lon BS) But my game was KOF XI. I was really heavy into that game, but unfortunately since the KOF is scene in the US is very spaced out and usually un-organized i never got a chance to travel and play.

I finally got to play KOF XIII over the weekend at NCR, I also met some of the guys from AI. Shout outs to Kane and Gibby (I was the guy playing Terry, Shen, Takuma)
That game is the truth, Fuck a SSF4.

Im hoping to try and establish a Nor-Cal scene once XIII hits consoles. Its something ive been wanting o do for a long time and i believe this game is the tool i need to do so. But, before that, I would like to roll down south and check out the AI first hand.....

Enough of my ranting...nice to meet everyone!

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