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Boston's 3 Day Fighting Game Major!

June 14th-16th 2013
Trailer: GUTS 2 Announcement Trailer

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT
55 Vassar St Cambridge, MA 02139

Featuring a Stadium seating for 500 for Main Events!!
Stadium Seating for 300 for Smash!!
As well as several classrooms to break out pools and free play!

Pricing and On Sale Now!!!

Tournaments include:
Super Street Fighter IV AE $500 Pot Bonus VXG Seeding Point
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 $500 Pot Bonus VXG Seeding Point
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 $500 Pot Bonus
Super Smash Bros Melee Singles $500 Pot Bonus
Super Smash Bros Brawl Singles $500 Pot Bonus
Melee and Brawl Doubles
Mortal Kombat 9 VXG Seeding Point
Street Fighter X Tekken
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HDR Classic Mode
KOF XIII $100 Pot Bonus
Injustice Gods Among Us
Persona 4 Arena $100 Pot Bonus
BlazBlue $100 Pot Bonus
Guilty Gear $100 Pot Bonus
WWE 13
more games may be added!

SRK Thread:

TZ Thread:

TYM Thread:


Some tournaments will be qualifiers for The Fall Classic!
East Coast Event in September!!! Details TBA

Friday June 14th 5pm-Midnight (There will be no pools this day if you can't make it to day 1 you will be fine to play in any of the Pot Bonus Games)
Saturday June 15th 10am-Midnight
Sunday June 16th 10am-Midnight

Parking/ T (subway) info:

There are some lots nearby that can be around $20 a day. There's the MIT West garage on Vassar St but I need to double check what time they close.

My contact at MIT said the best way to save money is to take the Red Line T in from the Alewife stop to the Kendall/MIT stop that way the garage is only like $5 a day... BTW the exact door you want to come in for GUTS is 55 Vassar St

Directions from the Red Line:

Kendall/MIT Station

Head west on Main St toward Ames St
About 4 mins
go 0.2 mi
total 0.2 mi

Turn left onto Vassar St
Destination will be on the right
About 5 mins
go 0.2 mi
total 0.4 mi

55 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Hotel Discounts:

HOTEL DISCOUNT LINK!!! We managed to save over $100 per room!

Click below!

DEADLINE IS MONDAY NIGHT LAST CHANCE for hotel rooms. DEADLINE IS MONDAY NIGHT We managed to get a few rooms at the
Boston Marriott Cambridge
Two Cambridge Center
50 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02142

Deadline is MONDAY NIGHT!!!!

Rooms are $169.99 a night. That's a decent discount and it's a little closer than the Hyatt which is listed in the description.

Click this link to get our discount!

Hyatt Regency Cambridge
575 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 492-1234

2013 Schedule


7pm Project M Doubles
8pm (as soon as doubles ends) Project M Singles (if this goes past midnight it will be continued Sat)
8pm Super Street Fighter II
8pm $5 Entry Lethal League Tournament
9pm WWE 13 Extreme Rules


11am DOA 5
11am Skullgirls
12pm King of Fighters XIII
12pm Melee Doubles
1pm Super Street Fighter IV AE
3pm Tekken Tag Tournament 2
3pm Melee Singles
4pm UMVC 3 (Marvel will start as soon as SF is over but no earlier than 4pm)
7pm Empire Arcadia vs Boston II! 5v5 Super Street Fighter IV AE!!!
8pm Tekken Tag Tournament 2 TOP 8 Main Stage


11am Mortal Kombat
12pm Persona 4 Arena
12pm Brawl Doubles
12pm Street Fighter X Tekken
1pm Injustice
2pm BlazBlue
3pm Brawl Singles
4pm Guilty Gear

Main Stage

4pm Injustice
6pm Super Street Fighter IV
8pm Ultimate MvC3

*All times are subject to change
*We intend to play through all
tournaments in full at their
scheduled times with the exception of the Top 8 games
listed. We are still deciding if we will add Tekken top 8 to Sunday.

Streaming by
Team Spooky
Game Underground
WWW Smash
Kombat Network

Presented by
Ultimate Gaming Spot

BYOC - Bring your own controller for all events.
PS3: TTT2, MK9, Injustice, Skullgirls, P4A, BB, GG
Smash: Wii/Gamecube

There will be a free play room for old school and other fun party games.

There will be free play for all tournament games as well. The only exception to this will be during the first few rounds of that game's tournament where most setups will be being used.

All fighting game tournaments will take place on ASUS monitors.
All Smash will be played on CRT TVs.

More info

I realize this is last minute posting but I think there is going to be a pretty decent KoF turnout at this tournament in Western Massachusetts:

When: Saturday April 13 2013

Venue Opens: 12pm

Starts: 1 pm

Venue Fee: 6 Dollars


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: 3 out of 5 the whole tournament Double Elim

Super Street Fighter IV: 2 out of 3 until Winner's, Loser's and Grand Finals. Those will be 3 out of 5

Persona 4 Arena: 2 out of 3 until Winner's, Loser's and Grand Finals. Those will be 3 out of 5

*Confirmed* Super Smash Brothers Melee

King of Fighters XIII : 2 out of 3 until Winner's, Loser's and Grand Finals. Those will be 3 out of 5

System: Xbox 360

Monitor: Asusvh236h

Tournament fee: $10 each game

Venue: Days Inn 450 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA 01020.

Payout: 50 dollar pot bonus will be added toward AE & UMC3, 25 will be added to Persona 4 Arena.

1st place: 70%

2nd place: 20%

3rd Place: 10%

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