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Classic King of Fighters / How to use the Neo Geo hitbox lua script.
« on: March 17, 2011, 10:56:01 PM »
As some know that dammit has made a lua script for cps2 games.
Well he is working on Neo Geo right now so far he has all but 1 kof game this is going to be tutorial on how to get the script working.

First you're going to need a special emulator you could use Fba-rr.

Or you can use MAME-rr.

Either one works, I perfer MAME since it allows cheats that turn off music.

Ok here is the link to the script Right click save as.

FBA-rr is easy to run a lua script. All you have to do is goto Game then Lua scripting > New Script window and then load the script.

Mame-rr is a little harder.
First your gonna create a shortcut of the main exe.
Second Goto the properties of that shortcut. Go to target on the shortcut tab (in case you have clicked on a different tab).
Go to the end of the target line and add in  -lua neogeo-hitboxes.lua (you need to put the script in the same folder as the mame.exe)

Also feel free to move/copy this thread when the lua script supports other Neo Geo games besides kof 94-02.

King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Kof 2002 Hitboxes
« on: March 06, 2011, 06:02:21 AM »
Today dammit made a 2002 hitbox script . Other neo geo games are in the works, and it is easier to read compared to 98 which was the built in viewer.

So lets start of with...

Standing Normals



 ;d (need to replace this picture with the animation is synced up better)

 ;c + ;d

SNK Games / Neo Geo Palette Editing (Tutorial Still Work in Progress)
« on: February 09, 2011, 08:32:35 PM »
This thread is going to be about color edits for Neo Geo games you should feel free and share your edits. This thread will deal with the common neo geo palette system not Garou:MoTW(sorry it just ended up this way :( ).

Lets get started on what you need

First is a hex editor (any hex editor will do. I use Stirling or Hexplorer. Deadly Magneto aka 409 uses hex workshop)

Second is winkawaks (as it is the only emulator that does pictures unfiltered)

Third is this program Rgbw2n

For this tutorial I am going to use Kula's A color from Kof 2002.

Your First step into editing is to take a picture of the character you want to edit in game on Kawaks as a Unfiltered Screenshot.

Second is to open up your picture, rgbw2n, and a notepad(a real one or the program)
Now what you're going to do is turn on mouse tracker and get a gradient.

Best way to do this is to find something character specific.

Now look at the picture and the answer is pretty obvious its her jump suit.

Now get the colors from Lightest to Darkest(this is the most common gradient)
Which are 360B 1419 0466

Now we have to search for those colors in the file. In neo geo games there are files dedicated to palettes these are easy identfy they have p on the file name (example 066-p1.bin) there is usally 2 palette files in newer games since character rosters were getting bigger. Now back to kof 2002 since the roster 40 strong. I have a hunch that the bigger file has the character palettes so 265-p2.bin will have the palettes.

Now search 360b14190446 in the hex field of search you should come to location 9AB6C. This is just the jump suit ,but lets just jump to the conclusion all palette lines are 16 colors aka 32 bytes this is just for the main body no projectiles. The starting location of kula is 9AB64.

Now we're going into the color editing part. There is two ways to do this.
one is to drop the colors down to 256 and edit the picture color by color if your art editing program allows that.

Second is to edit the colors right there in the hex editor. Either way it takes time.

Here is the reason why to use Winkawaks

Vanessa Winkawaks

Vanessa FBA

As you see the same picture produces different colors cause fba still takes pictures with the filter on there is no way to disable this.

Also feel free to share your edits from your console versions (NGBC and ps2 ums) if able to do so.

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Kof 98 Collision Boxes (aka Hitboxes)
« on: December 29, 2010, 12:31:28 AM »
Here to start my next little project and help the kof scene a little.

To view these inside the emulator the debug dipswitch for most kof games is

debug 1: 01000000 = 0x40

About a color Legend
A lot of the colors are shared and situational so making a legend will take time.

If any my pics are down it most likely is that I am rearranging or Photobucket is down.


Standing Normals



;c  (;fd ;a has the same hit box)


 ;c+ ;d

 Forward ;b





;c + ;d

Crouching Normals




When it comes to Iori's specials and desperation moves the hit boxes don't change if you use C instead A just the damage output,distance traveled, and speed is changed.





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