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Offline Matchmaking / Colorado KoF
« on: July 10, 2012, 08:00:37 PM »
Yeah so I doubt there are many CO people on this forum, but I wanted to make a thread for the state anyway.

The main site we use to put together gatherings is

The majority of our current KoF players live in and around Denver, though there are a couple people in the north that come down to tournaments from time to time. Colorado Springs is pretty active too, but more for Marvel and not so much for KoF. As for tournaments: we have about 8 people including myself that show up regularly for KoF.

Leading up to EVO 2012, we had been holding weekly casual gatherings at a person's house to level each other up, and those went over really well so I think we'll be continuing that in the future. As for our skill level: 4 of our players went to EVO 2012 and 3 of them made it out of pools. We have some seriously strong talent here, despite having a pretty small player base - we're small but devoted! Hopefully we can get some more local people here interested, and I'll try to keep stuff here updated with tournaments and whatnot.

Training Room / How to actually have effective defense
« on: June 22, 2012, 11:08:48 PM »
So I now we've all seen the tutorial video about the Rule of 2 (I've rewatched it several times), but I'm still having problems actually using that information. By far my biggest weakness right now is aggressive rushdown - I'll offer Kula and EX Iori as specific examples. That video talks about how to counter hops, normal jumps, and low block strings. I understand the kinds of normal and specials that will beat these tactics, but I just can't execute it during real matches. Whenever I do, it feels like I'm just guessing (and a 1/3 chance is not good) so odds are I'll throw out some pre-emptive lows and they'll hop or jump instead.

Does it really come down to reactions?  Because it doesn't seem like a standing A could beat a hop C from EX Iori if I throw it out at after they do - feels like I need to do it preemptively. I've gotten much better at doing reaction reversals, so I'm wondering if this is just an extension of that and I need to improve my reaction with normals in order to counter this stuff. And this isn't a problem that's particular to me being in the corner, because I get hit with crossups all the time since I'm just not thinking about stopping it and only really focused on blocking. I could start using more Guard Cancel stuff, but that doesn't feel like it would actually help my overall problem and it's something I would rather save for when they do really strong blockstrings that are almost impossible to counter normally (or maybe really strong hop CD pressure).

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