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Takuma Sakazaki / Evo 2012 Bala's Takuma Combo Guide Request
« on: July 14, 2012, 12:09:34 PM »
Hi all,

i watched this amazing video
many times, trying to understand the correct sequences of HD Cancels that Bala does at 2:13 for 4 times (Hien Shippuu Kyaku + Kyokugen Ko-Ou i suppose).

I just do the first HD cancel, than the combo ends cause the Hien Shippuu Kyaku is a charged technique and i'm not able to link many others after the first two techniques (Hien Shippuu Kyaku + Kyokugen Ko-Ou).

How can Bala link those 2 technique 4 times in a row doing more identic HD Cancels in a row?

Thank you for any advice and sorry for my bad english (not my main language ^^)

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