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Offline Matchmaking / Looking for KOF XIII players in Shanghai, China!
« on: August 19, 2013, 08:59:53 PM »
This is a really long shot, but are there any English speaking KOF XIII players in Shanghai? I got my own sticks and I hear there's rent by the hour centers in the city. I also got a PS3 copy of the game and am down to play anywhere with a system (Can't be at my place because of the sensitive nature of the field in which I work and the amount of work related materials at my house). I'd prefer to go to a place where I can plug in my own fight sticks but if we have to use the arcades that kids beat to shit then I'm down. I have a membership card to the People's Square arcade near D-Mall (Di Mei Guang Chang) and there are 2 KOFXIII cabinets there.

I am located in Pudong but am willing to travel anywhere within 1 hour of Century Garden by metro.

PM me and I can give you my contact information.

Training Room / Developing from a COMPLETE newb
« on: August 17, 2013, 09:52:08 AM »
Hey Dreamcancel, my goal is to become relevant to the Chinese scene at KOF. Currently not only is that goal far away its almost unfeasible. The biggest reason I cannot progress is my execution. So much theory exists in my head but not enough in my fingers. I can't destroy if I can't do more than  ;dn ;a ;dn ;a ;dn ;a all day or throw a super on its own to zone. As a result I'm committing an hour a day to execution practice. I don't like Andy as a character because of his average normals but he happens to be the character to whom more of the inputs work for me at a cursory run at his trials. As a result I figure this is a good base to start. Seeing as how he is the only character I have had a modicum of success in I have resolved to use him as the basis for my development at KOF (tell me if this thought process is wrong) despite my dislike of the actual character.

Currently I'm sticking to just this:
1. 10 hops
2. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a
3. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a to Zan'eiken
4. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake
5. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake to Zan'eiken
6. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake
7. 10 reps of  ;dn ;a to  ;fd ;a to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake to Zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake to Zan'eiken

Is this wise? Is this too much? Should I be spending my time elsewhere? currently I can get to step 6 minus the brake in execution but not in consistency (meaning I might be able to get it if I'm feeling ballsy. I can't even get a 10/10 on demand zan'eiken to Kuuhadan Brake at the moment). Also I am having trouble with hops. I can get 10/10 after trying 50 times but I cannot execute a hop and without knowing at the screen or seeing the outcome feel 100 percent confident that I got a hop and not a jump. Sometimes in my desire to do a hop I actually get NOTHING happening despite hearing the click of my stick... (I suspect that i  ;fd then  ;up in split second timing rather than  ;uf but I don't really know...)

My desires lie in Takuma and Duolon but without even being able to execute a 3/3 on demand Rekka I don't know if that's wise, and in order to speed development I've simpled... settled for Andy.

Thoughts guys?

Meet & Greet / New to FG and getting bodied in China.
« on: August 15, 2013, 07:41:13 PM »
Hey Dreamcancel! So I'm pretty much new to FG's in general. I played SSFIV:AE VERY casually in the boonies of the US. After coming to China I had illusions of my skill completely shattered when I played the local community at an arcade. I then picked up KOF XIII simply because KOF has a much higher following here in China and realized how much MORE of a bad idea that was when even single player started giving me insane amounts of difficulty. Understand that I am a person who never really did the Trial modes or the challenges of fighting games...

In my bout of depression at getting destroyed by 40 year old men I started going online and watching nonstop Juicebox videos to really try to understand the game's mechanics and reading game theory literature. So what I have gleaned so far is that KOF is about:
1. Yomi, controlling space and creating opportunity while knowing your opponents choices and probable reactions
2. EXECUTION, combos are long. If I don't learn to execute ON POINT I will not be able to really keep up with the competition no matter how good my Yomi is since 1 opening can eventually lead to an entire life bar disappearing.

So far I have not even found characters that really resonate with me. I believe that I want Takuma to be an integral part of my game simply because of his high damage output, his low requirement on bar, and his simplicity of combos. Since KOF is a 3v3 game, I'm having trouble deciding my team order and the other 2 members of my team. So far I have had the most success with Andy's combo execution (which isn't saying much AT ALL) and have a liking towards Kensou's style but worry about the possible low damage output, high execution demands. Duo Lon looks amazing too, but to a beginning player with low skill level like me I do not know if that route is wise either. I really would appreciate comments on a training regimen (I have an hour to 2 every day to devote to this game) and some possible discussion on team configurations.

If this is the wrong section I apologize.

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