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Training Room / Finding a Team
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:41:10 AM »
I've been trying to find a team to stick to. Initially, I was going to go with Kyo, Shen, and Iori. However, I started playing some EX Kyo, who I chose because I heard he has very good pressure and I find him pretty fun to play. However, this leaves me with EX Kyo, Shen and Iori, none of which have good zoning options. What would be a good alternative to Kyo that I could zone with, and should I replace Shen or Iori with him/her?

Training Room / Timing of Normals
« on: October 26, 2013, 04:44:20 AM »

I had a question regarding the timing of normals going into a combo. The combo I'm trying to learn right now (with Kyo) is:

cr.;b(1-2), s.;b, dp.;c(1), (DC) qcf ;d, qcb~hcf ;c

What happens is that when I do the cr.;b twice and the st.;b, I end up too far away to hit with the dp. ;c . I noticed while watching one of Juicebox's videos that if you time it right' you end up close enough to continue the combo. Also, sometimes when I try to go from a normal to a special, it won't be a combo. How do I figure out these timings?

Thanks, beefforyou

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