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Hey guys, I have a problem, I'm ridiculously bad at kof. Its not like I'm new to kof or 2d fighters in general, I've played plenty of stuff like sf3, usf4, sf5, ggxrd, skullgirls and while I'm not great, I can usually win some games in all of them and come off as a semi-competent player. But not kof son! Whenever I play somebody who even slightly knows what theyre doing, you better believe I'm boarding the body express!

All jokes aside, kof98, 2k2 and xiv (I play xiii too, but I've never played it online) are all games I fully understand systematically, but I can only beat people who dont know what theyre doing and do really unsafe stuff all the time. With everybody else I usually end up enduring pressure in the corner, using all of my meter on guard cancel blow-offs.

I mainly play kof98 on fightcade, and while it is to my knowledge that most of the players on there are way hardcore, even when I go in a casual lobby on xiv, I find myself in the corner receiving beatdowns 24/7. The beatdowns arent as hard as kof98 but jesus dude I'm getting my ass handed to me.

vvv important bit vvv

Here's my dilemma, I understand kof's systems and I have bnb combos and maxmode combos (no 2k2 maxmode combos, just forget about it lol) but I just cant find an approach against smart players. I'm not sure if its my neutral game or if I dont use enough blockstrings or if my mixups just plain suck, but my problem ultimately is that nobody ever gives me any advice at all.

My routine on fightcade is pretty much this...
-> I go in the 98 lobby
     -> almost immediately get challenged
          -> get bodied once
               -> leaves real fast cause I'm terrible
          -> get beatdown for 30 minutes or even up to an hour
               -> dude says "ty" then leaves

^^^ important bit ^^^

I'm not a salty fighting game player, and I fully understand that when youre really good you cant waste time on newbies like me, I always keep a cool head and a good attitude no matter how hard the beatdown and that's pretty much how I got to where I am now with sf3. thats why I always stick around for a good 30 minute body session in kof98. I can even deal when dudes start taunting (I've seen so much joe ass...) and playing with their food (me)

The only thing thats been improved through all of this is my guard, not my defense, just my guard. kof98 and garou (which I also blow at +too many jenets) are actually pretty much the first fighting games I ever played online with random people and seeing as I spent most of those early matches locked in my guard, its safe to say that my fighting game style overall is heavy on defense. I've been becoming more aggressive in sf3 because I play akuma and dudley, but for the most part I keep a tight guard and play the wake-up game without buttons.

I suppose its worth noting that I mostly play sf3 and its definitely the game I'm best at. More than that its pretty much shaped my playstyle when it comes to offensive play, mixups and neutral. like kof I spent most of my early sf3 days getting destroyed, hell the first person I ever fought knew aegis unblockables but kept beating me for a good 46 minutes and gave me advice along the way. pretty much everybody whos ever bodied me a bunch in sf3 stuck with me for a while and gave me tips throughout. Now I play a fairly competent akuma and dudley and I dont get bodied very often anymore, unless its jinrai or something

I actually have come across a couple kof98 players that were willing to help me out, but I havent seen one of them since our first set, and the other just told me to watch others play and recommended looking up china vs korea tournaments, which have pretty much been my entire viewing diet since (when eating chips and stuff.) I've also watched through dandy j's kof98 tutorial which was pretty damn helpful. Watching that stuff has given me some new ideas and I try them out often in practice mode, but I cant find the time to properly execute them when only given a couple matches.

vvv the point vvv

I think I need a kof98 training partner or something, anybody with the time and patience to deal with beating me over and over but give me advice along the way. Also if you have an iori that would be great because pretty much everybody plays him and I cant even count how many times an iori has sweeped my entire team. Communicating through either text or voice is your preference, either one works for me. This might be obvious but english only.

My fightcade id is yocrunch420, and my main team has been mature on point, iori in the middle and king as an anchor, but thats subject to change because clearly that hasnt been working for me. Other characters who I've been messing with and I'm interested in maining are kyo, vice, yashiro and orochi yashiro.

I'm pretty much available anytime outside of 2:00pm to 3:30pm (EDT) so either name a time on here or just hit me up in the kof98 lobby if you wanna throw down some educational beatdowns on me.

Not asking anybody to turn me into Xiaohai 2.0 or anything close to that, just want some help, or if you just wanna play thats fine too just dont expect an even exchange of punches. I'll try to stay hovering around the kof98 lobby regularly, I'll be set to away so if wanna challenge just say so.

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