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anyone else think the inputs in this game can be a bit wonky sometimes?

for some reason i seem to have a somewhat hard time pulling off kyo's orochinagi and even having some trouble doing dp motions with robert and a few others maybe its just me when ever i played 98,02 or hell even kof xii i didn't have any problems

This game is SVC level strict on controls. SVC took me a year to fully master the controls, even simple inputs because of how strict it is. All the commands work properly, but it allows NO sloppiness in execution. Give it time, especially with online lag it will take a lot of practice to get used to this system.

youve got to be kidding, right?

this has to be probably the easiest kof has ever been, easier than x1 even and that was baby mode.

in 2002 i struggled a bit with certain combos, but in 13 im breezing through them like butter, the balance is perfect between decent inupt reading and your execution, everthing is so damn easy, and this is on pad, te only thing thats hard is kyos dp into orochinagi, and thhats because im probably getting a bit to old to be doing fast inputs like that

theres no way you should be compairing this to svc, doing a ryu max mode or demitri max mode is next to impossible compaired to 13

General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Skull Girls
« on: November 27, 2011, 07:08:58 PM »
who says skullgirls will have good online or even be a good competitive game? they said the same bout sf3tsoe, and ggpo on it sucks ass.

its made by somebody thats a name in the fgc, it must be awesome obviously duuh

well shit the game has shit netcode, i mean no more kof13 right its a dead duck right, i mean for the last 15 years weve all been playing great online fighting games, no game has ever survived without faultless online play right, like tekken 6 sc4 sf4 bb mvc3, woe is me, time to move on to one of those great online fighters

Ex Kyo / Re: Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS)
« on: November 23, 2011, 11:21:31 PM »
why on earth is he allowed to get rekkas of light attacks now.

i dunno if it wasnt for the fact the chracter comes with the stage i dont think id bother, bit gutted hes just 98 kyo
Can he still do a standing hp in the corner after his kick on the last hit of his qcf a foward a foward b

lol 8 dollars for one chracter, one ex chracter at that, good luck with that

in fact i remember an interview with a guy from rising star games where he says it will be good value and slags off capcom and other companys for there dlc policys, you might be able to find it on youtube, he was a black english guy.

Be interesting to see what there policy is now

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF 98UM - Joe Higashi
« on: October 19, 2011, 01:39:41 AM »
Ok really, whats joes game plan? i've never really been able to use him that great, i just dont get him

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF 98UM - Sie Kensou
« on: October 19, 2011, 01:17:34 AM »

standing D, forward A, QcfHcb+B, now always connects even when not in the corner

Hcf+A now connect off of light attacks at close range, something like Down B, standing A, Hcf+A now works, where as before it wouldn't


Easy Qmax combo with Kensou

standing D, forward B (Qmax) Down A, QcfHcb+B, works everywhere, very easy to do

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF 98 UM - Ryo Sakazaki
« on: October 19, 2011, 12:58:38 AM »

That combo you listed as sdm only, if you dont have An SDM handy you can just end with a DP+C for decent damage

There's not really many changes from normal 98 to 98um, i find that his jumping D crosses up alot better in 98UM especially on crouching chracters

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF 98UM - EX Ryo Sakazaki
« on: October 19, 2011, 12:45:47 AM »
Yeah his dp A is really good, i dont think it's any different as og ex ryos

It has MASSIVE horizontal range on block it has decent push back as well as recovery, making it quite hard to punish for certain characters.

Changes from Old 98

Different HCB+k, probably changed for the worse, you still do (down  B B, Standing A, hcb+B) but the D version no longer connects from light attacks like old 98

Faster recovery on standing C

Slower standing B? (feels slower to me)

His DP+C Now always Or now hits twice for maximum damage and knock down

Thats just my experiences from playing him, he dont really bring anything 98 UM

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF 98UM - Kyo Kusanagi
« on: October 19, 2011, 12:07:18 AM »
hello folks

the kyo wiki is pretty sparse and some of the combos are pretty basic or just plain bad ( Cl C Qcf DD Qcf BB DP C) where as i'd like to contribute myself i cannot be arsed to do the whole type every move name thing plus i've never done anything like that before

There's not really been many changes to kyo, in terms of combos bar what he gains in Qmax, one other interesting change is that his DP hits twice now where as in normal 98 it only hit once,  so in normal 98 your best (meterless) BNB in the corner was ( up close C, Qcf+DD, Qcf+A Hcb+A Qcb+A) Where this was not the hardest combo to do, it was easy to mess up or miss damage, in 98UM You can still do this combo but it's been replaced with just as damaging and easier to do (up close C, Qcf+DD, Qcf+A, DP+C)
This gives you the exact same damage but is alot easier to do and harder to mess up

Where kyo gains alot of extra combos is with the new Qmax system, he gains a couple of really easy BNB's that dont use supers but also gains some interesting Qmax combos that use super also.

1) Probably the easiest and most damaging without using a super

Up close C, Qcf+C (Qmax) Up close C , Qcf+C Hcb+C F+C.


this is kyos go to combo for me, it's more damaging say down B A Qqcfx2+p, it does roughly around 38% maybe a tiny bit less,  plus you get the bonus of being in max  and keeping your super for the period you max bar runs down
It can be a bit trickey  to get the timing right for the up close C after qmaxing but after a bit of practice it's pretty easy.

This combo works everywhere and almost everybody with the exception of robert ( i've tested it one almost everybody including all the small characters) for some reason the last part wiffs on robert for some reason!?

Corner BNB's with Qmax

Corner Bnb's with Qmax are really for flash only imo, none of them really do as much damage as the very first max combo i listed some of them are a bit tricky, but here goes anyway

1) Up close C, Qcf+DD, Qcf+A (Qmax) Qcf+A, DP+C, slightly less damaging as his mid screen combo i listed first, does more damage than simply doing his orochinagi super in corner, pretty easy to do has no real timing issues

2) Up close C, Qcf+DD, Qcf+A (qmax) Qcf+A Hcb+A Qcb+A, this is a bastard to do i think it does around the same as his mid screen Qmax combo, the main problem with this combo is that you have to do the last part (Qcb+A) as late as possible, easy to mess up does the same as the above combo, not worth the hassle

3) Up close C, Qcf+DD, Qcf+A (qmax) Qcf+A, standing C, for resets only

Combos with Qmax and supers/ or sdms

1) up close C, Qcf+C (Qmax) up close C, QcfX2+p, does about 45%

2) up close C, Qcf+C (Qmax) Down A, qcfx2+p, very hard to get the down A after the Qmax, i cant really give any advice, i prefer just to go standard Qmax BNB, rather than use the super

3) Up close C , qcf+C (qmax) SDM orochinagi, Heavy damage easy to do after a bit of practice, you must not hold the sdm orochinagi otherwise you wont get full damage,  dont work in corner

Combos with corners and Qmax Sdms

1)  Up close C, Qcf+DD (Qmax at the moment the last kick hits) SDM orochinagi (must only hit twice) Qcf+A Hcb+A Qcb+A

(notes) This combo used to work in  normal 98( obviously without Qmax) but you had to be maxed out, i  could never get the SDM orochinagi to hit only twice, but in 98 UM with the aid of Qmax i find this combo is now alot easier to land, when you Qmax the last kick of the QCF+DD it pops them up at the right height for SDM orochinagi to hit twice, landing the rest is easy(ish) if you have trouble getting the QCF+A Hcb+A  Qcb+A to land just do Qcf+A, DP+C, does a tiny bit less damage

Online Matchmaking / Re: KOF '96 PSN
« on: October 13, 2011, 09:15:18 PM »
PSN ID: fatacon

So who here is playing the game? Granted it's not very technical compared to the other games in the series, but the game is fun to play and netcode is decently playable. GG's to the Professor and Zobek_Belmont despite the lag. I'll try to upload some replays later today.

Used to play this one loads i dont agree about the part it not being technical, defiantly need godlike execution to be decent, but if your talking about general strategy i'd partially agree, But then it's a game thats 15 years old, still has mix ups and whatever, you just really dont get to see it that much because it's easier to do the retarded stuff Ie pick chin iori clark

But yeah it's a shit game haha but still it's decentish if your playing with the right people, you can see some really odd interesting things dare i say even have fun!

That's like every KOF pre-XI, though.

Nope. I'd say every pre-2003 KOF games has stiff controls. 2003 has so good controls that it rivals XI. Or am I only one who thinks like that?

You are the only one who thinks that.

2003's controls were the worst. Ever!

Really? When I try to pull all 3 attacks of Terry's Power Charge in XI, I can barely do the 2nd one, but in 2003, I can do all 3 without effort. And moves that require pushing two buttons simultaneously are much easier to do in 2003 than in 2002 for example. Or are there dramatic differences between PS2 and arcade version of 2003?

Yeah the only problem i had in xi was with any motion with a double tap in the same direction Ie terrys power charge or ducks super, but still 2003 did have terrible controls

so uh 96 's netcode is pretty good my only complaint with the game is that controls feel way too stiff

That's like every KOF pre-XI, though.
well i was talking about pulling of move for some reason i cant pull off simple shit when i want to

You have to be pinpoint  accurate and ultra fast, the controls in 96 are retarded even doing a simple bnb mission let alone harder combos, besides it's 96  just do qcb hk  then up hk with chin it's all you need.
never liked chin and who ever i played against today in 96 made me hate him more


is there any hope that the controls in 97 are better?

haha yeah chin is pretty stupid, can be beaten though, its just really hard/hard

Yeah the controls in 97 are much better, probably at the best/ simplist upto xi maybe, the problem with 96 was that jump in's even when not maxed give alot of push back, couple with the fact you had to be really fast and really accurate just made the game really annoying to play and hard, and then you put in all the gay crap that's in the game,  chin iori clark mature,  glitches, no stun recovery, retarded   jump Cd's just made 96 crap, dont get me wrong i loved it back in the day, but now i wouldn't touch it, but then i wouldn't touch 97 or 95 for that matter, even 98 maybe

so uh 96 's netcode is pretty good my only complaint with the game is that controls feel way too stiff

That's like every KOF pre-XI, though.
well i was talking about pulling of move for some reason i cant pull off simple shit when i want to

You have to be pinpoint  accurate and ultra fast, the controls in 96 are retarded even doing a simple bnb mission let alone harder combos, besides it's 96  just do qcb hk  then up hk with chin it's all you need.

Is anyone else frustrated that RSG spends a lot of time at conventions putting out this product and Atlus doesn't seem to give a care? Two events go by and they'd rather put out "Catherine" than KoF XIII. I'm feeling like someone needs to talk to them or marketing about their approach/lack theirof on the KoF front.

We're not getting any events to showcase or test the product! It shouldn't take an arm and a leg to do it either!

Both Atlus and rising star games have been really poor in terms of promoting this game/getting  information out there.

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