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General Discussion / Re: Re: Tier List
« on: January 01, 2012, 01:40:51 AM »
I wonder if most of you guys are basing your theories and experiences off online play rather than offline locals, casuals, tourneys.

Not trying to sound like a dick. It's just that alot of stuff sounds kinda ill-informed and limited, or do you all just not have legit Terry, Kyo, etc. players in your area?

I'll come back and check out these types of threads again after console version has a few majors/large tourneys under it's belt.

General Discussion / Re: Tier List
« on: December 26, 2011, 09:34:14 AM »
Lol at that tier-list and the majority of the ones I've seen. None of them seem to make much sense or have any semblance of coherence among others. It's hard to tell what perceptions are the major factors in constituting the placements. So I predict most of them will be pretty laughable to me until after at least 3 more months or so.

And Terry rock-bottom? Get the fuck out of here.

Maxima / Re: Maxima (Console)
« on: December 14, 2011, 07:15:10 PM »
Max is the biggest factor on my team easily. He's a monster. GP is too strong. Most trouble I have with him is getting through projectile spam, but knowing when to roll and when to nullify with the GP on normals or Vapor Cannon hit(A vapor cannon nullifies on hit, C version has some other degree of GP before hit) is extremely handy.

Basically, I throw out st. D whenever. It eats up so much shit. Stops supers and projectiles. I use it preemptively. Also st. C to stuff things, if they run in it turns into cl.C and still maintains a degree of GP so it's very likely to eat up attacks while also being easy to hit-confirm into the combo.

Rushdown wise, I just do the above. Try to be a wall. Might do blowback->Vapor cannon to shut down both vertical and horizontal space plus if blowback is CH then I auto into Vapor Cannon. But you kinda dont want this to whiff but just keep in mind that you have a degree of GP on both moves so sometimes it works out quite nicely. While inside you can do cl.C, d/f+C, light Vapor Cannon, since the string is basically safe and takes a nice amount from guard bar. But you don't want to attack wrecklessly and risk getting reversaled or guard-rolled. You should mix in B version Press when you feel you have them shut down. They'll start jumping, d/f+C is so good for stuffing people in the air and you might get some CHs in which you can do into Vapor Cannon or Blitz Cannon. Also Blitz Cannons when you clearly expect a jump-in are deadly. Cl.C works alright for preventing jumps while in close range.

Don't forget about cr. C. It stuffs quite a bit of things. At the right timing, the GP on this move completely eats up lows and you can go into combo.

Under pressure, sometimes it's wise to go ahead and waste that bar on EX Blitz. This is Max's get the fuck off me move. A dragonunch with complete invincibility. Most times, the knockdown from this is all it takes to get back on the pressure game, or return to "wall mode" while you anticipate them either doing something stupid or tightening up.

Jumpins, of course j.CD is good. Hop C-> air Vapor. Cross-up splash into combo or safe string. J.D to get in over zoning.

Um, cant think of much else. That's pretty much it for me. I run Max 2nd and dont even really use supers as I save the meter for EX Blitz moments or NeoMax if the match has been hell and I can get a clean opening. Or combo'ing into EX Press->EX Vapor loop rinse, repeat if I have the meter and drive and just want to style on them.

The preferred playing style would be up to the players discretion and should prob just be switched up according to the situation. Me, I'm pretty brave with him, so I'm confident once I get in. It's just a matter of actually getting in sometimes. And not just being close, you can play a decent midrange game with him for people who like to stick shit out. Those normals hurt alot and once people get tired of eating them, they'll play into your hands. If they try to rush you, great, he has tools for this. But you dont want them going back fullscreen, as your only option is either trying to get back in, or baiting the startup of a projectile or jump and wasting 3 bars to beam them. 2 bars if you HD first, but the fact that you even HD'ed at all may make them be like wtf and you can start to run in. Even if it's people you play regularly or who are familiar with Max, still doesn't change the fact that they cant escape GP or command grabs. Or getting baited multiple ways. In dry matches, they still have to respect shit and blockstrings and contend with GP. So yea lol.

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: December 14, 2011, 06:20:09 AM »
@ The Fluke

Thanks for the reply. I ran a good set with my friend today who won an Alabama tourney over the weekend. I was like fuck it and got really random. Not wreckless, as he's too unsafe for that. Just a "brave user" as you say, and was tagging with alot of psychic shit. Light slash kick knocking King and Flame Iori out of the startup of their supers, actually getting some decent AA out of Light Tiger knee for deep jump-ins, and I mostly tried using St. C today from what I read in the thread, it's ok. Heavy Tiger kick was putting in some reversal work today too.

Yea I always jump-in with j.C and if they happen to meet me in the air then it's still all good. Zoning wise, I did have some luck with throwing out a few light Tiger knees, but I'm just so used to them getting stuffed.

I always use Golden Heel for preemptive AAs and auto-pilot light Slash kick as follow-up depending on how it hits. Also for blowbacks, as if its a CH blowback you get the follow-up, but if it's regular hit you're still safe and on top of them.

In short, it just feels like you need a good grasp of fundamentals and spacing to not get blew up with Joe. I'm going for a style completely opposite of the flash that you see in match vids because 1.) my hands don't do all of that shit lol and 2.) you gotta be able to get in safely in order to set all that up. That's why I'm going to start poking more and fishing with st.A. I run Joe on anchor, without the fancy stuff, and it's mainly because I've got an eye for tagging people with NeoMax or setting shit up for that lvl 2 that hurts, which is a big risk outside of combos because you'll get killed for it. Trying to use more Light hurricanes to remain safe in my strings, and rushdown that includes using golden heel as an ender sometimes and going into low strings immediately after hoping for the best. But for the most part I just play my game from midscreen, which is kinda lame for an anchor sitting on all that bar. But Yuri and Maxima get dirty and spaz out enough. If Joe has to come out, imma lame it and fish for scraps lol.

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:01:39 PM »
So the best natural on reaction AA for jump-ins is St. C(hops is def St. A)? I thought it to be St.D for some reason. I've even resorted to hop-back j. A sometimes.

Also, has anyone had success using either version of Tiger Knee as a reversal? EX is the best because it combines the best of both, but that's one whole stock. Besides EX, why would I use either version in open ground? B is faster but not invulnerable, C is mad slow, but invulnerable. So when using the two I either get bad trades or simply ate up. Largely because they made it so......horizontal instead of angling. In that way, it's almost like just having another Slash Kick. And it's not a good AA at all unless they're really low and you did quicker B version and just praying that you don't get beat out.

Right now I'm just sticking to using this move in combos because I've had bad luck trying to apply it elsewhere. Even when just straightforward zoning with hurricanes, I've caught more jumps with Slash Kick than Tiger Knee.

Shen Woo / Re: Re: Shen Woo
« on: December 03, 2011, 09:06:46 AM »
It seems like it should be one of the easiest HD combos, and it probably is, but I keep getting super as well. Yea I can see that you have to slow the QCF+C after the QCF+D, but to loop this at that speed, rhythmically a few times, is irksome. What's crazy is I mashed my way through it completely one time while on the phone without buffering any supers. But after that, either too fast or too slow. Sigh...

Maxima / Re: Maxima
« on: December 03, 2011, 06:24:37 AM »

Too bad I have abandoned Maxima's combos and simply GP "bitch please" through everything.
It's been surprisingly effective.

Fucking exactly.

I run Max on point. Basic bnbs, hit-confirms, punish combos, and GP everything. Don't even use meter unless I need to get someone off the screen so I might throw an EX Vapor in the combo for extra dmg off the bounce, an EX Air Grab if I'm under pressure, EX Air Vapor to stop....whatever, or close C/D hit-confirm into super. But for the most part I sit on that bar with him and be a wall.

Got a few annoying matchups with him though. Kensou is like a fly in my ear and Andy is too irritating.

Personal gripe: I can't appreciate EX Press as much as some of you guys it seems. Dudes around here are trained to jab upon seeing regular press and simply block when they see the smoke from EX Press. Sure under the right pressure or mixup I can get either off, but I mean for the meter....kinda sucks that EX Press is blockable. Getting that move blocked is like losing a testicle.  It really is.

Maxima / Re: Maxima
« on: December 03, 2011, 02:00:42 AM »
That's unbelievable, even after seeing it.



It's true just like every other KOF game.

Thanks. I never used any other versions in old games.

Haha, some people are gonna be pissed lol.

One of my friends says that his guy has the EX characters and stages, but that it doesn't let you run a standard character and the EX version on the same team. So Takuma/Ryo/Mr. Karate or Kyo/Goro/NESTS Kyo, etc.

Is this true? Can anyone confirm it?

Well yea if opponent is grounded and you're in close and you start combos or punishes with forward + C/D you WILL get a grab. That's why you should make a habit of just simply pressing C/D->combo.

On the flipside, you won't have to worry about a grab coming out if you're doing forward+C/D after jump-ins(if aerial move connects and the C/D is actually combo-able), or while running or dashing into C/D.


One step at a time...don't want to overload those developer minds with too much common sense.

Haha I know right? As this fg resurgence is still going strong, it should be the braindead standard for any upcoming fg from now on.

i think Kane said it wasn't in console.

That's a relief for Claw players. There's already going to be too many people hopping(back) on the Flame bandwagon as is.

Can anyone confirm if the Scratch Iori overhead wakeup glitch is still in console version?

I was able to get button config on by pressing O and highlighting it...

Good deal. Now only if it was push-button...

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