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Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:20:53 PM »
thanks Bio, patiently waiting for the data =]

so with the stun combo, i'm having difficulty consistently landing the final kick for stun...the only spot where I'm not 100% confident in my execution of said combo is the mashing punches @ the end, I notice that sometimes the opponent is launched to the top of the screen, while other times they remain lower.  Even if they go up higher, I can still sometimes get the hit, while when they're lower I might miss.  What can i do to tighten up the end of the combo? 

I'm currently very solid with the instant cancel version of the punches, and feel like this must just be a timing thing with the extra hits +ender before the j.D

Any help is appreciated, it's frustrating to have the rest of the combo and various starters down comfortably, while the final piece to tie it all together is missing...thanks

Training Room / Re: David Kong is here to answer your noob questions!
« on: July 12, 2012, 12:24:18 AM »
@9inch: I know what you mean, for that particular kind of practice after you know your combos and want to practice high low confirm stuff, i just use the computer.  playing vs the computer to train specific things like that is probably the only use out of any fighting game cpu so far heh. 

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: July 11, 2012, 09:23:40 PM »
@fluke - nice, good point about the scaling...thanks.  and yes i'm comfy with the upper so i guess ill see how much damage that nets me guaranteed, to use if it will ko

any word on joe frame data?

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: July 02, 2012, 06:37:08 AM »
Nice combos, learned and added to my game...especially the 0/0 corner combo, already added that to use after a successful stun leaves me with little to work with.

Speaking of post stun combos, what are people using afterwards to maximize damage?  Are there any combos that can build up a drive and use it as well?  What do people use with 1 bar?  with 2?  What about resets?

Been playing around with the various starters and fun style variants but if anyone knows whats optimal, I'd love to know. 

Joe Higashi / Re: Joe Higashi (Console)
« on: June 18, 2012, 03:18:18 AM »
when executing the tnt's and the golden heels in the stun combos, does the version matter?  seems like both work but i want to make sure im not losing out on anything, regardless of how minimal. 

also, it seems like the EX heel does no stun, so is it's only purpose when added to a combo purely for damage?  if so, is it better to omit it when going purely for stun?

Thanks!  picking up joe and it's way too much fun

Online Matchmaking / Re: DC KOF XIII Online Tournament - 6/16/2012
« on: June 11, 2012, 07:15:44 PM »
PSN Handle: Duggish
Location: Seattle, WA

Most played team: Mr. Karate / Billy Kane / Shen Woo

@ work, will update the speedtest when i get home

Goro Daimon / Re: Goro Daimon (Console)
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:10:35 PM »
I figured the use of the EX throw's followups was implied when talking about the damage  ;)

Goro Daimon / Re: Goro Daimon (Console)
« on: December 28, 2011, 11:28:37 AM »
Ditto a lot of the questions Druggish had.
*Duggish ;)

About his command roll-
B version: short distance, no invincibility, but cancels into specials
D version: long distance, startup invincibility, cannot cancel
EX version: long distance, startup invincible, cancels into specials  =D

these also can never cross the opponent up...makes it useful to EX as reversal and input the command accurately

If someone does a shoryuken esque move that sends them off far away you can just run towards them s.B (long range) and cancel into hcb, f, P for 200 something damage. If you get closer or feel confident s.B can be canceled into dp+K into super or HD canceled and followed up by s.B dp+K super neomax for pain. The basic punish is relatively safe though and nets you good enough damage.
Thanks, this has been working out great, using the EX throw for extra damage is really satisfying =D  

Had some time to play with Daimon since my last post:

...j.CD is amazing, and has been helping me get in on the zoning and runaway games...using it when they jump to keep the pressure on as well as occasionally netting huge damage has been good for sitting characters down

- on counterhit the wallbounce is great...i try for hcf+A (qcb+B, hcf+C...) but don't mind settling for a j.CD to carry them to the corner, where we want them

- Landing it near a corner allows you to hcf+C into super.  when i know its going to hit (jumping a fireball or seeing a slow poke) i like to activate HD with j.BCD and go into a neo max combo

...I've been using the running st.B xx hcbf+C/EX command throw to punish the regular rolls. also learned that apparently the GC rolls are completely i guess just be glad they spent a bar, or maybe set up pressure if you can? *shrug*

...Against the ranged pokes i was having trouble with, like King's and kula's, i've been having success using the qcb+B xx dp+B/hcbf command throw, once they get hit by that my options open up more as they're more cautious.  also, more j.CD helped again =D

...Noticing that a lot of the stuff I'm doing takes many drives and super stocks, I think that Daimon should definitely be second or third in a lineup.  I play him in both slots, but always behind a good battery, and tend to have enough meter going into the match to just end it with a few mixups, which is daimon's strength.  

still having trouble with ice tatsu >.>
still can't get the multiple df.C juggle in the corner as consistently as I'd like...any tips?
back to the grind...

Goro Daimon / Re: Goro Daimon (Console)
« on: December 22, 2011, 09:48:10 PM »
Some things I need help with:

Tips vs. runaway and zoning as Daimon?   just in general, more specific things listed below.

I'm having trouble with characters like King and Kula...can never seem to catch them or reach some of their ranged King st.D, or Kula st.B...also that ice tatsu!  =S  I can't seem to do anything about it, even hcf+A get's stuffed

How should I be punishing uppercuts that send their character flying over me?

What is my best option for punishing moves like Kula's ice hair (pre-emptive aa but i don't jump)...i find that space avoiding most of my pokes, c.C isn't fast enough and c.D is seems to get stuffed or not quite reach

also what to do vs ice tatsu?  that moves nuts.  (kula)

I press forward slowly using st.B/D while looking for jump and hop attempts...but can't seem to find opportunities outside of raw punishes to land any damage.  What's the best answer to players jumping out when I'm close?  I'm using st.D right now, as missing the hcf+a seems risky.

In the air i seem to only have success with j.CD.  Which I'm ok with, but when should I be using his other air options, and what's the most damaging followup to a counterhit j.CD?

When they GCroll out or just regular roll, I have difficulty getting a good punish with inputs switching, tips on execution or a better option?

Any help is appreciated, thanks...this guy is a monster, feels right to play, coming from E.Honda...just gotta get used to this pace/unthrowable jump frames

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