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Training Room / Re: David Kong is here to answer your noob questions!
« on: November 13, 2012, 09:11:14 PM »
First of all thanks for the welcome and the info.

It's not like custom combos from SFA3's V-sim or CVS2's A-Groove where you can do continuous specials/normals to do guard breaks. If you've performed a Drive Cancel, which is cancelling from a normal/special into a special/super, an activated HD mode allows you do to unlimited cancels that can combo or juggle your opponent for big damage. You can deliver a huge chunk of damage and show off, but you'll have to guard break without it, unless someone can note an exception.

Ah I thought it was this way after seeing this video here

It's possible that online lag was affecting your gameplay too, but I think run-ins can specifically work depending on the character and what normals they have. Most players will try hyper-hopping or super-jumping into their attacks. I've used run-ins to get close-up attacks or stopped short to throw a special at them, but I'm much more cautions when I do; it's easier to stop a run-in attack than any kind of jump. You'll notice some characters, especially the speedy characters, do it better than others.

Lag might really be a reason although I am sure that a lack of skill from my side was also involved. Sadly there is not much of a KoF scene around here (Germany).

I can't think of any tutorials or character-specific videos like Master-class for XIII right now. Best resource I'd recommend for right now is our wiki and character threads to see what's been specifically posted already. If I find anything else specific you're looking for, I'll post it here.

Thanks, this already helped a lot. Do non-japanese people here really sit through the master class series?

Use record and playback mode. I show how to use it to test against safe and unsafe moves. I will make a video show how to use it to evade incoming offensive attacks.

Holy hell, I never would have figured out that on my own. Man, I can't remember reading this in the manual. Thanks, also for the great tutorials.

Training Room / Re: David Kong is here to answer your noob questions!
« on: November 12, 2012, 03:13:10 PM »
Well I guess I could give that a try....

-Training mode, is it possible to teach the second player to do fireballs all the time without me having to do them with the 2nd pad? As in you record a movement and then it gets repeated all the time?

-HD mode. I haven't figured this one out yet (aside from some HDBypass shenanigans). Is it just for showing off, or a legimate way to guard break a defense and get and huge chunk of damage in? How important to ones game is it to have HD combos mastered?

-Run in game. I am clueless about that one as well it seems. Last time I was playing online I really had trouble to hit after run ins and also to defend against a run in (as if the opponent was always able to hit me first). Is there something I am missing? How does a run-in game plan look like? Mix up high and low with hyperhops, break and use special, fastest pokes / reversal?

- Is there a good resource for learning block strings creating pressure in the corner and escaping in the corner? There seem to be a ton of videos when it comes to combos but blockstrings not that much

- I am searching for character specific tutorial videos similar to the Master class ones, but please in English or with subs. I am not that much interested in combo vids, just videos to learn the basics, tricks and setups of the characters. I do play Andy, Athena and Robert, but would also be interested in learning Joe, Shen, King and Takuma.

There is a ton to learn it seems.

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