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Results / Frosty Faustings IV results, Northbrook IL 1/7/2012
« on: January 10, 2012, 04:38:13 AM »
Frosty Faustings IV  (Northbrook, IL  1/7/2012)

KOF XIII Results 31 Entrants

1. (LogicFighter) Sparkster
2. James Jr
3. Heroic Legacy
4. Bzerk
5.King of Bums
5. Dirtywerk
7. Jamarr
7. Kenshiro
9. Danke
9. Dubson
9. Desmond
9. IFD Humbag
13. A Magic Top Hat
13. Mr. Travis
13. MURPH!
13. SynKiller
17. FlashDeedit
17. Greats
17. J Money
17. Based Ken Playa
17. Konkret
17. D Fly
17. ShinSyn
17. Klaige
25. Cannon Spark
25. Psychoshot
25. Lurch E Bean
25. Orka
25. AKA
25. TFA|RZR German Luger
25. XX_Von_XX

Offline Matchmaking / Chicago Area/ midwest Scene
« on: May 29, 2011, 11:18:33 PM »
 KoF XIII is finally out on console so im updating this OP for all chicago area players. Venue's and Weekly Gartherings are listed below.  So let's get out there and support your CHICAGO KoF XIII SCENE!!!


Mix-Up Mondays - Chicago’s Weekly Fighting Game Meetup
Every Monday from 6:00pm - 3am
Brought to you by Ignite Gaming Lounge

Location: Ignite Network - 3341 N. Elston Ave. (Accessible via #77 Belmont and #52 California CTA bus routes. Free lot and street parking available.)

Price: $10 Venue Fee ($5 venue fee with system discount)
***As a relaunch special venue fee will be $5 on the following meet ups - Dec. 10th, 17th and January 7th, 14th***

What to bring: We highly recommend bringing a fight stick or controller. To be eligible for the system discount user must bring console, appropriate power cables, and an HDMI cable. Ignite can accommodate up to 24 setups all equipped with EVO monitors.

We also need games! The most popular are SF4, KoF13, MvC3 and Tekken Tag 2, but feel free to bring anything you want to play!

About the Venue: Ignite Gaming Lounge is Chicago’s premier venue that caters to the CFGC every Monday! Now relaunching in it’s new home with more space, setups, and expanded concessions to give you the ultimate venue to level up your game.

Membership: Ignite is proud to introduce our membership program to give you guys added benefits! Membership takes a minute to setup and requires no additional fees, plus you get a nifty membership card. Benefits include a referral program, rewards (coming early 2013), and no more wristbands.

Referral Program: For every new friend you bring in you get one weeks venue fee FREE. That’s $10 for every new friend you refer! To be eligible it must be users first time, have a valid school or state ID, and purchase at least 1 venue fee.

Phone: 773-404-7033


Every Friday at Game Pazzo (NEW!!! 09/2012)

2011 63rd Street
Downers Grove, IL 60516
(630) 541-8719

Stream -

Venue Fee: $5 covers the whole night(must pay at door)

Time: 6:00PM - 1:00AM

Game Pazzo, a venue that is already well known amongst the other gaming communities is now opening its doors for the Chicago Fighting Game Community! Game Pazzo is a very nice venue that is equipped with 24 Asus EVO Monitors and Consoles(360&PS3s) ready for you to get your gaming going!

The venue is very nice, has a bar, full grill/kitchen, stage, and enough space for you to get lost in! They also buy and sell used games, and of course sell new ones too. If you are the kind of person that works too hard in the middle of the week to attend any other function, or if Friday is just that day for you then come on by and get some GOOD GAMES in with the rest of the Chicago Fighting Game Community!!

Bring equipment; so bring your own CONSOLES, CABLES, POWER STRIPS and your own controller of choice!

16 Asus Monitors for Tournament Play and 8 for Casual Play WILL be available!!!

Contact Domingo if you have any questions!(630-550-3774,

See you all there!


9415 Ogden Avenue. Brookfield, IL, 60513
11:00 AM - 2:00 AM Sat-Sun
10:00 AM - 2:00 AM Mon-Fri

Pricing: $5 Cover for Windy City Showdown(every Thursday from 3:00PM-2:00AM and ONLY covers the console party room for the whole event). $15 for playing unlimited games on the Arcade and Pinball Arcade Areas!!. Doc Mack (is Ghostlord on the SRK board Gerry Cantu GGA is NOW OUR #1 AREA OF PLAY, All the best competitors are now residing in this amazing venue. With the amazing support that has emerged and its amazing Arcade Collection and great customer service GGA is definitely at the top. Really nice environment for the casual player/oldschool player and hardcore alike as they have a ridiculous amount of arcade games(second most arcade games in the country). They do have Tournaments there on a regular which require $0 to be paid(as long as you pay the $15 cover for entering the arcade) and have very good prizes in return(currently over $100 for First Place for SSF4,MK9 & MVC3 For more info please look up Galloping Ghost Arcade on Facebook and receive notifications / rsvp on future events. IF YOU LIVE IN CHICAGO THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO FOR SERIOUS GAMES and FUN!! GGA is also home to WINDY CITY SHOWDOWN, every Thursday our scene gets together and we have casual play all night and run 1 tournament EVERY month!


These are ran on CONSOLES(360/PS3) so make sure to bring your favorite controller / stick along with(hopefully if you could please do) a system, games and a screen if possible! WINDY CITY SHOWDOWN Nights will be streamed online at

Nickel City Games 555 Waukegan Rd Northbrook, IL 60062-1252
(847) 559-8727
Monday thru Thursday: 10am - 12am
Friday: 10am - 1am
Saturday: 10am - 1am
Sunday: 10am - 10pm* Hours Subject to Change without Notice

Admission: $2 to enter Nickel City, all games are playable via Nickels(No Tokens needed here!) Nickel City Games is now home to Nickel Saturdays! Every Saturday(Starting January 21st) 7:45PM - Close No current VENUE FEE on Nickel Saturdays! That is right, on Nickel Saturdays you wont even have to pay the $2 door entry fee, you just walk straight to the party room(after mentioning that you are there for NS) and start playing for free! For 1 month the venue fee will be $0, then the venue fee will be only $2 at the door. Equipment needed: Monitors, Consoles, Cables and Games! Provided things go well the venue has insisted that they would buy us Asus Evo monitors to lighten our burden when we bring equipment over.


Meet & Greet / Sup Everyone
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:51:17 AM »
Hey yo Everybody   Benn following These forums for a while now and finally decided to make a account.  From Chicago, Il but currently residing in Ottertail MN (AKA the middle of nowhere) at least until dec lol

been playing KoF casually since kof 98'  but never really learned how to play correctly as i dont know anyone else that plays kof.   been trying to teach myself through kof2002(OG) to prepare for KoFXIII.  these forums have been a lot of help as i have no internet ATM except through my phone.

hope to play against you guys soon online and in person!

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