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King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: KOF98UMFE - Chizuru Kagura
« on: May 09, 2016, 09:52:54 PM »
Anti Chiziru Strats:

Hello, this applies more for 98UM but FE is fine as well.

1.What do to against her multi-hit/ranbu type super-

Can you roll through any part of it and is she safe if you block it? I am having trouble evading/punishing this super.
If I block it, it just eats up my guard meter and then it leads top guard crush into big damage.

2. Are any of her mirror's punishable on block?

I dont know whats going on at all. Is she totally safe on all mirror option. Any help to counter this would be helpful.

3. Any normal moves/special moves that are punishable on block or interrupt?

4. What are her weaknesses?

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