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MOTW:UM would be dope!!! No questions asked!!! Just get that hype going for it, and beef that netcode so the heads in US and EU don't write it off as garbage... Add alternate outfits that can be selected, and some returning characters, and its gold!!!

I wouldn't mind it, but again far fetched (kinda like my SVC UM) especially since xbox already has it on there titles list no matter how shitty the netcode is. It pisses me off cause just a simple netcode patch and it would probably start selling again, but no one wants to invest in that.

SNK Games / Re: SNK vs Capcom Chaos (SvC)
« on: May 26, 2011, 08:19:46 AM »
It seems like no one ever used Ryo or Earthquake... I could've sworn Earthquake was a pretty solid character despite the huge hitbox...

I did see a lot of Ryo players where I was. The Mexican community in Chicago was using him right from the get go. His shoryuken is crazy good. Also online (xbox) a lot of higher skilled players who didn't have to use the bosses latched onto him and Mr. Karate. Earthquake I'll admit I didn't see too much.

^ I think right now it's more realistic to just see re-releases like the UM series considering the success of them and how much they probably cost to build in the first place. I would love to see the HD treatment as well, but know it's far fetched considering the state Playmore is in. Personally I just want to see a decent Sam Sho online (with decent netcode). It's making me miss Sam Sho V.

I like this topic wish I got in on it sooner. Personally I wish SNK/Playmore would tweak the titles they already have and re-release them like the UM series. SVC Chaos rebalanced (with a contract that lets Capcom do the same on their side) add a few moves and maybe even a new character or two and I would be thrilled. Sam Sho VI and KOF XI getting the same treatment (though Sam Sho VI already has a ton in it already) would be nice.

I always considered Neowave the red-headed stepchild of the series. The priorities in the game were way different, and certain characters were insanely better for it (Jhun is one that comes to mind). It was fun though. Got my butt kicked in it a lot. I miss it being online on XBL

I agree, but I am a little biased. I'm not a big fan of Capcom's style of netcode (variable game speed to off set lag), but I will say it's the best Playmore netcode so far.

Yeah, as long as it's someone I want to talk to I'll usually chat it up about the same way you mention. My thing is when you tend to be pretty decent at a game you get a lot of hating online. It got to the point where I really don't even want to wear the mic unless I have a reason to. Which I guess in a way is sad since I don't really get serious about the game anymore and love to help people learn the game to get more players over. It just becomes to big of a hassle to weed out the idiots online.

I wanted to actually post about this in another topic but it was off topic and over a month old. I seen a lot of members talking about how they want to get people chatting about strategy, styles or whatever in an online match. I belong to the old school arcade crowd. Some days I went to the arcade to hang out. Some days I just wanted to fight it out.

I tend to be quiet in matches myself unless there is a reason to talk. Heck my ex-roommate and I barely say 2 words while fighting some days. I get why people just don't chat away and understand the urge to get people who are knowledgeable to talk. What some people might not realize is most people are open to any discussions, however, it has to be when they feel comfortable. Xbox is full of brats who do nothing, but act disrespectful to each other. For that and many other reasons the players don't always initiate conversations or care to. However a simple text for gg's or a simple question I have found has rarely gone silent.

If other people in here are really interested in getting to know the better fighters text them get a conversation started then politely ask for a chat invite. Sometimes you will get a no thanks. A reason I usually have is I'm too lazy to track down the mic, but you might be surprised how many people want to chat back.

The major problem I have is when I get used to a player and really start to master the character to the point of I'm not really trying to learn much more then what I already got I tend to become very predictable using too many bread and butter combos. I am still good, but if a high level player can tell what's coming next, it doesn't matter how good you are.

SNK Games / Re: I was playing World Heroes 2 today
« on: April 21, 2011, 04:47:54 PM »
Yeah, really common to do in the arcades. Guess it's not so common since the arcades dried up.

Well if he's slipping by you I would say you are probably too close to trade with him.

In my experience there are generally speaking 3 ranges to work from. close, mid, and long. Long is the easiest to work from. The idea is to attack and counter. The further out you are the easier it is to see the moves coming. A good example is throwing fireballs to get him to jump at you, then an anti air attack when he tries a jump in.

Next easiest is close range. That is  attack, then block. Most of this relies on muscle memory more then anything. Adaptation is not a big thing here. Mostly just to decide whether to block high or low. during close range you really can't get too cute cause there are too many quick moves that can be thrown out before you get the chance to block.

The hardest IMO is learning mid range. The main idea there is to attack then evade then attack some more. You're at a larger distance the the close range so the quicker moves aren't as big of a factor as if you were inside so the main goal at this range is to attack and not get hit rather then block so the attack can continue ultimately it's about one continuous attack. Good example to me of the difference between close and mid is Iori's Shoryuken move. At close range getting cute and trying to quickly block or evade will more then likely get you hit cause of the quick first strike of the move, but if you are a body length apart his first hit does not connect giving you plenty of time to notice the move and evade or counter accordingly.

Now if your defense is getting torn apart I would stay away from close range for any serious amount of time. You should shoot more for long and try to learn mid.  However if he's using mid from what you describe  using a mix of close and long range attacks will screw with him.

A good example would be if you took Ryo push him back with the fireball. Look for opportunities to use the flying axe handle smash move. If he blocks it immediately go for a low block (most people go for sweeps for a quick counter attack just cause it seems the easier place to get a free hit). Now when he counter attacks and hopefully you block it  you can either leave, try the wind up punch (kinda risky but if he is the type to attack, attack, attack, then the auto guard him make him pay), or try pushing him back again with another fireball (if it hits then you get the damage, if not then it usually makes you safe)  then starting over with a new strategy or the same one.

This is just an example of one way to attack someone looking for high damage combos. The main general advice is realize what range he likes (close, mid, long) and don't let him have it. When a fighter has to fight out of his normal pace he tends to make more mistakes you can capitalize on.

I'm more of a teach by doing type but hope this helps a little.

SNK Games / Re: SNK vs Capcom Chaos (SvC)
« on: March 23, 2011, 05:54:23 PM »
Probably played this the most on my MVS then any other MVS game. Used to hate the game but learned to love it after spending so much time on it. Such a unforgiving game for new fans to get into.

I always did wonder why Supercade and GGPO did not include this in their list of games. Didn't know there could be that bad of bugs in there that could screw it up so bad compared to a lot of the older titles Supercade has in their lineup.

Heck I still remember the Guile handcuff glitch from SF2 that we would have to get the manager to reset the game for.

King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Re: 2K2UM XBLA Player Compendium
« on: March 23, 2011, 06:28:02 AM »
gamertag: Mr Bakaboy

Location: St. Louis, MO

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: March 23, 2011, 06:03:56 AM »
xbl: Mr Bakaboy
Supercade: Mr Bakaboy

not sure if I'm posting this at the right spot but here goes. There's a player named Youske here in Albany dude is sick in KOF 2k2UM. I finally got a player to play with, but dude mops the floor and makes me look silly. I know the basic of the game but I'm obviously doing something wrong during the match. I feel like I'm missing something but i can't point out. So I'm here at General Discussion asking for gameplay advice something to remember while I play.

Like the post above said it's hard to tell you what you are doing wrong w/o seeing your match or playing you, but from how it sounds my bet is this guy knows way more about KOF then you do and over committing in your moves might be your problem.

Hopefully you know your safe moves or in other terms particular moves or combos that don't leave you wide open when he counterattacks you for missing them or getting blocked by him. When playing someone above your skill level and trying to beat them it's key you master them. No matter what sick combos you learned a high level player will make you look stupid in KOF if you over commit to certain moves. Orochi Yashiro is one that can easily prone to this since he has lots of moves that kick the crap outta people but my strategy has always been let him hang himself and counterattack.

Second don't let him dictate the pace and distancing of the match. I will take a guess but he probably has a fast pace and very damaging combos. If that's the case keep your distance. Use characters that you can fight mid range to long range easier and let him get frustrated that he can't do what he wants to do. Yuri, Ryo, and Iori are better for those type of matches then Kyo and Orochi Yashiro.

Again it's hard to decipher what the problems are here but that's my 2 cents.

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