Author Topic: KOFXIII FAQs Construction - Building a FAQs guide for KOFXIII players  (Read 15969 times)


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This is some really good information on establishing offense and defense.
Moving right along.

Q: "Hello. I am usually playing UMVC3 a lot. Does KOFXIII possess chain combos or ABC combos?"
A: Yes, there are chain combos in KOFXIII. In fact, chain combos play a pivotal role in KOFXIII. It is important to learn which light normal moves can cancel into specials and combo naturally. It is also important to understand the properties of the said normal moves. Chain combos are important because they help the player utilize hit confirmed combo starters and block strings. There are no true ABC combos but some characters do have target combos that are useful for keeping block strings safe and for continuing combos.

- Example of a chain combo:  Kyo = crouching B(light kick), crouching B (light kick), standing B (light kick)... etc

- Secondary example of a chain combo: Terry Bogard = crouching B(light kick), crouching A(light punch), crouching C(heavy punch)...... 

- Example of a chain combo that can go into a command move as a natural combo:
Kyo = crouching B(light kick), crouching A(light punch), df+D... etc

- Another example of conducting chain combos into command moves: King = crouching B(light kick), crouching B(light kick), standing B(light kick), df+D(heavy kick).......

- Target Combo Example: Mai = standing B(light kick)> standing D(heavy kick)

- Generic combo from a hit confirm and chain combo: Iori = crouching B(light kick), crouching A(light punch), qcb+A......

Also keep in mind that standing C(heavy punch) will cancel into most command moves. 

Q: "How does the meter system of KOFXIII work when you play a match?"
A: The characters can build meter by attacking the opponent successfully, utilizing (and sometimes whiffing) specific special moves, blocking special moves, and receiving hits.
The amount of meter the character can possess is dependent on the characters current team position.
The player chooses three characters to play. The character in the first position can possess 3 meter stock. The secondary character is allowed to have 4 meter stocks. The third character is allowed to have 5 meter stocks. The super meter in this game allows players to do Guard Cancel Roll, Guard Cancel Blowback, EX Moves, and Super Moves(Desperation Moves). All of the characters on a team will also have access to drive meter, which will have two segments. The drive meter allows players to conduct drive cancels. A drive cancel always cost one bar. If the drive meter is full, the character can either perform up to two drive cancels, or the character can go into Hyper Drive mode. Last, the character conduct a Neo Max by having 3 meter stocked and a full drive meter. Always keep in mind that the meter system in this game plays an important role and provides character with more offensive and defensive maneuvers. Be careful of how you arrange your characters when you select your character team positioning.


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Q: Every round is 60 seconds right?

A: Sorta. 60 ticks. The timer isn't in real-time seconds, which is way it appears to countdown slowly. Every 60 second match is around 90 real-time seconds.
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