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Character Discussion board rules
« on: April 03, 2012, 12:03:59 AM »
1.) Feel free to add threads to character sections you feel that are very specific or pertaining to one topic or subject. Like for example:

"Kim video thread" or "HD combo thread"

"Kyo's Matchup Thread"

or even something very specific like this:

But don't make duplicate threads on the same topic.

Also feel free to make your own character guides on anything you feel is helpful or important to know. For example a guide on Kyo's normals, a guide on how to properly do Benimaru's lightening loops, Athena's butt loop combo, EX Iori's free cancel, etc.

2.) This boards are for character discussion only. Off topic threads like online/offline matchmaking, fan art, discussion about other games, etc. etc. go elsewhere.

3.) If you are a member of the wiki editing team be sure to post your additions related to the character pages you are editing in the 'console' thread or their 'wiki building' thread if there is one.

4.) Understand that whatever information you post or share here MAY be used for the KOFXIII wiki. You will be credited.

5.) Have fun sharing and contributing information here! Thanks to everyone that answers questions too.

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