Author Topic: GUTS II: Game Underground Tournament Spectacular II Results (June 14-16)  (Read 1665 times)


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The tournament took place in Boston, Massachusetts on June 14-16. This tournament is considered to be the 2nd major taking place in Massachusetts as they recently began organizing this event since last June. This event was sponsored by Game Underground, Hi-Chew, Brainbox, and other respective organizations relative to the fighting game community. This event was interesting as several players traveled from Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and respectfully, Massachusetts. The event was ran by HalfEmpty and stream on Overall, it was a interesting turnout. Here are the following results from Top 8.

1.) HT/NJMarcoPolo (EX Kyo, Benimaru, Yuri)
2.) Laziefreddie (King, EX Iori, Chin, and others)
3.) Merkilo (Kyo, Terry, Mr. Karate)
4.) Murderkai (Joe, Hwa, Shen)
5.) Rashikal (Kyo, K', EX Iori)
5.) ASAP (Daimon, Yuri, Shen)
7.) BB/Amish Mike
7.) BB/ Eric Fayle

Overall, I will say this tournament was fun. I recommend anyone who lives in the Northeast area to come attend their events from here on out. Take care.


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