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I added my pet peeve and I also duplicated this post in the Meet and Greet section.


--- Quote from: krazykone123 on January 17, 2011, 10:55:58 PM ---New Rule

Everyone should have to make an account on GGPO or ARCLive.

--- End quote ---

I agree, unless the player can legitimately explain why they cannot do this for whatever reason (maybe someone in the woods stuck on dial-up? lol...) Or is really really poor and has a 1980s computer and a PS2? I know it sounds odd but I'm sure there's some KoF fan out there in a situation like that...(hopefully not?)

However, I'd say extend this to be more friendly to people. If you for whatever reason do not want to/cannot make an account on GGPO/Supercade/Arclive or even use P2P Kaillera, then they should provide XBL or PSN handles. I don't think the Wii has any online SNK games but if it does, that would apply too. If they refuse this, then they better be an arcade/tournament player in a specific area that's got a decent fighting game scene. If they can't apply to none of the above, and they can't at least do something like...make combo videos (Kind of like how Desk got his start since he had no scene in Northern Brittain), then this shouldn't be the place for you. Period.

I edited the "double posting" rule to make things simpler and easier for our users. I'll keep an eye on things and see how it works out. Should be fine, imo.


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