Author Topic: [Jan 17-19 2014] APEX 2014 [KOF XIII, UMVC3, SSF4AE2012 and more] Results  (Read 2049 times)


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Total entrants: 23

1st: AS|Reynald
2nd: RG|PachuKOF
3rd: AGE|NYChrisG
4th: DC|Lazie Freddy
5th: OMG|Bo Jio
5th: A3Religion
7th: Mynus
7th: DC|Malik
9th: OMG|Sai
9th: Leffen
9th: Shadow780
9th: Liston The Prince
13th: SS Wind
13th: Kirah
13th: ASAP
13th: KPB|Meanest Rage
17th: Bayaar Billy Awesomo
17th: Laika
17th: FM Sway
17th: Black Hayate
17th: Switchipede
17th: Yaboidekillsage
17th: DJ Mirror
17th: Bye

DJ Mirror never made it to the tournament

Playlist for pools & casuals

Winner side Bracket

Losers side Bracket
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APEX 2014 Top 4 Matches

Loser's Semifinals:

Winners Finals:

Loser's Finals:

Grand Finals:
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