Author Topic: The Secret Society Presents Battle Royale Results  (Read 2354 times)


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The Secret Society Presents Battle Royale Results
« on: April 20, 2014, 05:05:10 PM »
First to Five Exhibition Results:
SS.DC Malik Vs. Murderkae, 5-4
SS.HSC Rome_Himself Vs. SS.WFF.IPG Dynicksty, 0-5
SS.DC Malik Vs. DJ Mirror Set 1, 5-2
SS.DC Malik Vs. DJ Mirror Set 2, 5-4

Challonge Bracket for KOFXIII:
Entrants: 26
1st-DC Mario E. ($390+$125)
2nd-Real Game PachuKOF ($130+$63)
3rd-Shadow780 ($65+$37)
4th-Merkilo ($32.5+$25)
5th-TSB.ZD A3 Religion ($16.25)
5th-Zemo ($16.25)
7th-TSB.ZD Mynus
9th-DC LazieFreddy
9th-SS.WFF.IPG Dynicksty
9th-SS Zeal
9th-Colton Burpo
13th-SS Teioh
13th-ShojoTony aka DJ Mirror
13th-SS Kirah
17th-MP Garou Mike
17th-SS.HSC Rome_Himself
17th-Super J
25th-TSB.ZD The Prince
NOTE: I forgot to put the 5th place payout on the original threads because there was 5% missing from the main tournament pot so yeah, they got paid as well.

Challonge Bracket for KOF98:
NOTE: About 4-5 people dropped out because of time restraints so not everything is completely accurate
Entrants: 11
1st-Real Game PachuKOF ($39)
2nd-DC Mario E. ($16)
3rd-MP Garou Mike
4th-Ben Fong (Dropped out)
5th-StickAround (Dropped out)
5th-DC LazieFreddy
7th-Shadow780 (Dropped out towards end)
7th-SS.WFF.IPG Dynicksty
9th-Merkilo (Dropped out in Losers Bracket)
9th-Effullbao (Dropped out)
9th-RG (Real Game) Oscar

Vids from various matches will be uploaded on  TheSecretSociety36's Youtube Channel throughout the week and streamed matches will be uploaded on Force Break Television's Youtube Channel. Thanks to everyone who participated and came through to support, I promise I will have a team tournament ran before the singles should I decide to do this again because I would have liked to participated in it as well. I'll leave this picture here for the hype from the first round of the tournament
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