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« on: August 05, 2016, 02:22:06 AM »

;a = Light Punch
;b = Light Kick
;c = Strong Punch
;d = Strong Kick

(*) = EX OK
(!) = MAX OK

Miken Funsai - (close) ;bk/ ;fd + ;c
Bakkonsai - (close) ;bk/ ;fd + ;d

Command Normals
Fussa Ken  - ;fd + ;a

Special Moves
Nessa Jin - ;qcf + ;a/ ;c (*)
Nessa Senpuu - ;qcf + ;b/ ;d (*)
Bossa-Shougeki - ;qcb + ;b/ ;d (*)
Air • Bossa-Shougeki - (in air) ;qcb + ;b/ ;d (*)
Genei Sajin - ;dn ;dn + ;a/ ;b/ ;c/ ;d (*)

Super Special Moves
Nessa Goku Totsuha - ;qcf ;qcf + ;b/ ;d (!)
Nessa Goku Fujin - ;qcf ;qcf + ;a/ ;c (!)

Climax Super Special Move
Goku Nessa Housairyu - ;hcb ;hcb + ;a ;c
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Re: Kukri
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2016, 05:11:13 PM »
Spent some time in the lab with the sandy one and these are my findings so far:

Frame Data and Explanations

The following is just the On Block data. Some were a little easier to determine the numbers then others, but at least want to put out there what was safe and unsafe as it seem based on data I found he should have a decent pressure game.

A: -2
B: 0
C: unsafe
D: more unsafe then C

cl.A: +2
cl.B: 0
cl.C: more unsafe then D
cl.D: ~ -4-6

cr.A: +1, can hit 2 before canceling into f+A
cr.B: ~ -2, can hit 3 before canceling into f+A
cr.C: unsafe
cr.D: ~ -2, soft KD

j.A - +, combos into lights
j.B - +, general Air to Air
j.C - +, cross up
j.D - +, cross up main jump in
j.CD - +extremely, soft KD

f+A: unsafe, because of forward movement can preempt a hop/jump, but not a good Anti Air, will go over lows since it's airborne.

Nessa Jin (Fireball) L/H: -1 EX: 0
  • L: goes 1/2 screen, slower H: Full screen EX: Full screen, soft KD, 2 hits
Nessa Senpuu (Spin kicks) L: 0 H: unsafe EX: ~ -4
  • L: Stays Standing slower H: soft KD EX: Wall Splat
Bossa-Shougeki (Flip Kick) L: unsafe H: ~-2-3 EX: -1
  • L: very slight forward movement, Hard KD H: a little more forward movement, Hard KD EX: Ground Bounce
  • Can only combo from st.CD, all other cancels will not combo
Air Bossa-Shougeki (Air Flip Kick) L: ~ -3 H: ~+2-3 EX: 0
  • L: flips in place Hard KD H: flys far forward, Hard HD EX: almost keeps to the normal jump arc, Ground Bounce

The rest I didn't do Frame Data for but in case you were wondering
Genei Sajin (Teleport) - The figure left behind where you start the teleport does have a hit box.
  • A: moves forward slightly can pass through opponent
  • B: stays in place
  • C: moves forward can pass through opponent
  • D: moves backward
  • EX AC: moves forward leaving 3 images behind, on hit will pull the opponent  to Kukri for follow up
  • EX BD: moves a bit randomly but always stays on the same side leaving 3 images behind, on hit will pull opponent to Kukri for follow up

Nessa Goku Totsuha (Sand Psycho Crusher  ;) ) - Combo Ender, can Adv Cancel or Climax cancel
Nessa Gokun Fujin (Sand Drop) - does not combo from a cancel, or Wall Splat / Ground Bounce
  • can use to preempt jumps but is not invincible and will get counter hit by Air to Air
  • can OTG or catch a recovery
  • LP will drop sand close, HP will drop sand far, MAX will track
  • Can Adv Cancel or Climax cancel

Climax - Goku Nessa Housairyu (Giant Sand Mound)
  • Climax cancel from Psycho Crusher super can be tricky because the super launches on cancel, can sometime miss hits of the Climax
  • Climax cancel from Sand Drop super is more consistent, but again find it harder to find a way to use that Super in a combo since it will not combo from anything.

The Climax cancel from either super is not great damage either, sub 525 for all 5 bars. A counter example is Terry just off of MAX Buster Wolf into Climax gets 662 damage for the 5 bars. Combine that with the inconsistency of one super and the inability to combo into the more consistent super it seems like his 5 bar conversions just aren't worth the bar investment, which is the reason I've put him on point.

Combos coming on the next post.
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Re: Kukri
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2016, 08:37:19 PM »

Found it's easier to break down the combo paths rather then just listing combos, but I'll provide some examples bellow to show how to put these things together.  Also note this is coming from the perspective of Kukri from the point position. To restate from my previous post, Kukri's conversions into Climax Cancels are not great meaning his 4 to 5 bar conversions are sub-par, making him most suited for the 1st position IMO.  Therefore I won't be going into his 4 or 5 bar combos.


cl.C, f+A - 3 hit confirm - 122 / 185 w/ jump in j.D
cr,C, f+A - most damage from jump in - 127 / 190 w/ jump in j.D
cr.B x 3, f+A - 4 hit low confirm - 136 / 176 w/ jump in j.D (note can only hit 2x cr.B after jump due to push back)

Special Cancel:

Spin Kicks (qcf+K) - really the only good option for a special cancel. Either is fine to end with depends on what you want after the move
  • L. Leaves them standing for a little less damage
  • H. Soft KD more damage
  • Fireball less damage 65 vs 87 for L.Spin Kick and will leave you in the same position as ending in FB, thus making FB (Not EX) as an ender completely obsolete.
  • Flip (qcb.K) will cancel but not combo as it will only combo from st.CD

if you want to Super Cancel from here you can combo into Psycho Crusher Super (qcf x 2 + K)
  • Canceling from the first hit is easier, in which case do it from lights
  • First hit of L version is 40, H is 30, so it's more damage to do so from the L version
  • You can however cancel on the 2-hit of L or the 3rd hit of H if timed correctly giving more damage, but just harder to do.

Max Mode cancel:

any starter xx MAX, cr.C, f+A xx EX.SpinKicks xx ....
  • EX.Fireball (midscreen)
  • EX.Fireball, cl.D (corner)
  • MAX Sand Drop Super (qcf x 2 + P) during Wall Splat (mid screen)
  • MAX Pyscho Cruster Super during Wall Splat (corner)

if you are having problems with the cr.C, f+A after the MAX cancel (like me as I keep getting Fireball) use cl.HP, f+A instead. It's must easier to execute and you only lose ~5-10 damage due to scaling.

Putting it all together (Examples:)

Meterless - Starter + Special

  • cr.C, f+A xx H.Spin Kick - 219
  • cr.B x 3, f+A xx H.Spin Kick - 217

1-Bar - Starter + Special + Super | Starter + Max Mode Cancel

  • cr.C, f+A xx H.Spin Kick xx Psycho Crusher Super (canceled on 3rd hit) - 361
  • cr.C, f+A xx MAX, cl.C, f+A xx EX.Spin Kick, EX Fireball, cl.D (corner) - 388

2-Bar - Starter + Special + Max Super | Starter + Max Mode Cancel + Super (MAX)

  • cr.C, f+A xx H.Spin Kick xx MAX Psycho Crusher Super (canceled on 3rd hit) - 465
  • cr.C, f+A xx MAX, cl.C, f+A xx EX.Spin Kick, MAX Psycho Cruster Super (corner) - 496  

3-Bar - Starter + Climax (found it difficult to cancel Climax from Special since you have to cancel Spin Kicks from the 1st hit)

  • cr.C, f+A xx Climax - 523

Obviously there are other combos in there, but so far these feel the most optimal and practical I've found so far.
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