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NGBC - Hanzo
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:56:10 PM »

* cl. ;a / ;b / ;c are cancel-able.

* st. ;a / ;b are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.

* ;dn ;a / ;b / ;c are cancel-able.
* ;dn ;a , ;dn ;b is the preferred link to connect specials, and supers.
* ;dn ;d causes tech-able knockdown.

* a backwards ;ub / ;up / ;uf ;b can hit the opponent if the teleport trick is used.
* ;ub / ;up / ;uf ;d has a bit of priority.

Guard Cancel Tag Attack
* Pressing the ;e button while blocking will allow Hanzo to do counter with a punch attack, and he will then tag out.

Ura Nage: ;bk / ;fd;c ;d
*Can be broken.

==Command Moves==
Tanagokoro: ;fd + ;c 
* Hanzo thrusts his palm forward while emitting an energy blast from his hand. This move can be canceled into either a special or super.
Izuna Kiri: while in the air ;dn + ;a
* While in the air, Hanzo drops with his arms stretched out and his kunai facing downward. This move has good priority against certain moves.

Special Moves
Rekkozan: ;qcf + ;a / ;c
* Hanzo shoots out a giant shuriken. The button strength determines the speed.

EX Rekkozan: ;qcf ;qcf + ;a / ;c (when 1 meter stock is 50% full)
* In this EX move, Hanzo throws two shuriken towards the opponent. The button strength determines the delay at which the second shuriken is thrown, as well as the speed.

Koryuha: ;dp + ;a / ;c
* Hanzo has a dragon punch-like move. The ;a version is pretty strong, as it can be used to follow up after an anti-air attack for a quick combo. The ;c version has a very strange arc when recovering, so it is not recommended that this version gets used much. 

Ninpo Korin Kazan: ;qca + ;a / ;b / ;c / ;d
* This is the "knock-off hurricane kick". It's not as great of a move as it was in Perfect Heroes, so it shouldn't be used frequently. It has its uses, but they're very few. The button strength determines the height at which Hanzo jumps and spins with his kunai.

Ninja Leg Lariat: ;rpd + ;b / ;d
* Hanzo does a jumping kick attack. The button strength determines the distance the kick travels. It is a very good move to use as a combo ender whenever there's no meter.

Mijin Komoru no Subi: ;dn ;up + ;a / ;b / ;c / ;d
* Hanzo has a teleport!!! The button strength determines where he actually teleports. This move can also be done in the air!!! There is a trick he has with this move, in where if the right teleport is done, Hanzo will teleport slightly behind the opponent but facing away from them. At this point, as Hanzo lands, he can utilize jumping ;b 's hitbox and connect with it hitting the opponent from a backwards position. From there, Hanzo can do a ;dn ;a, ;dn ;b, and finish the combo with a special or super of choice, or use that time to mixup with a throw or another teleport setup.

Desperation Moves
Iga Ninja Okugi Hachi Kadodan Hikari Kiri: ;qcf ;qcf + ;b / ;d
* Hanzo tosses a giant shuriken towards the opponent. If it connects, he follows up with a series of shuriken attacks. This super does a tremendous amount of damage, and sends the opponent flying.

Iga Ninja Okugi Banten Senkojin: in the air ;qcb ;qcb + ;a / ;c (when meter stock is at level 2)
* This is almost similar to Mai's air super. Hanzo does a series of strikes towards the opponent, while displaying a ninjitsu symbols for each hit. This super does good damage, but ;qcf ;qcf + ;b / ;d is the preferred super of choice since it can be done 3 separate times and also can be easily done from a combo.